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Re last blog and size XS and 10 skirt!!!!!

Yep.. it's PMS time or ermm DMS now.  So that also explains the additional hunger the last few days.  Drinking fluids like crazy. So far that has been a huge help. Eating exactly on the clock and planned meals - every 3 hours.  It has been helping.  100% OP and plan to keep it that way. 

I feel so beautiful today in my new outfit.  I looked in the mirror and actually wondered who this person was looking back at me a few times today.  I had to do a double take.  I overheard a coworker talking about me to a few other coworkers that were having a meeting at one of the group tables in the back of our building as I passed by.

She said in a soft voice, "Check out Stacy." I don't think she knew I could hear them. She went on to say..  "I didn't even recognize her."  One of the guys said, "You mean with the new red hair?"  She said, "Yes but the weight loss too. She looks amazing!"  I kept walking.  Not sure how the conversation went after that.. hehe.. Nice to over hear what I did hear. 

Thanks to Jergens I now have a safe tan.  Thanks to TSFL I am wearing that new spring pretty floral printed orange/red white XS Calvin Klein top I found in Filenes Basement the other day. Also wearing a size 10 black pencil skirt from Gap.  Got some great spring neutral tan wedge sandals on as well.  Perfect spring outfit. What's amazing is even with PMS.. normally I'd be super dupper bloated miserable and not wearing such fitted clothing.  However, with the additional fluids and eating healthy it has made it much more tolerable.   Being on program = best PMS/DMS tool ever.  Do I dare say even more satisfying than chocolate?!  Yep.. especially when you can eat an MF brownie.

I can't say this enough... it is so worth it to stay on plan for so many reasons besides seeing that scale move. So do it! For you! No more excuses. Do some goal setting. Figure out your primary, secondary, and fundamental goals.  Read Dr. A's book.  You are worth it and you deserve to feel good and live a long, healthy, quality life with those you love too!




Exercise and Hunger: Finding Balance

The past week I really kicked up the exercise intensity.  I stuck within the 5/1 limits of 45 minutes (full hour with warm up and cool down) but I think the intensity of my runs is too much for me to handle on 5/1. I am dealing with extreme hunger and headaches in the afternoons and at night. A few times I've caved and had some extra protein or an MF meal.  That is too much of a slippery slope for me.  I'm a 100%er and I know following the plan 100% works. I've tired to modify plans to meet my needs in the past and I modify myself right off them.  So instead of trying to modify or guess about food I'm going to back off the running a little and tighten up my plan again.   Now it could be PMS stuff too. Not sure.  The last three days I've also been moody so will see. 

After my run outside at 5:30am on Sunday I seemed to be fine but by afternoon I was wiped and exhausted.  Not typical energy bunny Stacy. I needed a nap! This morning I feel pretty sore but good.  I'm making an executive decision here and going to take the day off from exercise this morning and let my body recover. Will just focus on my NEAT aka spontaneous exercise (standing while talking on the phone, taking long way to bathroom, stairs, etc)  Also going to monitor my food intake very closely. Last night I planned out everything I am going to eat today in my support in motion log.  Will be checking off the water intake and monitoring condiments too.

I am working with a neighbor/new friend/client on doing the same thing.  I helped her create her support in motion account and plan her meals last night as well.  She has been off plan due to being sick the last few days and is ready to get back on track. She and I will be checking in at noon for accountability.   Anyone else in? I'll have my gmail up all day at work.  I use this address:  That or you can find me on aol IM as "liquidstayce".   Shoot me a chat message at anytime.     

Rest of the week planning:
Exercise plan for the rest of the week. Still trying to decide if I should cut the time down to 30 minutes. For sure I am going to try to keep my heart rate down in a lower range.  Like 120-130.  No high intensity intervals, sprints, etc.  Will continue to plan ahead my meals each night for the next day and monitor moods/hunger level.  Still not doing any major resistance training so that isn't a problem.  

Have a great week OP!
<3 Stacy

Feeling Good - Love this Video

One of my fav songs and someone did an outstanding job on the video too! P.S. My post workout bfast.. mmmm good. Check prior blog and see picture of it on my page. MF Griller!

Sunday Sunrise Run

Up at 5:30 am and went for a nice sunrise run although not much sun out here in the Baltimore, Maryland area.  Little chill in the air but I dressed in layers.  I ran around our neighborhood and then down to a local track. Did a few sprints on the tennis courts in the middle of the workout.  10 min warmup, 45 min cardio, 5 min cool down.  Polar HR monitor = 355 calories burned, MAX heart rate 150, Avg heart rate 135 =  Perfect!  My hips and butt are a little sore since I am use to mostly doing treadmill work. Changing up the routine and exercising other muscles I have not used as much is a good thing!  I do have issues running with steep downhills in my neighborhood so I walked them. Even then I really felt the butt burn!

Had a delish dark chocolate antioxidant shake mixed with 1 TB of SF Davinci Coconut syrup pre-workout. Now I am going to make my MF Griller - (MF choc chip pancakes, 1 morning star farms sausage patty, 1 slice 2% kraft, 2 TB egg beaters, drizzle SF pancake syrup on top.  

Weighed myself this morning and was up 2 lbs. Knocked me back out of the disco decade = 170's.  I was 179 2 days ago. Not sure if it is water weight, pms, etc.  I do need to tighten up my program though big time this week regardless.  I've overeaten a few ON plan foods and have had my calories up over the 1k mark a few times last week. Even pushed my carbs up over 100. NOT GOOD!  Had extra MF meals - yesterday x1 and day prior x1. Added in an additional protein/cottage cheese.  Also need to watch those condiments and make sure if I keep getting up at 5:30am to workout that I get to bed minimally 7 1/2 to 8 hours prior.  

Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!  Crossing the fingers the sun comes out so I can do some backyard clean up and gardening today. Cold now but it is suppose to warm up.

Stay OP.. get that body moving!

X's not EX's

and no ... I'm not talking about ex's as in ex-husbands. I am talking about X's which I thought was almost as bad.  Both weighed me down.. hehe.

Back a while ago I said I hope I would never see an X again in clothing sizes.  You know as in 3X, 2X, 1X, X, or XXL, XL..  you get the idea.  I was so happy when I started wearing L's and M's. Shocked really.  

Well today at lunch I went for a long brisk walk with my co-worker, Joyce A. It was so sunny and beautiful.  We had to get out of the office and get the bodies moving.  Joyce is like my adopted Jewish mother with slightly less nagging.  I love that too though.  Heheh..  It's a wonderful thing because my Jewish mom is all the way out in Chicago.  The two of us talk so much we hardly know where our feet take us sometimes. Yada yada yada... tawlk tawlk tawlk..  Work, her sons, our men, boobs, hormones, health, fitness, bills, clothes.. you name it. We can TAWLK and WALK up a storm.

Well today we talked our way from our hospital where we work down to the inner harbor and over to Filene's Basement. Love how that happens. We always find our way to a clothing store. She wanted to look for a sweater to keep her warm in our freezing cold office.  So of course I would NEVER say no to shopping.  With the Biggest Loser Contest winnings burning a hole in my purse I was all in.   I found some great bargains.  A few outfits I got in mediums and larges from Max Studio.  Adorable top, skirt, sweaters.

There it was! Like a beacon glowing amongst all the discount racks.  A rack of  Calvin Klein spring tops in really bright pretty colors...oranges, pinks, whites.  I've always stuck with dull colors - reds, blacks, gray, neutrals. Ely tells me to try something now that I would never have even thought to try when I was 240lbs.   I found a couple I loved right off the rack. A really pretty print and a peachy pink top.  Picked them up and didn't even look at the size.  

Got into the dressing room. Tried them on. They were a little tight but they looked pretty good and they fit. I could get away with wearing them right now and another week or so they would be perfect.  I took off the top, looked at the label, and I almost fainted. No.. not at the price. Granted it was an $80 top for $19.99 but at the SIZE!  Can you imagine my surprise when I looked at the label and the size on these shirts read  XS.... as in EXTRA SMALL... Hellllloooooooooooooo   Ok.. I know sizing is so wacked these days but an XS?  Now this is an X I welcome. Vanity sizing or not this ROCKS!  Got one of the two XS tops that I really loved and put the other back.  

Ahhh.. NSV's..... ya gotta love em.   Blog 2 today but I couldn't resist sharing!!


23 Weeks/Another Milestone/An Exercise for the Mind

Normally my official ticker update is on Friday but I just couldn't wait to share this huge milestone for me.  I am not just in the new "overweight" BMI category but the scale actually had moved into the 170's today.  Once I get to the end of this "decade" and hit 170 I will be at my lowest adult weight. 

I've been dreaming about that day for such a long time.  I only got to 170 for all of about 2 seconds once.  It was about 18 months out from my RNY gastric bypass.  Over the next 7 years I regained most of that weight back.  I went from 283 to 170 and back up to 240 just pre-Medifast/TSFL.  Now with the Habits of Health System and this amazing support around me I know I am going to get there and it will probably be VERY soon! 

I feel so good these days.  I walk taller. I have more physical energy.  I am bursting with positive energy. 

For anyone struggling today... I'm sending all that positive energy back into the world for you.  Did you catch it?  Ok now take it in and believe in yourself.  You deserve to feel good!  You are a beautiful person and you are worth it.  Push that negative energy away and all your doubts and shake it off. 

An Exercise for the Mind:

Close your eyes. Look down right now and take inventory of how you are feeling and where you are at in your journey. What is your current reality? Keep em closed. Really picture this and be honest. Then open them and keep reading......


Look up. 

Visualize where you want to go? What does optimal health look like to you?  What would your life be like? Close them again and get a good picture in your head.

Now get a paper and pen and write a list of all the steps to get you to where you want to go.  Assign realistic due dates to them if you are not doing them already. For example.. get in spontaneous exercise (stand when talking on the phone, park further away)..  start exercise program, etc.  I suggest  even breaking these goals out further too and list the steps inbetween them.

***This exercise comes from Dr. A's Habits of Health.  It's a structural tension chart and a very handy tool for any sort of goal setting.  Get his book.  It is a life saver. It saved my life and will be my freedom from yo-yo dieting. 

Be Better Than Well... THRIVE!



WHOO HOO.. from surviving to thriving

Ok.. so life was never that bad before. I was overweight.. ok ok ok... I was OBESE.. ermm ok.. let's get real here..


Don't you hate when your doctor describes you as morbidly obese? 

That word .....


1.suggesting an unhealthy mental state or attitude; unwholesomely gloomy, sensitive, extreme, etc.: a morbid interest in death.
2. affected by, caused by, causing, or characteristic of disease.
3. pertaining to diseased parts: morbid anatomy.
4. gruesome; grisly.

oh.. and check out the synonyms that go with it:

....  unwholesome, diseased, unhealthy, sick, sickly; tainted, corrupted, vitiated.

Well I never considered myself gruesome or grisly but boy was I sicker than I ever had realized. I think you only realize this when you start to feel better. 

At the start of the program on 10/28/2010 my BMI was 41.2  and I weighed 240lbs .  I am 5'7.. ok.. got me..  that is with heels! I'm a shortie....5'4.  At one point in my life I had even weighed 283 lbs. 

Today my BMI is 30.9. I am one point shy of the "OVERWEIGHT" category and I'm headed for the "NORMAL" category.  Even better, I am going to reach my fundamental goal of  maintaining a state of optimal health. 

I believe this, I know this.. with all my heart, soul, and mind. Thanks to the "Habits of Health" and the  program it is within reach for me.

Before I was surviving.  I have a pretty great job as an IT Analyst at a downtown Baltimore hospital, a wonderful man in my life, a wonderful family, great friends, a house, two dogs - Bupkus and Ruby Roo.  However, my health consisted of assorted issues:

Borderline high BP, history of migraines, fibroids, irregular periods, aches and pains in my body, fatigue, a back injury, sleep issues. You know it actually started to hurt to get out of bed every morning. To top it off I have a family history that includes a variety of cancers and diabeties on both sides. 

TODAY: My BP is normal. My gyn reports I no longer have any fibroids. My periods are regular for the first time since I was 18.  My labs look fantastic. I sleep peacefully.  

I bounce out of bed on most mornings.  I get in a great workout. Mind you not always because I am in the mood to workout but I do it because it is a "Habit of Health" and it supports my fundamental goal of optimal health.  I wake up energized and that energy carries me through the entire day.  I wake up positive.  

When I get to work I have my 2nd medifast meal.  The first one I usually have post workout or pre-workout 1/2 hour after I wake up.  I then follow this simple 5/1 plan.  Maybe not easy always.. but it is simple.  It gets easier when you keep that fundamental goal in mind. 

I've managed to find a way to stay much more active even with a fairly sedendary job.  I drink enough water that I have to pee like a race horse every hour and I use that opportunity to take the long way to the bathroom.  I sit up straight in my chair. I fidget and do little exercises at my desk. I park farther away.  I look for oppportunites to walk over to people's desks and talk to them instead of sending an email or calling them.  I do this for the calorie burn but because I am also more confident and even more outgoing.

When I get home I don't plop down on the couch. I go in the backyard and I play with  my dogs. I make phone calls and follow up with clients.  I stay active up until it is closer to bed time. I exercise my body and my brain. Then I start to wind down and work myself back into sleep at a normal hour. I wake up and I am happy to do it all over again.

Ely, my other half,  told me the other day, it's like I have a new fiance.   He is right you know.  It is a new me. A better me.  It's only going to keep getting better too.

I'm over halfway to  my weight loss goal in the weight loss phase of my journey. You probably think I write like I am at my goal and beyond already.  Well I'm not .. not yet.  However, today I celebrate!  Each and every day I celebrate this new life I am creating. This healthy lifestyle that brings me joy and happiness.

This program has given me so much more that I could have ever imagined.  I really am going from just surviving to thriving.  I have so much more hope, faith, and confidence in myself and even in the obesogenic world around me.  I have the tools to beat obesity not only for myself but I am blessed to share it with others now.

Stay on plan, read Dr. A's Habits of Health, build your support system, and believe.  It works!



ps..... I came in 2nd overall in our biggest loser contest at work.  I won $132.00.  My co-worker only won because he took off his shoes for the last weigh in and has mantabolism!  Official ticker/update weigh in for me is Friday. However, at BL weigh in I was another 3.2 lbs down from last week.


Getting Dressed This Morning....... PLEASURE

I forgot to share in my blog earlier... this is no April Fools joke ......

When I got dressed for work this morning I pulled on a new size 10 very tight pencil skirt and it fit.  My scale didn't move much this month but I lost plenty of inches and BF% saw a big drop.  

It gets even better....  I decided I didn't feel like wearing the skirt after all because I just could not find that perfect top to go with it and it was not that comfy for a Friday.  I pulled out a dress I picked up at Macys in NYC when I was there last weekend.  It's from the BCX line and I bought .... get this.....

                          in the JUNIORS department.. 

yep.. that's right.  JUNIORS!  Very cute LBD (little black dress) in a size large although I suspect the medium may have even worked out for me. I wore it with a pretty blush colored relaxed long cardigan sweater over it since it was on the overly sexy side for work and had very short cap sleeves. I finished the outfit off with some black tights and patent mid heel black boots.  

Hot hot hot!  Got lots of compliments all around today and just felt great. Such a comfy outfit too.   I LOVE NSV's! 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday night... read my blog from earlier today.  I really didn't eat a whole pizza for breakfast ;)


Ate a whole PIZZA PIE for breakfast

APRIL FOOLS.... hahaha
I hope that made you laugh and not want to kill me =P

100% OP and doing great.  Just finished my 3rd workout in 3 days.  Did a kick arrrse spinning routine lead by legendary johnny g thanks to youtube.  Finished 60 jumps and 5 sprints.  Really turned up the resistance.  Ran a 5k yesterday morning on my treadmill and another 3 miles the day prior. Had some inner knee pain that got me a little nervous and is probably due to running. Maybe a muscle imbalance.  Going to stick with spinning for the next few days.  Last BL weigh in for work is on Tuesday and I am in 2nd place as the overall lead. Really kicked the exercise up for it.  Plus just feeling great in general so now it is time to move my body the way it deserves.  

Other challenges...
Why I stopped logging my foods is beyond me. I guess I got overconfident and then vacation came and no PC.. not like that is an excuse. I could have used a pen and paper.  Anyway.. today I vow to take my own advice I give to everyone else and all my clients.  Back to logging everything I put in my mouth. After all, how can you identify where you are having issues if you don't establish patterns???? Plus it is such a wonderful accountability measure.  Logging your food is a powerful tool. Don't take it for granted especially if your weight loss has stalled or is slow.  Don't be lazy! LOG IT! OWN IT! I think the simplicity of the 5/1 can make us a little lazy as we are on it for several months.  This is no time for me to get lazy!!! I worked too hard too long to get to where I am.  When I think about my primary goal of optimal health it gets me right back on track and reminds me to leverage all my WMR's (weapons of mass reduction) in my arsenal.   

This rest of the week and heading into the weekend my focus:

1) Log all foods, water, etc
2)45 min Spinning Workouts Sat am (before going to coaching training with Lori/Dr.A), Sunday, Monday, Tuesday.   Wed will be day off.
3) Eliminate sugar free gum  (ya.. ive been abusing it again.. chewed an entire pack yesterday.. argh)
4) Reread Dr. A's Habits of Health - chapter each night (this will be my 3rd read.. lol)  It helps keep me focused.

1. More than halfway to goal now
2. Feeling energetic and healthy
3. New healthy low BP  at doctors 110/70
4. Labs rock.. normal iron
5. Getting some consistency again with workouts
6. All caught up on sleep and getting good restorative sleep which I need with the additional workouts
7. As always.. loving coaching and helping others.  Looking forward to training on Sat in Annapolis so I can get some more ideas on how to better organize my support of others.

Happy Friday! Have a wonderful weekend on plan! Remember your primary goal and how you plan to get there.  Ask yourself in that weak moment .. Do I really want to trade what I want in the moment for what I want most?!

Happy April Fools.. look out today =P

The Law of Karma

I can't take credit for this one but it is too perfect not to share and it goes so very well in respect to Medifast/Take Shape For Life, supporting others, and supporting ourselves with each choice we make.

Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. What we sow is what we reap. And when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.  

I will put the Law of Karma into effect by making a commitment to take the following steps:

  1. Today I will witness the choices I make in each moment. And in the mere witnessing of these choices, I will bring them to my conscious awareness. I will know that the best way to prepare for any moment in the future is to be fully conscious in the present.
  2. Whenever I make a choice, I will ask myself two questions: "What are the consequences of this choice that I'm making?" and "Will this choice bring fulfillment and happiness to me and also to those who are affected by this choice?"
  3. I will then ask my heart for guidance and be guided by its message of comfort or discomfort. If the choice feels comfortable, I will plunge ahead with abandon. If the choice feels uncomfortable, I will pause and see the consequences of my action with my inner vision. This guidance will enable me to make spontaneously correct choices for myself and for all those around me.
By Deepak Chopra. 

Lab Results and -2.8 (BL weigh in)

Not bad, not bad! I lost another 2.8 for the biggest loser contest at work.  Still keeps me in 2nd place.  The guy in first (damn mantabolism) lost 4 plus this week.  My results are despite being sick on and off last month and on vacation/travel in Chicago and NYC the last two weekends/over the 40th birthday week.  I am thrilled with those results.  My real TSFL weigh day is Friday so will update my ticker then.

I am really downing the water + herbal tea today.  I have tightened up my program.  Focusing eating exactly every 3 hours and have decided to split my L&G for today.  Had full G and part of L. Doing cottage cheese for the remainder tonight. 

Looking forward to next Tuesdays weigh in for BL  It will be the last one so wish me luck! I plan to run at least 5 out of the 7 days between now and then too which hopefully does not backfire on me.  Have not done that much running in a few weeks.  I will keep it to the 45 minute limit though.

Regardless of the BL results or my  TSFL weigh in, I am thrilled to be on the path towards optimal health! 

In other news, did my blood work today since its been about three weeks since my iron infusion.  I am happy to report that I AM IN NORMAL RANGE.. yay.. no need for another infusion for a while =) Thank gawd! I've had the most awful allergic reactions.

RDW is a little high but I don't think that is a huge deal. MCV is fine. Probably left over from the iron deficency anemia.

RDW                              20.6                 H     0-15.1 %


FESATP                      Normal Range
    IRON          67        50-175 MCG/DL
    TIBC           368      250-450 MCG/DL
    % SAT        18.2     15-50 %
  FERRITIN    29        10-291 ng/ml

Huge difference from before.. my iron had been 18 and the Ferritin was 6 !!!

Also excited to hang out with Lori and Dr. A this weekend at coach training in Annapolis. This is going to be a great week!!!

Uploaded a few more pics from NYC too.

Stay Positive! Keep The Faith!  Stay 100% OP!

Be Well!



Bday Week Recap

Thanks for all the sweet comments on my page and blogs. You guys are the best. Your support is greatly, greatly appreciated and always needed. I'm sorry I have not had time to comment and thank all of you personally.

I had so much fun in Chicago and NYC. Amazing 25th.. ok ok.. 40th Bday week celebration =P  Uploaded some pics.


1) "House Music All Night Long" and dancing until 5am at NYC Club Cielo despite not drinking still left me with a hangover feeling for 2 days. I use to love it but now.. eh.. it just doesn't fit into my lifestyle.  I use to love house music too but I just couldn't get into it.  The beat actually gave me a headache and the repetitiveness made me more annoyed than put me in a good zone. Sign of old age?  Maybe. That or just getting wiser =) The DJ was from Ibiza, Spain which was pretty neat. Maybe I just can't get into the latest house music these days.  Ely said it sounded like they kept restarting the same record over and over again all night.

2) My tempurpedic bed is better than any 5 star hotel bed in the world. Ouch.. I was happy to be back in it last night. All other beds do not compare to it.  I need my 8 hours of sleep!

3) NYC is still my fav city in the world. I miss living closer to it. It takes us about 3 hours to get there. I'm still glad we don't go that often. We would be so broke!

4) Lindy's Cheesecake was not worth going off plan even for my bday celebration.  It took me three forkfuls to figure that out.  We shared 2 slices amongst six people. Even more crazy is that our bill came to $60 bucks for cawfee and just 2 slices of cheesecake!  We should have gone to Juniors. This was not a planned thing to go off plan.  I caved to peer pressure at the last minute when the cake was placed in front of me.

5) I was victorious over the entire rest of the week and all other meals. I did not feel deprived. I fought lots of peer pressure and won when it came to eating and drinking. I leveraged all my WMRs (weapons of mass reduction) in my arsenal and it paid off.

6) I drank lots of water with a lime in it in a wine glass at Club Cielo. Kept moving and dancing for hours.  I actually felt a little dizzy. Maybe too much calorie burning and out too late.

7)  Famous Ray's Pizza. My fav pizza place in the world and I was 100% OP. We went there twice. Normally that place would be the kiss of death.  If it had been earlier when I started MF I wouldn't have been caught closer than a block away because the smell alone would set me off.  I was able to sit in there with everyone else no problemo.  I got salads and did not feel deprived or anxious at all skipping the slices. I didn't even have to try. I just enjoyed the company, being there, and being OP.

8) I ate  mostly veggie egg or egg white omelets for L&G's to keep things simple.  I really had to problem solve when it came to the times we ate but I found myself enjoying the challenge for the most part. In one case I found myself having to double up on MF meals.  I carried herbal tea and MF meals with me at all times.  I also  had to be very firm and demanding about my needs at times with family. Example - Was walking to and then around the zoo in Chicago for several hours. I had to really insist that we stop and find some hot water/water asap so I could get my meal in.  That or we needed to go eat first so I could have L&G before visiting the gorillas =)  Mom and I had a little bit of a tif here and there. She said I was being to strict.  I told her well that is what works for me and I need to do this for me.

9) One night in NYC I had a really delish filet mignon with a side of asparagus and mushrooms.  I moved the bread away from me and made sure to not have any potatos or other simple carbs near or on my plate. I always told waiters to keep them. The asparagus and shrooms tasted like they had too much fat on them even though I asked for them to add very little butter or oil.  I ended up deciding to undereat on my green that night.  I should have just sent it back and ask for it to be steamed with no fat. They had some sauces too but they were on the side. Will do that next time.

10) It's easy to walk for miles and miles and blocks and blocks when you are preoccupied with shopping for that perfect dress in a smaller size. We did a ton of shopping. Had the most fun shopping in Astoria and also in Macys.  I bought a dress and a few tops in the Juniors section!!!! What an NSV!

11) Ate a nice lunch on Sunday before leaving the city at my fav Greek place - Uncle George's.  Skipped the pita and just had the greens and meat. Tasty, on plan, worked out perfect!

Now I'm ready to warrior on and tighten up my program again.  I lost 1 lb over vacation. I need to kick it up a notch. Get in my normal amt of 8 hrs of sleep, keep drinking the water, make sure I'm on the clock with the every three hours of meals.

One old habit crept in that I need to nip in the bud. Carried that into yesterday when I got home and this morning so it concerns me. Two much cawfee. I used it for energy and because I just love it.. too much.   To top it off I started adding artifical sweetner to my cawfee along with milk/non-fat dairy again after I had detoxed myself from that stuff and went black only. I don't want to get dependant on that for an optional snack or condiment. It's not worth it to me.  I certainly don't want to go overboard on the caffeine.  It is really bad for my personal system with my history of uterine fibroids.    I also had cawfee after noon which impacts my ability for good quality resorative sleep.  I know this is an addiction thing for me because as I type this my inner brat is thinking about that greek coffee we picked up from Astoria and telling me I should have a little of that when I get home.  Must kick that inner brat to the curb.  SHUT UP ALREADY!  lol

OK.. so that is the bulk of the update.  I could have written a book about all my experiences. More tomorrow =)

Be Well! Stay OP.. it's worth it!



40th Bday: Healthier than when I was 30 - feeling 25!

I've been on vacation celebrating my bday week.  First half was in Chicago and this next half will be in NYC.  100% OP, healthy, and doing fantastic! Planned ahead and worked my program as well as learned a few new things too.

On the plane and during any free time I spent it re-reading Dr. A's Habits of Health book.  Look out!  I feel lots of blogs coming on centered on this wisdom.  For now I'm taking a little break this week but I did want to share with you that today on what should be my "over the hill" birthday I am on top of the hill... ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!

I am healthier than when I was at 30 and I have the energy I did when I was at 25! 

I am filled with gratitude and am humbled by this amazing birthday gift. When I first started I set a milestone of wanting to drop 40 by 40.   I blew that one out of the park. Today I am down almost 60 lbs and halfway to my goal.  I am also helping 17 other amazing people on there paths towards optimal health.  I am excited to focus on building teams of coaches so we can help others not just reach weight loss goals but truly create health and put more than just a dent in the obesity epidemic. So many people need our help and with eyes open I am more aware of that now than ever.  We have the tools to do it and I want to share them.

I have complete faith in this program. With TSFL the sky is the limit and anything is possible! Stay 100% OP.  It is so worth it!  You are so worth it.

Be Well!

Chicago is... my kind of town (singing)

Having a blast in downtown Chicago at my parents place. They live on E. Delaware in a highrise that has a nifty history. It use to be called "The Hotel Maryland."  Originally back in 1921 it was a nightclub and speakeasy.  Al Capone use to hang out here during prohibition. In the 50's Hugh Heffner, Sinatra, and Lenny Bruce use to hang out here. It's around the corner from Rush Street 

Flight was great. I had all my food with me and 100% OP.  No issues going through security with it.  Tiny 20 or so seat airplane.   Plane was so small that we walked onto the air strip to get into the plane and had to check our carryon at the door. I flew a United Express flight from BWI to O'hare. I sat on the side with a row of single seats. Little seats!!! Smaller than the standard plane seats. I pulled the strap tight and had room to spare. Then I crossed my legs.   I had a smile from ear to ear an was glowing.  Last flight I was on a year or so prior I was not this comfortable and was 60lbs heavier.

I then became very aware of the people around me and my environment.  So many passangers spilling out of seats, arms crossed and smushed awkwardly, trying to hide big bellies. People looked exhausted and angry.  As the flight attendant walked around most passangers were ordering regular cokes.  I kept quiet but thought to myself I wish I could share this gift of "TSFL-Medifast" with all of them but of course it would be totally inappropriate to tackle the flight attendant and take over the microphone.  My joy turned to a little sadness as I was reminded of the obesity epidemic in our society.  It wasn't that long ago that I too was heading down the path of sickness and disease as opposed to optimal health.

I whipped out Dr. A's Habits of Health book and continued to read it again on the flight.  This is the second time I am reading the book. It is so inspiring. The idealist in me does believe with this book and TSFL that there is still some hope left to reverse this epidemic. That maybe we can change the world one client, one coach, one team of coaches, at a time. 

When the flight attendant got to me I ordered a cup of hot water for the herbal tea I brought with me and grabbed one of my smores bars. 

Last night mom cooked a nice L&G for us.   I mentioned this prior but she is also my "worst" TSFL client and refuses to give this a real try.  It's more like she is dong T&M.  After last night I give up. She is going to do 5/1 her way.  She under ate the L&G, has no concept of portion - doesn't weigh and measure, and she drank a glass of red wine.  This morning she mixed her shake with milk. She only has maybe 10 lbs left to drop and started out with less than 25.  She has had a fairly healthy lifestyle her entire life and no real food issues so it isn't that huge of a deal.  I rather spend more time focusing on my clients that really want my support instead of trying to convince her to stay 100% OP.

Just got back from the gym and put in my 45 min of cardio plus 20 min of  yoga. Have a full day of walking and shopping ahead of us. Did lots of walking yesterday and hit the pavment as soon as I got off the plane.  We went to the top of the JohnHan***  building last night to check out the moon.  Moon was behind the clouds but it was so beautiful anyway. 

Doing my L&G at 1p at some place called Eggsperience.  Meeting up with my mother's "pseudo-adopted" daughter from work who is my age. My mom is always saying she is my twin.  My cousin, Samantha is also joining us. Can't wait to see them! Then off for some more walking and shopping after.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend 100% OP!






WMR - Weapons of Mass Reduction :     


I added that to WMR arsenal from day 1.  I'm sure most of you have heard when you laugh you burn calories, boost your immune system, calm your muscles, relax your mind, reduce physical pain, and lower blood sugar levels. And unlike pills, laughter has no negative side effects!

Did you  know there is a form of Laughter Yoga?

Check it out below.  I found it here:

Ok.. some of these are goofy. I admit it but give a few a try.

5 Classic Laughter Yoga Exercises

  1. Cell Phone Laughter: Hold an imaginary cell phone to your ear and laugh.
  2. Gradient laughter: Fake a smile; giggle, then laugh slowly and gradually increase in tempo and volume.
  3. Greeting Laughter: Greet everybody the way you normally greet (e.g. shake hands) and replace words with laughter.
  4. Hearty Laughter: spread your arms up, look up and laugh heartily as you direct your laughter to come straight from your heart.
  5. Think Of A Socially Awkward Situation And Laugh At It (e.g. shoe laces untied, shaving cream behind your ears…)

5 Laughter Yoga Exercises To Release Stress

  1. Argument Laughter: voice your discontent in laughter sounds only, or in pig-latin. You can be as passionate as you’d like and point fingers if you want, just don’t hit (or even threaten to hit) anything or anybody.
  2. Credit Card Bill Laughter: open an imaginary credit card bill (or any other letter that represents a bad news to you) and burst out laughing the second you look at what’s inside.
  3. Electric Shock Laughter: Imagine that everything and everybody you touch gives you a shock of static electricity. Jump backward and laugh each time it happens (make it happen a lot).
  4. I Don’t Know Why I Am Laughing: laugh (fake is perfectly fine) and shrug your shoulders and make a big smile as you look at yourself in a mirror or anybody else who might be there and try to convey the message with your eyes and body language “I absolutely don’t know why I am laughing”.
  5. No Money Laughter: laugh as turn your pockets inside out looking for money that isn’t there.

5 Laughter Yoga Exercises To Help You “Loosen Up”

  1. Find Your Laughter Center: Probe your head with one finger as if looking for your laughter center. Imagine that each spot you push on triggers a different laughter sound.
  2. Figure Of Eight Laughter: Laugh as you draw several imaginary figures of eight in the air with your head, shoulders, hips, knees.
  3. Hula Hoop Laughter: imagine having a hula hoop around your hips. Get the hoop in motion by moving your hips back and forth saying “aeeeeeeeeee”. Once you feel your hoop is in motion laugh as you keep swinging it.
  4. Mental Floss Laughter: Move your hands sideways on either side of your head as if you were flossing your brain (why not?) and laugh as you do so.
  5. Stage Actor Laughter Technique: imagine you are the best Shakespearean actor in the world. Make large movements in the air with your arms as you recite your lines in laughter sounds.

5 Laughter Yoga Exercises For Children

  • Baby Laughter: one person must demonstrate how a baby laughs (take turns!). Everybody else must then do the same things.
  • Favorite Animal Laughter: laugh and behave the way your favorite animal or pet would behave if it was very happy to see you.
  • Chicken Laughter: Imagine you are a chicken. First lay 3 eggs in 3 laughs, then laugh with lots of excitement in your voice as you go tell the world about it.
  • Jumping Frog: squat down, hands on the floor between your knees. Jump once saying “ha”, then a second time saying “ha ha”, a third time saying “ha ha ha”, then jump in fast succession laughing a lot.
  • Laughter Vowels: let’s learn the laughter vowels! Let’s start with “A” as in “hat”: Aaaaa ha ha ha ha ha”. Next is “E” as in “hen”: Eeeee he he he he he. Next is “I” a in “hiccup”: Iiiii hi hi hi hi hi. Next is “O” as in “Otto”: Ooooo ho ho ho ho ho. Last is “U” as in “soup”: Uuuuu hu hu hu hu hu.

5 Laughter Yoga Exercises For Seniors

  • Back Pain Laughter: lean forward and put your hand on your lower back, then laugh as if you could not stand back up.
  • Conductor Laughter: Imagine you are a conductor. Direct an imaginary orchestra with enthusiastic arm movements as you sing any song of your choice in laughter sounds only e.g. (ho ho ho) or “ha ha ha”.
  • Ear-Wiggle Laughter: slowly slide your left hand upward along the left side of your head, slowly going over your head as you say an extended “aeeee” sound, then laugh as you wiggle your right ear with your left fingers. Do the same on the other side. Repeat a few times.
  • Laughter Pill: take some laughter pills! Each pill has a unique effect and makes you laugh and jerk in a peculiar way for just a few seconds. Try another one as soon as the effects wear off.
  • Vowel Movement Laughter: have you had your vowel movement today? Laugh in the tonality of the following sounds: Eee Eee Eee Eee! Aye aye aye aye! Ah ah ah ah! Ho ho ho ho! Ooo ooo ooo ooo! Uh uh uh uh!

YUM... and lol

Laugh Hard and Laugh Often!




Attachment: stpats.jpg

Dropkick Murphys - Happy St. Pats

Chocolate Peppermint Herbal Tea
Mango Soft Serve with a sprig of Fresh Mint
Listening to the Dropkick Murphys

Breakfast on St. Pats!

The Departed version (LOVE THIS MOVIE!- warning lots of F bombs and violence)

Take a Break and Meditate

Take a Break and Meditate....

So we are all on this path to optimal health.  Yes? Some of us realized that not only do we want to reach our weight loss goals but we want to create health in our lives.  Part of creating health includes reducing stress.  I've added another WMR (weapons of mass reduction) into my arsenal. 


Before I rush to eat I first take a few sips of herbal tea and a couple deep breaths. 

Breathe in life, 
breathe out despair.
Breathe in joy,
breathe out sadness. 
Breathe in peace, 
breathe out fear.
Breathe in love, 
breathe out separation.

I also do another 5-10 minutes of meditation at night before I go to sleep. I find it helps me to get ready for a more restful and restorative sleep.  Restorative good quality sleep aids in weight loss and better health.

Typically I just surf youtube and find a video either of mediation music or a guided meditation.  Sometimes I close my eyes and practice my own visualization type meditation.

So sit back, relax right now, grab that herbal tea, take a sip with me, clear your mind, breath deeply. Be in the present because life is right now. It is not yesterday and it is not tomorrow... Love yourself right now enough to take care of yourself and give yourself the gift of relaxation.  

Relax Well. Sleep Well. Be good to yourself and continue creating health.
Enjoy the video.........

Much Luv,

Ready to rejoin the world.....

Still fighting the nasty bugger but ready to rejoin the world.  Had my delish dark chocolate antioxidant shake.  Had a nice cup of herbal tea.  Answered a few emails and about to head off to my hospital.  Even though I am congested and on sinus meds I feel well rested and energized.  Holding off on the workout this morning though even though my brain wants to get moving. I know my body needs to still heal some more.  Will ease into it again.  This is day 3 on my zpack so will wait until day I finish my last day on day 5.   I am so excited to fly out to Chicago this weekend to see my mom, stepfather, and cousin.  So excited I could jump out of my skin! I can't wait until the big reveal.  They have seen pictures but it just isn't the same =)  I can't wait to walk the whole city with them and to run the Chicago Lake Front while still having energy after!  We are going to shop until we drop!

Happy Hump Day! Stay on plan 100% because you deserve it!

The Big Mouth Has No Voice

No voice at all. I was up coughing all night and had a massive sinus headache from the sinus infection.  I went to bed at around midnight and then by 3am I gave up laying down. I just could not go to sleep and laying down made the coughing 10 times worse.  Ended up painting my toes instead. HA! Use OPI - Russian Navy. Then I did my eyebrows. Then I put some Jergens self tan moisturizer on my face and legs.  I may feel like Craopla but at least I won't have to look it!  My face is no longer pale this morning  =)

I guess the Z-Pack still hasn't kicked in yet. Maybe today? I do feel better. Just really tired from not sleeping  and the coughing is more annoying than anything. The decongestant works somewhat but it is only Allegra-D and you take it once every 12 hours. I'm lucky if I got 6 hours out of it yesterday.  So, I decided to work from home today instead of spreading my cooties around the office. 

I need to figure out a way to sleep sitting up.  Have to get some work done for the hospital though first. I have a ton of catch up to do before I leave for my vacation in Chicago and then NYC.  Will nap later.

So the scale gods really h8 me... we are talking like H9.. or H10.. even more than h8. My scale shows me plus five pounds. While many MF'ers freak out that don't know better or don't have faith in the program ... me.. I just laugh.  I know better.  There is no way that I ate enough calories of sugar free cough drops in the last two days and one 3.5 mile run caused me to gain five pounds of  fat or muscle. My body has got to be messed up from fluid retention and inflammation. I am still a 100% warrior.  HOORAH! I bet it is five pounds of boogers!!  It feels that way.  LOL  Maybe it is good I am coughing it all out.

Mmmm.. presents for me.  I placed this huge order on the
website. Picked up a ton of yummy teas. My new collection rocks! Most of them are decaf but a few are not. I think one of them has less than 5 calories a cup but the majority of them are zero/no sugar. They have a whole line chocolate teas now too. Check them out! I have a few below.  It's being delivered today. Just in time to soothe this sore throat! 

Strawberry Chocolate Red Tea BagsCoconut Cocoa Herb Tea BagsPineapple Lychee Hibiscus Tea BagsDouble Dark Chocolate Mate
get soothed - No. 8Organic USDA Temple of Health Tea Bags
Organic Double Green Matcha Tea BagsOrganic Double Red Rooibos Tea Bags

Be Well, Stay On Plan 100%

On the road to recovery.....

Caved and saw my primary doctor today as this stupid cold got worse again.  I have a sinus infection. Got the z-pack and some decongestant.  Hopefully that will knock the bugger out of my system before I fly off to Chicago on Sat.  Going to visit my mom, stepdad, and cousin. Mom sent me some tickets as a 40th Bday present. She lives in a condo right off Rush St. Fun area.  Bday is coming up on 3/24.  There is no way I was going to take a chance flying with sinus issues so I figured I'd nip this in the bud asap.  

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY.... for being on vacation all next week.  Going solo to Chicago from Sat, - Tuesday. Then home a couple days mid-week in Bmore and then heading to NYC with Ely, his brothers + SIL's, another local cousin, and a couple of coworkers of mine for the real 40th Bday/Halfway to Goal celebration bash. We have a few hotel rooms in Manhattan just four blocks from Times Square with a view of Central Park. One of my SIL's hooked me up with a fantastic rate under $100 bucks! Planning to do lots of dancing and shopping . 

Booo...for having a TON of work I need to get to prior to leaving and my head not functioning with all the sinus pain. Since I've missed a few days at work here and there the last few weeks due to medical issues I am way behind. 

Scale is stuck the last few days but not a shock.  Between the sinus meds, OTC meds, and now the antibiotics.... then the prior two weeks with the iron infusions and multiple allergic reactions.... body is mad at me for sure!   

I was feeling better and got an awesome 3.4  mile walk/run in on Sunday morning. Half was outside in the sunshine soaking up that vitamin D and the other half I did on the treadmill.  I think the fresh air actually helped clear my head a bit but my muscles really ache today and I am sore.  Could be because I've had a fever on and off too today. Maybe not the smartest move to try and run yesterday. Ahh well.. live and learn.  So once again I need to hold off on the vigorous exercise until I am 100% healed.   Hopefully the antibiotic will kick in in the next 48 hours. I will hold off at least a week before I run again.  Maybe just some gentle walks, light spin session, and yoga this week.  Hopefully by Sat. I will be feeling good enough to run the Chicago Lakefront.

I have not seen my parents in ages. For sure it was long before I started Medifast/Take Shape For Life so really looking forward to this trip. Last time they saw me I had been 60 lbs heavier.  My mother also happens to be a client of mine as well.  My worst client!!!!    It will be fun to talk shop and hopefully when she see's me she might be motivated to actually listen and follow the program as written instead of making up her own rules.

Be Well!


Oh what a night... Learning From Mistakes

I woke up worse again this morning.  I think now I have a sinus infection and chest cold. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.  Oh my gosh last night was such a struggle for me. For the first time on plan I actually found myself giving up... temporarily.
                                     Yes.. ME.. giving up.  

The same person that became a health coach to inspire others. The same person that vows to stay positive. The same person who preaches stay 100% on plan and all will fall into place.  The same person that was dosed up on 50 benadryl in an ER last week having her Medifast hot cocoa while hooked up to an IV after an allergic reaction in outpatient chemo to the iron infusion!  How could this be?  

Last night my day should have ended and I should have gone to bed. I really did try a few times but the chest congestion was making it impossible to lay flat.  I came downstairs and sat on the couch with Ely and watched some more TV. Frustrated.. pissed off at my body.. exhausted...mad at still not feeling good, mad I can't get back to my exercise yet, mad at falling behind at work because of missing days, mad at being mad... lol.. I was just MAD!

First I had herbal tea. No problem. I've been drinking tons of herbal tea lately. It usually works for me.  It didn't this time.  I had an additional cup of cottage cheese with some PB2 and a little SF davinci raspberry syrup. I didn't measure it. I always measure it.  That should have been a good indicator the inner brat was taking over.  It gets better.   Then I tore into half of MF soy crisps package.  Mind you I had MF crackers as my snack earlier in the day so this was NOT OP. I swore off these MF snacks just a few days ago too. The carb content just doesn't fit within my typical day ever. 2 hours later I was hungry again. 

I started to look for more food, hunting, and gathering, like a mad cave woman! 

I chopped up a red pepper and ate it with 1 LC queso cheese and some harif (hot spicy pepper mix that Ely's parents make us).   It was like the start of a medifast binge I tell you. I felt it coming on and it was only going to get more ugly.  I could have sat there and ate feeling sorry for myself all night and eating.  I stopped it. 

My head was not on straight last night at all.  This morning it is and I can reflect and learn.  Being sick and not feeling good is not an excuse for me to go off program.  Intellectually I know this.  Dosed up on sinus meds, tired, and frustrated... my judgement got cloudy.  

Do you know... as I was eating those soy chips.. standing up... directly out of my pantry.. I had the Judith Beck cards from her wonderful book taped to the pantry door starring right at me.  I read one or two but I didn't let myself digest what was on the cards.   My WMR's (weapons of mass reduction) were not working for me last night but probably because when one failed I didn't tap into all the other weapons I have available.  This is a battle.. it will always be a battle.  I need to keep fighting with the entire arsenal.

So let's think about how I can handle this situation for next time and other WMR's I have in the arsenal  because guess what.. chances are I will get frustrated again. I will get mad again. I may get sick again. I might be too tired to think straight again.  

When in the moment you hope you are thinking clearly, you examine the conversation in that head, you talk to your inner brat and tell her to shut up. I noticed that I rushed really fast to eat so I couldn't give myself time to think about it.  Have you ever done that? I didn't think about my primary goal, my secondary goal, my fundamental goals (see Dr. A's Habits of Health for more on goal specifics: )  I didn't go to my list of the 40 reasons I want to get healthy and read it. I didn't read my milestones list.  The inner brat strategically rushed through the split second thought so I didn't have a chance to win the battle in my head. I didn't access any of my WMR's.  By the way I am going to trademark WMR.. haha..  just kidding =)

Ok so here is a new WMR to add to the list and perhaps the most important one I have figured out yet: 
                                             SLOW DOWN!

Slowing down means taking some deep breaths and giving myself time to process the conversation in my head.  I'm at the point in my program where if given the time I will come up with the right reasons to stay on plan.   

Move away from the kitchen. Scream, stomp, beat a pillow.. but find anything other than food to take my frustration out on. 

Yes, I stopped it before it got worse. I left the kitchen, put some vicks on my chest, took some PM sinus meds, and eventually fell asleep but next time it needs to stop before it happens.  It's only going to get harder once I am in T&M so now is the time I need to get this skill down and get it down good.

                                             SLOW DOWN!

I convinced myself I was hungry because it had been 2 hours or more since my last meal. Maybe I was hungry and maybe I wasn't?  I was probably thirsty. Regardless, it doesn't matter because hunger isn't the reason for me to eat when I have eaten all my meals for the day already. I'm not starving even if my brain wants to revert back to the stone age and try to convince me I am. 

I need to say out loud in that situation: SLOW DOWN!  I must slow down because when I do I will come up with that reason that I am not starving and I can refocus my thoughts on creating REAL health. 

That inner brat convinced me it was ok. I was eating on plan foods and after all the only thing I had for my lean earlier was some egg whites and cheese. Evil inner brat!!!  NO... It was not ok.  I was probably almost at 1200 - 1300 calories by the end of the night and that is not within the 5/1 limits.  I planned out my day exactly and monitored my intake all day.  I closed the log out for the day at just under 1000 calories before I tried to go to sleep.  I was done.   Matter of fact I have yet to log this binge it in my log but will do that to find out the exact number when I am done writing.  Eating on plan foods/foods approved by NS doesn't mean we are on plan when we eat greater portions of them.  

You see I know all of this but if I don't SLOW DOWN and give myself time to think about it I let my inner brat repress that smart skilled MF'er.

Once I slowed down and came up with the right answers to stay on plan I could have tried any of the following and will next time:

-  hit the chat room
- write
- stomp, yell, beat a pillow
- talk it out with Ely (he was right next to me)
- drink fluids...   yes.. my water intake was down and chances are I was extra thirsty from all the sinus meds
- read habits of health or any other book
- meditated/light yoga/stretching
- colored/painted
- taken a bath
- listened to music
- sleep

You know what really concerns and scares me?  This happened on the same day I got to my halfway point.  I was feeling so confident and this just was a huge blow to the ego.   I always say all things happen for a reason.  Maybe I needed a wake up call and this was it.  This is exactly an example of how one can forget everything they learned and go back to old habits despite having some of the skills down. We need to get all the skills down and keep practicing them and using them.  We need to do this for life.  No more yo-yo diets! 

So let's try this again -

Hi.. I'm Stacy and I will always be an emotional eater and food addict. I have the skills now to handle it thanks to Take Shape For Life. I just need to keep adding to my WMR's and using them in this life long battle. I will continue to create health, reach optimal health, and remain in a state of optimal health. 

Stay OP! 

Much Luv!

Reflections & Visions - Halfway Point

So I am in my outlook calendar this morning and I'm looking at this reminder                                         -19 weeks on program - 

 WOW.. time seems to be flying by.   So this is the week that I have hit my halfway point and we are talking the halfway point for the adjusted and very brave goal number that I have probably not seen since birth... UM.. ok so maybe I didn't come out of my mother at 125 lbs but honestly I can't remember when I ever weighed that amount.  Maybe 7th grade? 

It's a weird feeling.  So much has drastically changed for the better in those 19 weeks yet I'm anxious to see where I am at in another 19 weeks. Then I am even anxious for after that when the real journey begins.

I was reading Dr. A's Habits of Health Last night and it really got me imagining where I want to be and what my life will be in the future. The sky is the limit! I can continue to create health and reach a state of optimal health. Future vision is a good thing.

However, time to get back to reality.  I am stuck in the past and the future all at the same time this morning and where I really need to be is just in the present... savoring the journey... savoring right now and getting ready for work.    Nope... not at work yet.  I'm still sick but I'm going to drag myself in. Awful cough, sore throat, swollen glands, and aches and pains all over the body.  No fever right now. Worse case scenario I can cave and go get an antibiotic from my doctor at work but I really do not want to do that. Much rather let this amazing body heal itself on its own.

I think today is going to be a jeans pull my hair up in a pony tail kind of day. If I don't feel good I will leave early but I need to at least give it a try.

Happy Friday! Stay 100% OP.. you are worth it!

Staying Focused on Creating Health

I sent this to all my clients this morning and wanted to also share this email with you as well. 

Sometimes the scale is a mixed blessing and it doesn't always tell us the full story. Many of us have a love/hate relationship with the scale.  I do! One day we want to toss it out the window and the next we are praising the scale gods for being kind that week.

I want to encourage you to stay on plan 100% regardless of what that scale says. I know this can be a challenge especially if you have followed the plan 100% and don't see the number change at the end of that week.   Do not let the scale sabotage you! Celebrate your cumulative weight loss along with all those non scale victories.  Remember to focus on what is within your control, like getting in your five Medifast meals and your lean and green for the day, instead of focusing what is not always within your control, like that # on the scale.

Here are some wonderful tips from the experts at nutrition support:

Let's review a few things to ensure you're on the right track:

#1) Make sure you're consuming only the 5 Medifast meals and the Lean & Green and eating eating the full portion. Once fat-burning is achieved and appetite/hunger lessens, it may be difficult to consume the last Medifast meal. However, missing a meal can hinder weight loss efforts because a person can take in too few of calories and the metabolism will slow. You may choose any combination 5 of Medifast meals your taste buds desire. And be sure to mix the meals with water!

#2) Make sure to weigh and portion the L&G meal. Many people will try to eyeball the meal and portions and find they either underestimate or overestimate. Either way can hinder weight loss efforts. Make sure the meat/meatless options are weighed after cooking and the vegetables are a full portion (3 servings.) Keep in mind, meatless options tend to be higher in carbohydrate so use caution when choosing from this category.

#3) Remember dairy, fruit and grains are omitted during the weight loss phase of the Medifast program. These foods are re-introduced into your meal plan during the Transition Phase of the program. 

#4) Are you taking any medications? Check with your physician and/or pharmacist if you are. Some medications can hinder weight loss efforts. Medical conditions like a thyroid imbalance will also affect your weight.

#5) Monitor your intake. Monitoring is a great skill to learn or enhance. The 5&1 meal plan is designed to provide 800-1000 calories and 80 - 100 grams of carbohydrate each day. Monitoring your intake to ensure you stay within these recommended ranges will yield the best results. The goal for getting you to and keeping you in fat-burning is to keep total carbohydate intake to less than 100 grams daily.

#6) Be mindful of the use of condiments. Although used in small amounts, they can pack a powerful carbohydrate punch! We recommend no more than 3 a day. “Extras” add to your total calories and carbohydrates for the day and may be hindering your weight-loss efforts.

#7) Remember that a snack is optional. If your carbs are on the higher end, you may want to revisit the use of that snack option.

#8) Remember while on the 5&1 meal plan - no more than 45 minutes of exercise is recommended due to the lower calorie and carbohydrate intake. Exercising for longer periods of time will hinder weight loss efforts as it will cause too large of a caloric deficit. If not, may be now is a good time to get started. 

Please keep in mind also that there are many factors that may effect a person’s weight loss efforts include starting weight, fluid status, age, gender, exercise habits, medical conditions and medications and compliance with the plan. Menstrual cycle can be a factor too. Women tend to either gain weight or remain steady during that time of the month. 

A Few More Tips 

A stall is considered a solid 2-3 weeks with no weight loss results.  I am more than happy to review your your plan and provide other ideas on how to tighten up your program if you end up with a stall.  Sometimes it is just a matter of the body adjusting to the new foods and your new lifestyle so please give your body time to catch up and find that sweet spot before you make any major changes.  About week four or five I also ran into a little stall. It happens to most of us sooner or later so be prepared for it!  I eliminated the optional snack and started to monitor my use of sugar free syrups and diet drinks.  This seemed to jump start my weight loss again.  Regardless of what the scale says I never give up! 

Remember that we have other ways to monitor our results. Grab that smaller size jeans and keep trying them on every few days or take a measuring tape and start monitoring those inches. On the weeks the scale didn't change I was still seeing a significant change in how my clothes were fitting.  I also celebrated all the other non scale victories like my blood pressure returning to normal, going down each size, having more energy, being able to increase activity and the compliments from others.

I made two lists when I started the program.  One list was all of the reasons I wanted to drop this weight and get healthy.  I came up with 40 of them!  I still read this list every day. I keep a copy on my desk at work, in my email, in the bathroom at home, and in my purse. Each morning when I wake up I read that list when I brush my teeth. Any time I struggle, I read it again.   The 2nd list I made were goals/milestones.  I associated a reward with each of them.  Examples: For the 1st 10 lbs I booked a manicure.  For 20lbs I booked a massage.   When I was able to complete my first 5k on the treadmill I planned a local shopping trip to buy some new clothes for work.  I said I wanted to drop 40lbs by my 40th birthday and that if I did we would spend that birthday weekend in NYC with family and friends celebrating.  Well that week is almost here and not only did I drop 40.. it looks like I will far exceed that goal by an additional 20lbs!   I am now 18 weeks into the weight loss phase and I have lost 57 lbs!  

I can not stress this enough - Be kind to yourself. We are our own worst critics.  Make sure you take time to celebrate ALL of the victories.  Remember how far you have come even if you just recently made the decision to start the program. Each day you stay on plan is a victory and puts you closer to reaching optimal health.  Take it one day at a time. Eventually those days will add up. Have patience!

I am cheering you on!   As always, call me anytime or drop me an email with questions.  I am here to partner with you on your journey and support you in all your efforts.

Keep The Faith! Be Well! Stay on plan 100% because you deserve this and you are worth it!

Stacy Kielty (Spumberg)
Sr. Health Coach & Manager

Drats... home sick

I surrender. I called out sick today.  My body has been through enough battles the past few weeks between the iron infusions, allergic reactions, and now maybe the flu or some infection?  Swollen glands, fever, coughing... yuck. Ever muscle and gland in my body hurts. Feels like someone beat the crap out of my entire body and kicked me over and over again. 

I missed work last week for a day after I had that allergic reaction in outpatient chemo to the venofer iron infusion.  2 days out sick in the last 2 weeks! ARGH!  Being in Healthcare IT means I can still get a few things done from home between naps. My coworkers know how to reach me if they need me so it isn't that huge of a deal but it still gets frustrating. 

Yesterday was a perfect day on plan UNTIL last night when I pretty much downed about 10 or so halls cough drops.  The only ones we had in the house too. It was around midnight and I wasn't going to make Ely run out and by the sugar free ones.  They were the ones with the glucose syrup centers. Lemon honey.  Problem is they were 15 calories a drop. YES.. I looked because I do that now =)  I'm sure the carb content was up there but they didn't list it.  I had already been at the 1000 calorie end of the range for the day so that put me over.  It did make my throat feel so much better along with some hot herbal tea.  After that I was able to fall asleep. Today I will stick with just the hot herbal tea and some tylenol sinus.  If I'm not better by tomorrow I'll see if I can get in to see my primary to get an antibiotic.   

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh! My beautiful home gym  teases me as I sit here on the couch and blog. This is the time I usually get a workout in. Love my morning workouts. I get on my treadmill or spin bike, blast the tunes, just as the sun is coming up.. so much fun.  Missed yesterday workout too because I wasn't feeling good.  Right now my mind wants my body to run, workout, dance, and play!  It misses this when I don't do it!  So nice to be in a routine that it is almost automatic now. I savor and treasure it.    My body isn't going to move off this couch though.  

Be well! Stay 100% on plan today!  You deserve it!

OMG.... energy zapped again

jpojwkkh:ewhgILieg < =  INSERT LOTS OF BAD CURSES HERE

I'm at work. I need someone to pick my face off the floor. I am so freakin tired. My throat is swollen.. swollen glands and sore. Started last last night.  I gave my treadmill the middle finger and took a long bubble bath before work instead.


Two steps forward and two steps back? I guess I have a cold or something coming on?  I drank a red eye this morning. I know.. so bad to use something like that to wake me up.  Just a shot of espresso in a cup of coffee with a shot of sf vanilla syrup.  It helped.. temporarily.  In 10 minutes I have to be in a meeting to do a presentation/training and I am ready to crash again.   100% OP with my food.  Actually ate my brownie and PB2 already for breakfast.   I want to go back to bed. =(

Like 99.9% of my blogs are positive.  I'm too pissy and icky feeling this morning to be positive!  I'm sure I'll get over it later.  Big sigh......

Ok.. I can't help myself.... one positive thing...  my scale is down 2 lbs overnight. I dropped a big chalupa this morning after having some real red meat and aspargus last night..  lol    =)



Adding MF Snack leads to increase in hunger @ 18 weeks??

18 weeks into 5/1 and I am struggling with afternoon/evening hunger for the 1st time.  I'm trying to figure out root cause.  It could be the whole ordeal with the iron infusion mess (see last few blogs) or the only other thing I have changed up is adding in the MF White Cheddar Soy Crisps and MultiGrain Crackers into my day.  Before I never messed with the MF snacks but I figured I'd give them a try this time around. 

Example Weekday  (*weekends I tend to split L&G)


7am-   shake (always do pre or immediately post workout)

10am - oatmeal or hot cocoa

12:30 - soup or chili

2p   -   added in MF snack .. white cheddar soy crisps or crackers

3:30 -  naked MF brownie  or Smores bar

6p -   L&G

8 or 9 p -   naked brownie or soft serve 


Before this week I would never have something at 2p. I'd go right for the brownie or smores bar at 3:30. With the brownie I always have the PB2. Now I'm like frothing at the mouth to get to my 3:30 afternoon meal and feel like I am fighting hunger (physical or imagined) until I go to sleep.   I think I am going to toss the snacks to the back of my pantry and go back to my original routine to see if that helps.   Going to add back in the PB2 with the brownie 1x per day.  That always seemed to satisfy me much better than the medifast snacks.

BL contest weigh in today. Not even in the top 5 this week.  BOOO! Only a 1/2 lb down.  I think that is also due to fluid retention from the infusion/benadryl, etc but who knows.  I'm fine with it though.  I'll get em back next week =) 

Feeling pretty good today.  Energy is like 90% back.  Walk/Jog 2.5 miles on my treadmill this morning.  Just a little tired right now.








Just spoke to my hematologist and we are going to wait about three weeks to pull my labs to see how the 2nd iron infusion went. I'm banking on being back in normal range and praying I won't need another one for at least a few months.  My body needs a break from these allergic reactions!

Here is good news! Check out my lab values just one week after my 1st treatment.  The numbers do not include the results of my 2nd treatment from last Thursday.

[FESATP]  After 1 treatment         1  week prior to treatment     

(Abnormal results in Red)

IRON            43    L                           19    L                
TIBC            400   L                           462                                                  %SAT           10.8  L                          4.1    L        

[CBC]      After 1st Treatment           1 week prior to treatment
WBC            8.6                               8.6
RBC           4.70                                5.23 
HGB           11.8   L                           11.6 L
HCT           36.0                                39.8
MCV          76.7   L                         76.2  L 
MCH          25.2   L                         22.2  L
MCHC       32.9                             29.1 
PLT            320                               349

RDW          18.8   H                         12.9 

Today I feel a little "flu-like" and still worn down but as the day goes on I am getting my energy back. The PICA - ice chewing addiction is completely gone now.  Yay for saving my teeth.

At work today and doing pretty well. It's a quiet day today.  Finding myself extra hungry and have a little bit of a headache.  No clue why.  Just making sure I keep the water intake up and staying 100% OP as usual. 

Thanks for all the sweet, encouraging, and supportive comments on my blog yesterday.  It always cheers me up to hear from my friends here. You guys are the best! <3 <3 <3

In other news, my childhood best friend became my TSFL client.  We refound one another on facebook about a year ago.  She just did her 1st weigh in this morning and is down 7 lbs.  Yay Nancy!!!  I'm so happy for her and to be able to share this journey together. 

Have a wonderful Monday OP!

Much Love,








Really tired all weekend.  Still the results of the allergic reaction I had from the iron infusion on Thursday. Had another reaction last night. More throat and tongue swelling.  I stopped the benadryl because it was making me so tired. Big Mistake! I  didn't go back to the ER. Just took the 50 benadryl and went to sleep.  Still exhausted right now.

I've still remained 100% on plan and that always makes me feel better. Anytime I've been faced with challenges it just makes me want to try all the more harder. 5/1 is my rock. It keeps me grounded even when the going gets tough.  I just love it!

We had all our nephews and nieces here last night staying with us.  Ely had to do most of the supervising.  I did my best but eventually needed to get to bed.  I'm now alone in the house and it is quiet for the first time in three days. They all went a block over to visit the grandparents. I'm hopeful that my energy will start to come back in the coming week as that iron starts to get absorbed  in my body. Probably just need some good rest. Following up with hematologist on Monday.


Another allergic reaction to iron infusion #2/Still OP

Had my 2nd iron treatment.  They had to do a venofer IV infusion because my insurance wouldn't cover the other IV iron shot.  Last week I had a a newer and more concentrated/faster working product but my insurance says they won't cover it unless I have kidney issues.  I did have an allergic reaction last week anyway so I guess trying something new wasn't such a bad idea.. or maybe it was? With the shot I had a minor respiratory reaction but we got it under control with IV fluids.  This time and I had an absolute horrible allergic reaction and they had to call a code and bring a team in on standby. I  left outpatient chemo in a wheelchair and ended up going to the ER for 6 hours of observation. Even had rebound reactions after being medicated. 

I actually asked to be  pre-medicated before the infusion since I had a reaction with the shot the week prior. It might have been worse if I hadn't done that. They used steroids and 25 Benadryl which I guess still wasn't enough.

On the plus side lab work is looking good.  Iron levels seem to be heading north.   Hopefully I won't need another treatment for a while.  I'm sure next time they will pre-medicate me with a higher dose of steroids and Bendaryl IV 50 instead of the 25. Home from work today taking lots of naps.

Despite all of this... I managed to stay 100% on plan as usual. YAY ME!
It really is so automatic and easy for me but I am always so proud of myself when my life gets turned upside down and I still can brag about staying on plan.  If I can stay on plan in this situation then YOU can stay on plan when you get stuck in traffic, are in a late meeting, have an unplanned event, going out to eat, etc. NO EXCUSES!

TIP: Never leave home without your food. Stash it in your car, at work, in your purse.  

So here is how I did it. I whipped out a bar before the treatment. Then drugged up and half out of it in the ER I had Ely go grab me a coffee. I pulled out a hot cocoa packet out of my purse and tossed it into the cawfee. YUM..  It actually made me feel better. I perked up a bit.  Then when I got home, Ely walked me right to the dinning room table. Relaxed a bit. Then got up and nuked some morning star farm sausages and had an egg and some veggies. I was up again at 3am - another rebound reaction. ARGH! Scary to wake up that way. My throat was swelling back up and it was looking like I was going to have to wake Ely or call 911 to get to the ER again.  Stayed calm. Took 50 more benadryl and was ok.  Stayed up and an hour later ate an early breakfast. I made a shake which again felt great on the throat.  Slept in, woke up.. had my MF oatmeal. Set my alarm for noon, woke up had my chili.  Got my latest shipment. Just had the mango soft serve for the 1st time as my afternoon snack.  It was delish.  The swelling in my face, mouth, and tongue is gone now and I am doing so much better.  I am sure getting in all that good nutrition is helping with the recovery too.  I cancelled all my plans for this weekend and just going to chill out and take care of myself.

Be Well! Plan Ahead! Stay 100% OP no matter what! NO EXCUSES! NO CHOICE!  =)   


TOM visit - Day 3.. cycles and 41/2 inch wedges!

Ow.. ow.. ow. Crrrrrrrrrrrrramps.  800 Advil every 4 hours and PM Advil last night.  It takes a little bit of the edge off of the pain.  Feeling really weak.  Glad I am getting another iron shot on Thursday. It couldn't have happened at a better time.

So I was looking at my calendar and it looks like my cycles are at least getting a little closer together.  Last TOM was 12/11 and lasted about 8 days.  This TOM came on 2/28.  Prior to that I went several months with no TOM. 

Just called my OB/GYN to get in for a checkup.  I refuse to take any drugs to regulate me. Hoping by being on MF and now getting my iron shots things will start to balance out.   After about 18 years of not being regular this would be a wonderful NSV.

Another wonderful NSV today -   I'm wearing the cutest wedges that are  4 and a half inches high!!! They are so comfy too. First time trying B.Makowsky shoes and I have to say the quality is top notch. The leather is like buttah.   I have never worn such high heels in my life.  Much easier to do when you are at a lighter weight.  Plus it helps they are a stable wedge with a good slope and a little platform.  LOL.. I sound like a QVC sales girl.   Here is a link to them:

Happy! Happy! HUMP day =)




Today was week 7 of our biggest loser contest at work. I am happy to report I am doing well thanks to our secret weapon here (TSFL/MF). Ok so it's not so much a secret.. lol.  I have a handful of coworkers that are my TSFL clients and the whole office is cheering us all on. I am lucky to work in a very supportive environment.  Speaking of coaching I'm thrilled that one of my clients, Wanda, is in the top 5 too!  See the email pasted at the end of this blog.

I weighed in at 4lbs less this week for BL which makes it a total of 19lbs in 7 weeks. I won the top spot this week.  This is my 3rd time winning the entire week too. All the other weeks I have been in the top 5 with the exception of one week where I had been up a pound with TOM.  Well guess what?! TOM decided to pop on by for a  visit yesterday and I still kicked butt.  TAKE THAT TOM!   Now to just beat my buddy Brad and his dang mantabolism!  MEN!   Oh and get this, Ely, my fiance, not even trying to drop weight. I've been having a little race with him on the scale to get lower than him.  I reached where he was at finally a few weeks ago we checked.  He goes and drops 10 more pounds.   What the heck is that?  Weight loss by association.. lol.  Once again.  HMPHHHHH.   MEN!

This coming Friday marks my 18th week on 5/1. Time is just flying by and each day on this program just gets better and better. I feel like I have my life back now. Hard to say what my real home weigh in will be on Friday.  I have that iron shot on Thursday so if they pump me up with IV fluids after that may skew my results but no biggie. I can tell the difference in inches this week.  Looking great and feeling great.

I don't stress at the scale number at all and have not since the 1st couple weeks on 5/1.  Once I had faith in the plan I knew if I just followed it 100% all would fall into place and it has done just that.  Sure it's nice to see the results in the number on the scale but so many other non-scale victories (NSV's):

-  the way I feel
-  my new love of clothes and smaller sizes
-  the confidence and self-love
-  the energy levels
-   having a normal BP
-  practicing all the wonderful skills I have gained
-  the friends I've made here
-  helping my clients 
-  the hope for the future of having a long, quality, life with the people I love

When I look back at my original reasons for wanting to do MF..  most of them are already becoming true and that far outweighs that number on the scale any day of the week!

Celebrate your health! Celebrate YOU! Stay on plan 100%!


This is pasted from a work email that went out to all the contestants:

This week’s winner………


 2.05% lost this week!!!!!


This week’s winning team…………….

 Team B – 0.44% team average loss this week!!!!

Team A - 0.38% team average loss this week

With 5 weeks to go the contest is still up for grabs!!

Top Contestants for THIS Weekly % Lost:

Stacy  – 2.05%

Brad – 2.02%

Wanda  – 1.46%

Dave – 0.81%

Iymaani – 0.73%

 Top Contestants for Total % Lost:

Brad – 9.19%

Stacy – 9.04%

Wanda – 7.71%

Iymaani – 6.14%

Calvin – 5.17%

Embracing TOM Today: 100% OP/100% MF Chocolate!

Scale down this morning.. yay.  So it seems my buddy TOM decided to pay me a visit this morning. He comes and goes when ever he feels like it.  Totally irregular.  So when he does come instead of bitching and complaining I plan to embrace his visit as a sign of me being on the path to optimal health and my body getting back in balance.  I will also celebrate by staying 100% OP and doing an all chocolate MF day.  LOL   Man we just suffer so on this program don't we.. smores bars, hot cocoa, brownies... =P

May you have an amazing start to your week. Stay positive. Believe. Stay 100% on plan because you deserve this and you are worth it!




WISDOM: Thanks bethie1218! MY ENERGY RETURNS & some tips!

All I have to say is when wise people around here give advice like bethie1218 listen up! I was just miserable the last few days after my iron shot. Beth suggested to try some steak (for my low iron), add a little salt (for the low BP), and get some rest.  I took a three hour nap earlier in the day before going out last night.  That was a huge help. After dinner I felt like a million bucks! Laughed for a few hours at the comedy club. Laughter = another great cure and calorie burner.  I was home just after midnight before I turned into a pumpkin and got a good full nights sleep. Remained 100% OP when going out. 

TIP 1: Plan ahead! I can't say that enough.  Read my last blog on how I planned another great night out 100% OP. I do everything I did before and have even more fun doing it from dinners, to dancing, to clubs, to events, to family reunions. I check out the menu before going. I always keep a weeks worth of meals on me. I bring Walden's Farm salad dressing. I drink lots of water!

Slept in today and awoke with plenty of energy.  I feel back to myself. My skin  isn't as pale as a ghost now and I have my healthy glow back. 

NSV's (non-scale victories): Today marked the 1st day I wore a pair of pants with a tucked in shirt.  It's this casual, black waffle, curve hugging, long sleeve T, with a green turtle design on the front. It's has those neat cut outs to slip your hands in at the wrists. Kind of like gloves that keep your hands nice and toasty.  I'll have to take a picture of it at some point.

I had worn the shirt about 6 years ago when I had been at my lowest weight after my RNY - about 170.  Saved it because it was always a fav weekend casual top. This morning I tossed on these black velvet-like jean pants with it that didn't fit me last week. Then I belted with this sparkly leather cut out belt on my hips. Tossed on a pair of patent black croc embossed mid heel boots. :

1) wearing a belt 
2) fitted shirt tucked in
3) sexy mid heel boots
4) wearing smaller sizes

Just wow... multiple NSV's. I call it my cool rock star look! LOL. Maybe over the top for a Sunday but when you feel good why not dress your best!?? No more frumpy clothes for me anymore. 

We went to pop in to see Ely's parents as we do on most Sunday mornings. His mom made me breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs.  The rest of the family ate Dunkin Doughnuts bagels and doughnuts. Not even slightly tempted. Mom is so good to me. She knows what I need for 5/1 as well as I do now.   I also got lots of compliments on the outfit from family.

Last night I wore one of my Macy's INC dresses too. The black one with the pretty white embroidery?  Lots of compliments from the friends/ family again.  Ely's brother said I looked like a "Greek Goddess" since the dress had this funky ethnic embroidery work on it. Made me laugh and blush.  All of his brothers and the future SIL's are always so supportive and encouraging since I started from day one.  They compliment me all the time and are so sweet.

TIP 2:  Surround yourself with supportive people. Ignore, or if possible, get rid of those that are not positive influences in your life. This includes here in this online community. It's part of setting up your environment for success and building yourself a solid support system. We couldn't do this alone in the past. Try it with a support system this time.

Ely just got a new used car. Great bargin. It's this little red miata convertible. It's was sunny today we took a nice drive after breakfast.  Road around downtown Baltimore listening to some great tunes and soaking in all that Vitamin D. I am low vitamin D so it is much needed.  We had so much fun. I just felt healthy, beautiful, and so alive in that little car with him.  He told me how proud he was of me today just out of the blue. He too was glowing today in his new toy riding around town with me. 

TIP 3: Pay It Foward!!! Share your program with others. It will help you to stay positive and continue to learn. Maybe we can crush the obesity epidemic in this country or at least put a good dent in it!  

"The doctor of the future will use no medicine." - T. Edison

I was promoted to "manager" this week as a TSFL Health Coach. In 6 weeks  I went from Fast Track Coach to Senior Coach to Manager! It's not a race for me and  I'm not even working hard at getting new clients. They find me or see what I am doing and ask so I tell them. Now I have 12 clients and something like four more referrals to follow up on this week.  My current clients just keep sending more people my direction.  I'm so thrilled to share the program with them. It really makes me feel good to help others.

I know coaching isn't for everyone but how hard is it to share your journey with others?!  Can you imagine if if every single person on this site decided to find there own way to inspire one other person... family, friend, coworker, or maybe even a stranger?Then that person pays it forward and so on and so forth.  Could we really have an impact on the growing obesity epidemic in our country?  Am I being a little too idealistic here?  You don't even need to be a coach to do this either.  Just participate, blog, chat, share your victories, share your struggles.  Being a coach though is a HUGE bonus. Especially with the focus on the Be Slim philosophy and listening to the TSFL leadership wisdom.. i.e. Dr. A and Lori as well as so many other coaches.
I have a few people just starting out and finishing up the 1st or 2nd week. You have to love waking up in the morning to texts and emails that say.. I can't believe it.. I already lost 5, 10, 15lbs.  They inspire me, keep me positive, and I am learning so much from them just like here on the boards. If any of you read my blogs this last week you know it was a hard one for me. The support here and contact with them kept me positive and I got through it as I will continue to get through it!

The great compensation plan is a wonderful bonus too.  It helps pay for the new clothes, my MF meals, and even a little extra after that. I really hope I can keep it going, keep spreading what a great program this is, keep sharing with everyone who is interested in finding that path to optimal health.

If anyone else is thinking about becoming a coach and paying it forward.. DO NOT WAIT! Each day you do wait could be a day you miss out on helping someone else on there path to optimal health. It's fantastic!  It really helps you in your own journey while you are helping others.  If anyone is curious about the TSFL coaching opportunity or has questions about it drop me a message. Eventually I'd like to start focusing on building a whole team of coaches. 

Be Well! Happy Sunday!!!

Back in the 80s... going out.. staying 100% OP.. plan ahead!

....I was a punk rock girl.. .lol

Seriously though,  the scale has corrected itself. My ticker once again reflects my weight this morning despite the extra celery and 2 LC light wedges I had last night and the extra cottage cheese the night prior. Doesn't mean I am going to do that again though.

I'm doing good today. No extra snacks. PERIOD. No choice. Today is going to be a perfect day 100% OP and by the book.  So far 2 MF meals down. Need to work on water intake.  Also need to fit in a nap sooner or later. I've only had a few hours of sleep and am exhausted.  Actually a little dizzy and lightheaded this morning.  I think a side effect of the iron might also be low blood pressure so I will go get that checked out on Monday when I am back at my hospital.  Have to be in to work pretty early.  

Off to dinner at Berttuci's with assorted family and then a comedy club show after.  I planned ahead already and I am going to bring my Walden Farms Balsamic, tell them no dressing, and then get this salad.

Salad Vivaldi con Pollo & Bello

Baby field greens tossed with balsamic vinaigrette, grape tomatoes, roasted olives and red onions, topped with grilled chicken and roasted Portobello mushrooms. 

I'll count the olives as my fat. Hopefully the portobello mushrooms they roast are not saturated with oil but if they are I will ask them to just add raw ones to my salad instead of the roasted.  Kind of a boring L&G but I rather keep it simple tonight.  

At the comedy club I will just drink water. I will also bring one of the antioxidant raspberry acai infusers with me to flavor it since I didn't do any of the calorie burn infusers this morning.  I'm also going to pre-cook a brownie, top with PB2 and freeze it solid. Will pop that into a ziplock for my final mf meal at the club.


On track

Doing good today. Just tired.  Stayed 100% OP.  Split my lean.  This am I had MSF sausage, 2% slice of kraft, and egg beater.  Tonight finished it off with egg beater, spinach, parm omelet.  Little early to have just 1 MF meal left but I will be headed to bed early tonight.  For the 1st time since I was on plan I got that 3pm exhausted feeling.  Crazy because before I did this iron treatment my energy level was peachy.  Now I seem to be fighting being tired.  Hopefully with some rest I will perk back up over the weekend.  Going out to a comedy club with friends/family to celebrate my future SIL's bday tomorrow night but other than that will keep it low key this weekend. Really hoping to have enough energy to get a couple good workouts in. Skipped this morning. I figure at least I can get a walk on the treadmill  and see how it goes.

Weighed in today and was actually back up to 190. I'm ok with that though. I think it has to do with this wacked out week with the IV fluids, Iron shot, allergic reaction, and then being a little off plan yesterday.  My body fat reading was lower so that also tells me it's probably a water thing too. No big deal.  I'm sure I will be back into the awesome 80's in a day or so.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night and a fantastic weekend OP!


Doing ok - Increased Lean - Not thrilled

The allergic reaction I had yesterday to my iron shot really messed me up all day today. I was pale, exhausted, unable to focus, and a bit sick to my stomach on and off all day.  Fought some crazy physical hunger. Maybe from all the IV fluids they pushed last night too?

My strategy today was to eat every 2.5 hours. However, spacing meals closer together seemed almost to make it worse. Ended up having an extra 1/2 cup cottage cheese with an additional TB of PB2 over my lean amount tonight.  I am not thrilled about that decision to go off plan considering I've been 100% OP warrior since day one. I strategically split my normal L&G into three meals this evening to prevent that from happening but that still didn't do the trick. Tonight I was still fighting hunger.

I think this is one of those times I need to say oh well and just move forward but before I do that I need to plan for next time.

The Plan:
  - stick with my usual 3 hours between meals 
  -  go to bed early if that hunger strikes
  - drink even more water then usual
  - SUCK IT UP! Hungry or not I won't starve to death. I need to just ignore it.

I am hoping it won't be as challenging to stay OP the day after my iron treatment  next week. Since this is going to be a regular thing in my life I need to learn to deal with it just like any other challenge I've been faced during 5/1.   My doctor is  planning to pre-medicate me with some benadryl prior to the next iron treatment.  Between that and what I learned from today I WILL stay on plan.

Tonight I surfed some dream bathing suits at Victoria  LOL
Motivation to keep me going! I can do this =) I am on the path towards optimal health and nothing is going to stop me!


Ferumoxytol Iron Shot This Afternoon - Allergic Reaction

So if you read my last few blog you know a little about my whole anemic thing. 

FerumoxytolFeraheme®IV only
Large, single doses injected quickly<1% of patients may be allergic

I think I jinxed myself the last couple days.  I got to outpatient chemo for what I thought was going to be an iron infusion but instead they put me on these new iron shots.   Most people are suppose to tolerate them better but of course not me! I am not most people. Typically treatment is only 20 minutes but I ended up there from 2p until well after 5p.  I told the staff that I have had some really odd allergic reactions in the past to assorted stuff. They took my whole history. The nurse stayed with me the entire time to monitor me which was a very good thing.

They had a hard time sticking me despite my veins looking good and being very hydrated. Odd because I've never been a hard stick in the past. They called me "valve-y."  I guess I will need to add that term to my resume? It took three RN's to get it right. 3 times a charm?!  The third was also an IV infusion nurse so I guess it was easier for her. She went lower down my arm.

Got my baseline blood work again and then my nurse did a flush. A little while later my nurse did the shot right into the same vein.  I was a little sick to my stomach prior after the 3 sticks  but it was tolerable  However, when she hit me with the iron I was close to throwing up. Had to grab the bag but I kept it down like a super hero.. lol.  Felt a little dizzy at first but wasn't a big deal.  We were just chatting up a storm and then all of the sudden I started to cough out of the blue.  She asked me if I was ok and I said I think so. Then more coughing and wheezing. Hmmm... no hives, no throat swelling but NOT OK! I started feeling spaced out. Then my chest started to get super tight and congested.  She got the epi box and hooked me up to some IV fluids and oxygen.  I kept saying ... "You have got to be kidding me! This can not be happening!" I tried to remain as calm as possible. I knew I was in good hands.  Getting anxious in this situation is the worst thing you can do when you have an allergic reaction. The director came in to see me since we work together regularly.  She said I can't believe you are causing us this much trouble.  She was joking of course.  After a couple hours and lots of IV fluids I was fine. My RN didn't even need to hit me with the epi or benadryl.  I was so wiped from the reaction and still am exhausted right now. I'm getting another treatment next Thursday. Moving forward they will start to pre-medicate me with benadryl in advance so this won't happen again. That is a mixed blessing.  It probably means they won't release me unless I have someone driving me home after each treatment since I will probably be a little out of it from the benadryl.  Ely of course said no problem. He can leave work early to pick me up.

As far as allergic reactions go in my history this is small peanuts.  I've actually had three occasions where I went into anaphalactic shock. Once  after eating an avocado,  once after eating shrimp, and once during a cat scan (IV contrast dye).   I have all sorts of weird oral allergies to random raw nuts and raw fruit.  So glad this was not as severe and if anything was going to happen I was in the right place for sure.  It is a bit frustrating and kind of crazy.  Sometimes I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with this body. Then I remember just how lucky I am to be as healthy as I am.  Sitting in outpatient chemo  with cancer patients really helps to give one a perspective on things.

Despite all the events today I had an amazing perfect 100% OP day.  We are talking even in optimal carb range!  I came home and had a 5oz cut of lean prime petit angus beef sirloin.. lol.  Figured I'd top the iron treatment off with some real meat.  I bought Ely a nice porterhouse.  He grilled them for us and I made a salad to go with it.  Used the Walden Farms balsamic on the salad since I didn't want to add any additional fat with the beef. It was pretty good.  

Heading to bed...  Sweet dreams.


Met with Hematologist

Visit went really well.  As soon as I got in the office they weighed me. Don't you just love when people want to weigh you now? The tell me to step on the scale and in my head I am thinking "BRING IT ON!" HA!!!  I never dread the scale these days. I get on and the RN says congrats. I am looking at her puzzled and wondering why since this is the 1st time I've ever been to this office.  She says well we use the same software system as your primary (which I knew since I am in IT at this hospital but I didn't realize she had my entire record up).  She then goes on to tell me you are 4 lbs less than you were on 2/11.  I laughed and said yep.. that sounds about right!

The hematologist came in to see me and we chatted.  Really nice greek guy and has a wonderful rep at our hospital.   I use to be the IT rep on our Cancer Committee several years back but I don't think he made it to many of our meetings back then and I have not been in a few years so it was really the first time we were meeting.  

I tell him everything going on - feeling cold, the ice chewing addition, and we discussed my labs.  I also mention that I have lost 53 lbs in the last 16 weeks.  He seemed concerned I was losing too fast.  I told him I average 2-3 lbs a week and while that might be above average for most diet programs it isn't for Medifast.  I also said not to worry since I have my PCP involved in monitoring my labs thus the reason why I am here to see him.  I was ready to go on about the science behind the diet and the studies.. relationship with Hopkins, etc but I figured it was TMI.  

If you read my previous blogs the low iron has zero to do with medifast and everything to do with my RNY Gastric Bypass/Bariatric Surgery I had in 2005.  It seems the side effects have caught up to me and my body will no longer process iron correctly. Every year my D and Iron levels have been getting worse.

The hematologist complimented me on my health and he does also believe the weight loss and diet has probably counteracted some of that fatigue I would have normally had with such low levels of iron.  He was impressed that I was so high functioning still and  and how active I am most of the time.

So tomorrow at 5pm is the day. I get my 1st infusion. Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Allergic reactions are pretty rare for the one he is going to give me.  I think it is actually just a ferritin infusion? Only 20 minutes long. 

The outpatient chemo department is actually one of my favorite departments to work with at my hospital. They do all the iron infusions as well. I know everyone that works there.  They are pretty thrilled I am going to be a regular patient.  I'll be able to work with them on some of there software issues and they will have my undivided attention while I am tied to one of there IV's.  TRAPPED! LMAO

Today was a perfect day OP for me and I feel really good right now.  Going to get to bed early so I can get in a good nights rest.

Thanks for the sweet and supportive comments on the blog yesterday.  It  helped!

Be Well!!  Stay 100% OP for your health! YOU are worth it!


struggling the last couple days.. allergies.. iron infusions

Since Sunday I have really been struggling.  Rare for me but the structure was taken a bit out of the equation  and it threw me off starting with an improptu family reunion at Ely's cousins home.  I had my meals with me. I always carry a weeks worth beween my purse and car. Even spent time talking about the program as three others are considering becoming my clients. However a couple hours ended up being several hours into the evening so I decided to make a L&G out of what was there. They had mostly veggies/salads so that worked well. They also had nuts. I counted the portion out out  on the nuts and counted that as my snack.  However, for the lean my only option was the fresh mozerella/tomato/basil stacks they had.  I had 3 of them and they were a bit heavy handed on the olive oil and the slices of moz seemed to be on the thin side. Problem is I have no clue how many ounces. My guess is that I underate on the lean but overate on my fat. 

Monday - Yesterday I had some real physical hunger and just wasn't feeling well.  Felt like I could hardly hold my head up and had zero energy. My fingers, hands, legs felt like pins and needles all day. It could be the low iron, the stress, having a weird eating day the day prior but who knows.  It got so bad that I had issues focusing at work.  I ended up going home for lunch (which I never do) and making 2 Morning Star Farms Meatless Sausages sprinkled with a little 2% moz cheese.  That was about an hour after I had my 3rd MF meal for the day.   Still feeling lousy all through the afternoon I left work earlier than usual. Got home by 4pm and then had 1/4 of my green (spinach) plus a packet of  those spicy smartlife meatless chicken wings.  This put me over on my lean but I was feeling so miserable that I made the decision to do it anyway to see if it would help.    So basically the MSF sausage I counted as over the normal lean amount.  My numbers looked fairly good. Still within my daily limits.   Had my last MF meal for the day just an hour later because I wanted to go to sleep and was afraid I might not get up.  I did get up and was starving. We are talking stomach cramping hunger.  Since I had green left I ended up making some cucumbers and tomatos. Sprinkled it with a little hot sauce.   Then 2 hours later - 2 pickle slices.

I only partially logged stuff the last couple days.  Honestly not even sure how to log the food from Sunday but I will do my best.  I never want to miss a day of logging and have not since day one even if I had to go back to recreate that day. Need to tighten back up the tracking. I like getting that weekly progress report with the avgs on it.

Today - Still really sluggish.  I had a couple infusers so that helped perk me up a little.  Had my 1st Dk Choco Antioxidant shake when I woke up. Logged it immediately after. Then a smores bar after my biggest loser weigh in at work.  Logging that after I get done with this blog. I think I might be the same or even a little up this week but whatever and oh well... no big deal. I am vowing to log everything after I eat it today and keep my meals structured. 

I am stressing a little over this whole iron infusion thing.  My eval is today with the hemotologist. It's been on my mind often ever since I got my labs back last week and found out I have very little iron and ferritin left in my body. I am anxious because of my history of  my severe allergies and here is a significant precentage of people that do have allergic reactions to iron infusions. I'm sure they will pre-medicate me first to prevent that and if it does happen then at least I know I will be in the right place for it.  Part of me is also dreading being pre-medicated because the effects of benadryl always leave me sluggish and tired for a couple days. Tired.. sluggish.. harder to stay OP 100%.  Not something I can control though and I just need to go with the flow and have faith in my specialist as well as have faith in my skills to stay OP and do the absolute best I can despite the situation.

I've experienced going into anaphalactic shock four times in the last few years.  The first time it was during a cat scan.  Had a reaction to the contrast dye. It was about a year after my RNY. Ended up having to get my gall bladder removed soon after that.  Then it was after eating an avocado with Ely. Thank god we lived a few blocks away from my hospital at the time. Ely rushed me to the hospital ER after I took some benadryl. This is before I had my epipen.  Within 15 minutes my throat had closed up and I was having issues breathing.  Between taking the benadryl to slow the reaction and him getting me over to the ER so fast I got really lucky.  After that I was given an epipen to carry. I also keep a box of benadryl strips with me at all times.   Then last March at Passover.  Talk about the most random thing. I ate a chocolate covered strawberry.  I've never been allergic to either.  Again started having a reaction.  Man I was so embarassed. We were visiting family in New Jersey.  Throat started closing up and had trouble breathing again.  I took the benadryl and about an hour later I started to get better. It was a scary drive home. I had the epipen uncapped and was ready to use it if I got worse.

Have tons of oral allergies too where my throat and mouth get itchy now.  Non of the MF foods bother me except the RTD drinks which I really don't care for anyway.  For some reason with certain premade soy drinks I get that oral itchy throat/mouth thing. 

Allergies - It's the oddest thing. I've never had allergies my entire life until about a year after my RNY Gastric Bypass that was 7 years ago.  Not sure if there are any studies out there on this topic but I do believe some of that good immunity I had was in part of my digestive tract and or part of my stomach that got bypassed.  However, the contrast dye was injected so who knows.  Just a theory anyway.  

Allergies can develop at any time for no reason in a persons life. It's all chemistry. I have been taking oral iron for the last few years without any issues other then the fact I completely wasted my money because it appears my body know longer can absorb iron.. also a side effect from the RNY.  At any rate, I guess I'll find out more today on my treatment plan or maybe they will just start infusions right after I see him today.  There is a part of me looking forward to that too.  I am so tired of having cold numb hands and feet.  I am always cold especially when I get tired. The last few days I've had to sleep with a heated blanket, flannel pants, socks, layers of shirts, fleece, and even gloves.  It's nuts.  Probably the combo of dropping over 50lbs with the low iron. 

Have a wonderful day OP. Remember that you are doing this not to just drop the weight but so that you too are on the path towards optimal health.  Make today count. Stay OP and choose your health. 

Much Luv! <3 Be Well!






Happy Sunday! (vlog and yummy pic included)

Great relaxing weekend!  Been online more than usual. I uploaded my latest vlog to my page. Will add it here too. 

MF breakfast I made this morning - 

MF Griller Squared 
** uses 1 MF meal and just over 1/3 of your lean 

I made this today in my little square bowl. Very filling. Just add your regular MF pancake or chocolate pancake mix and 3 TB of water. Stir it up a bit so all the powder is gone. Nuke until firm. You may need to flip it once if the opposite side is too moist and nuke a few more secs. Then dump it out of your square bowl and set it out on your square plate. 

1TB of Davinci SF Pancake Syrup.. drizzle it over so it soaks in while you do the rest of this.

Take same small square bowl and put in 2 TB  of egg beaters. 
Add some fresh cracked pepper. Nuke until firm. 

Flip that on top of the pancake Grab a slice off 2% Kraft American and place that on top of the egg. 

Nuke 1 morning star farm sausage patty and place that on top 

Drizzle another TB of SF Davinci Pancake syrup over top of that. 

If you like your cheese melted a little more stick the whole plate in the micro for another 10 - 15 secs. YUMMMMMY! 

xoxox, Stacy


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy! The scale gods loved me this week and I hit another milestone.. Over a 3 lb drop which puts me over the 50 lbs lost milestone. Getting on the treadmill for a celebration run! Just programmed my treadmill to do the 3.85 mile Chicago Lake Front run. 

 36 more days until I am actually visiting my parents and running it for real the week of my 40th bday in March. My parents live right in downtown Chicago. This will be the 1st time they have seen me since I started MF. I had the goal of being down 40 by 40 which is 3/24 - Looks like I will surpass that by about 20-25 more lbs at the rate I am going! 5/1 is simply amazing. I LOVE IT!

 Be Well! Happy Friday!

Happy Hump Day!

Started my Vit D dose yesterday. It's weekly - 1.2 or 50,000 UI  - something like that.  I took it yesterday afternoon post MF Smores Crunch Bar.  Did some more research on the iron infusions. It does sound like the path I will need to take based on such a low result. I have made peace with that. Whatever the doctor says I need to do I will do it. No choice.

Spring is coming.. I can feel it in the air this morning.  This makes me happy! At lunch I plan to go out for a nice long walk/run with a coworker. Going to skip the workout this morning and make that my workout.  Will be running around the Baltimore Inner Harbor in the sunshine soaking up some more vitamin D that way too.

I continue to look at my body a notice major changes.  I look at my legs and they look so much smaller to me. I lay in my bed and my tummy is flat... ok so a little rolls a bit too the sides but nothing like it was before MF.  Fat is melting off me all over and I LOVE it.  This program rocks.  If you are just starting -  BELIEVE!  Believe in yourself and believe in the program. Forget about the past.  You are not a failure. You just didn't have the skills, support community, and correct structured plan to be successful. Now you do and this works!  I am down 50lbs or maybe even more. I'll know by Friday.  In just 16 weeks!!! I am proof as are so many others around here.


Thank you - More on Iron Infusion/Low Vit D from Bariatric Surgery

First off thank you all so much for your kind comments on my blog.  As always the support is most welcomed and helps a ton. 

So this is my specific lab result:


VIT D,25-HYDROX        Me              Healthy Range
    VITAMIN D,TOTAL     26      L     30-100 ng/mL
    VITAMIN D, D3            26                       
     VITAMIN D, D2           <4                       
                       25-OHD3 indicates both endogenous production and
                       supplementation. 25-OHD2 is an indicator of
                       exogenous sources such as diet or supplementation.
                       Therapy is based on measurement of Total 25-OHD,
                       with levels <20 ng/mL indicative of Vitamin D
                       deficiency while levels between 20 ng/mL and 30
                       ng/mL suggest insufficiency. Optimal levels are
                       > or = 30ng/mL.

So the D isn't drastic but I'm sure that will come up with my new RX.

                      My result                  Healthy Range 

 IRON              18                  L     50-175 MCG/DL
 FERRITIN        6                   L     10-291 ng/ml

The iron is another story.  How I am walking around feeling on top of the world is no small miracle. I think between the MF supplements, exercise, weight loss, etc it is raising my energy levels and offsetting any side effects that I would be feeling at this point. That just goes to prove how wonderful medifast really is for us. 

Last night I shared a wonderful  valentine's day dinner with Ely but I was feeling really sad about all this and for sure not my happy self. Ely was so supportive as usual. He reassured me it's a small bump and we will get through this challenge.  Despite the steak dinner last night (totally MF compliant) I lost 2.8lbs at my biggest loser challenge in the office this morning. Nothing like the scale gods being nice to me to help lift my spirits.  I'll report back on Tuesday after I meet with the specialist to share my treatment plan. 

I want to make sure that I am very clear about something here.  I don't regret my choice to have bariatric surgery or picking the option of having the RNY 7 years ago.  It gave me my quality of life back even if it was short lived and I did learn so many things that 1st time around. Just not enough to sustain that weight loss. I think there is a place for bariatric surgery in this world right now but it needs to be the absolute last option for a person. I also think it should be reserved for the super obese.  Additionally, if I were the surgeon I'd make my patients do MF supervised by then for a year prior to surgery.  Some do require a very low calorie diet but only for just a few weeks to a few months.

What I regret is not finding Take Shape For Life/Medifast first.  Then again I do believe all things happen for a reasons. I think that at that point in my life I needed to taste partial success first. To understand what it felt like to be at a somewhat "normal" weight and closer to goal.  Now  I know what not to do this time around.  THIS TIME I made the realization that my fight for optimal health is a daily fight and a choice by choice process.  That I can never trade what I want in the moment for what I want most.  This time I am shirnking on the outside but growning on the inside

I will always need to follow the TSFL Be Slim philosophy:

It's key for your body to start the day properly! You need high quality fuel — protein and carbohydrates .

Exercise is a key component because it increases metabolism, provides greater flexibility and strength, improves bone structure and posture, enhances mental clarity, and strengthens the immune system. In my case I look for both spontaneous exercise opportunites (like taking the stairs, parking car further away) and will always have planned exercise. I love being active and trying new things. If I get bored of something then I try something else because I know if I don't enjoy what I am doing then I won't stick with it! 

Via the boards here and  Health Coach. Plus we have the Virtual Clinic and Support In Motion on the web and there is always the interactive Nurse, Doctor and Maintenance Calls. I will be listening in on those mainenance calls as often as possible when I get to T&M.

Low fat meals 5-6 times a day
FOREVER! Eating frequently, restricting fat intake and controlling portion sizes and total calories are critical for success. I'll probably use MF supplements to help with this as well. Besides, I can never give up that MF smores or brownie =)

Individual Plan
I have an individual plan to help me navigate through a hostile environment of temptations and nutritional pollution. I've adopted this plan and the behavior changes I have learned are almost like 2nd nature now. I will always plan my exercise and meals.

This is so key for me now and always. I want to stay at my optimal weight once I get there and I know for that to happen frequent monitoring is critical. It is as easy as weighing myself daily or weekly and trying on a pair of jeans once a week to check how they fit. I've decided if I gain 5-10 pounds over my goal weight then it is back to 5/1 or 4/2 depending on my needs.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!




Lab Results Back/Side Effects of Bariatric Surgery Coming Back to Haunt Me!

Well on the bright side as I said in my last blog my BP is normal. Plus I am now down almost 50lbs and many inches.  I couldn't be more thrilled with my results and my life in general.  MF has put me back on the path towards optimal health and my life has drastically changed since I started the program.

I went to see my PCP last week and had him do nutritional labs on me as I had a RNY Gastric Bypass / Bariatric Surgery just about 7 years ago.  I wish I had found TSFL/Medifast prior to making that decision but who knows, maybe it just wasn't the right time and at that point. I was at the point that I was so desperate to get healthy that I would have done anything including rearrange my insides.

Maybe I wasn't ready just yet and I had to take another fall again before being successful. While I did go from my highest of 283 down to 170 a year after my RNY, I regained back up to 240 (Pre-MF weight) over the last 7 years. Mostly because I never made the head changes or incorporated the daily behavioral skills that it took to keep the weight off.  I also didn't build a solid support system like I this time around. Nor did I have Dr. A's Habits of Health as my roadmap.

At any rate, there are side effects to bariatric surgery and it appears they are catching up to me over time. It's a trade off when you make the decision to have bariatric surgery.  There is a whole list of possible complications. However, with much thought and care I decided that in my case the benefits outweighed these risks. Since an RNY works by malabsorption of food  (stomach sectioned into a smaller pouch and part of intestines bypassed) we gastric bypass patients have to get our labs done at least once a year and continue to take vitamin supplements daily,  even on medifast.  

Here is the problem with RNY -  No one really stresses that you might possibly also malabsorb your vitamin supplements too!  In my case, I am low iron/ferrin, and low vitamin D.   My doctor is calling in a script to see if we can get the D up with some high doses. I've done this in the past. It works usually for a little while at least.

The iron is another story.  It seems like each year it has been getting worse.  I take this wonderful chew from bariatric but I guess it has been useless.   Next week for the first time I am seeing  a hematologist here at my hospital.    It appears I may need to start iron infusions.  Not sure for how long/how often but will learn more at the appointment. I have to be honest here. I'm a little bummed out by this news.  However, I know I just need to keep pushing forward towards my goal optimal health and I suppose this will also be part of that process.







Had a physical today with my primary. I could not wait to see him and tell him all that had happened to me in the last 15 weeks. I have lost almost 50 lbs. Passed him the health pro brochure too so he could hopefully add TSFL to his practice and help other patients.  He was thrilled to hear about the program and see the results.  My BP was borderline high the last three years
                      . Now - totally normal!!!

Awaiting for my lab work to come back and will report that as soon as I have the results too.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Friday!

Earth Treks - Indoor Climbing Results

Oh boy was it a challenge tonight.  Pulling up 193 or so pounds when you only have a few hundred calories in you so far for the day may not be the best idea just yet.  I got halfway up one wall and felt like I was going hypoglycemic.  Broke out into a cold sweat and felt like I was extremely close to passing out.  My vision started to get a little wacky. Came down and had an MF pudding.  It helped but it wasn't enough.  The problem was I had eaten at 3pm some puffs. At 8pm I had the pudding. Really, really bad idea.  I lost track of time.  I then made another attempt at a climb still feeling not so hot.  I got up about a quarter of the way and really started feeling awful again. Worse than the first time.  I came down and after still not recovering an hour later I had to throw the towel in for the night.  Got home by 10:30p and made my full L&G.  Veggie Omelet with 2 eggs and 2 oz of chicken.  Starting to feel a little better now but totally drained.  Next time I try this I will be sure to eat my L&G first so I am well fueled.  I think I'm going to need to give it a few more weeks, drop some more weight, and then give it another try when I am a bit stronger.

On the plus side... I WENT INDOOR CLIMBING!!  I tried it and that feels so wonderful.  15 weeks ago and there is no way I would have been able to do it at all nor did I have the confidence to give it a try.  I'm glad for trying =)   It was lots of fun despite almost passing out.

At lunch today I also did a walk/jog from my hospital down to the subway with a coworker.  We went into the subway and ran up and down stairs as well as did some laps underground. I burned 300 calories. Only went for 30 minutes but got my heart rate up very high. It was great being underground since it was so windy out.  I think next time I climb I will also not do a workout on the same day at lunch.  That was bit too much.

Have a long day at work tomorrow. Time to zzzzz.

Sweet dreams!

Sorry......and Thank you!!! Embrace Life!

I have to apologize.  Typically I am able to respond to every single comment on my blog and pages personally but the last few days has been a little crazy.
I also try to write lots of messages and visit as many other blogs and pages I can too. It is always such a huge help for me and I love being able to exchange ideas with everyone.  For the new MFers - I highly encourage you to be active in this community as much as possible. It is so worth it! We learn so much from one another. If it were not for all the wonderful, caring, wise, MFers here I would have never been able to get this far. I appreciate you all so very much and thank you for your encouragement and support. It really does get me through each and every day.  I am filled with gratitude. Thanks to MF for giving us this wonderful medium to support one another.

Great news.. I am even lower than my ticker weight right now. The lbs are melting off lately.  I am not going to update though until Friday. My next goal is to be lower than my other half, Ely.  He is about 10lbs lighter than me this morning. MANTABOLISM... I loathe it. I have such mantabolism envy.  He lost weight just by association and without even trying. No worries.. I will catch him soon =)

Today after work I get to try indoor climbing at Earth Treks with two friends. I'll try to leave my klutz hat and home.  Hopefully I won't break anything.  Just kidding!  Really though.. if it were not for MF and where I am right now I would never have had the confidence to even try climbing.  I feel like now I am really embracing life!  What a wonderful feeling.

Happy Hump Day!  Have a great day OP!  

A tale about the black & white polka dot dress...

Several years ago when I got down to my lowest weight after my gastric bypass I bought the cutest black and white polka dot dress from the juniors section.  I never did get to wear it or reach my goal.  My weight loss surgery ended up being just like every other yo-yo diet for me and over the next several years I regained weight even after rearranging my insides. Eventually I ended up here at MF with having gained 75% of  that weight back that I lost because I never made all the cognitive changes  that I should have made  nor did I have Dr. A's roadmap - Habits of Health.  Oh.. how I had wish I found MF/TSFL prior to my RNY.  I guess all things happen for a reason.  Maybe I just wasn't ready back then.

The dress got pushed to the deepest darkest corner of my closet like a bad memory and reminder of feeling like a failure. Little did I know I wasn't a failure but I just had not learned the skills I needed to learn back then to keep the weight off and reach my goals of getting healthy.   I took the dress  out last month and had tried it on from time to time but was always so lumpy in it.  Today - NOT LUMPY!  I'm wearing it at work and I have had one compliment after another. Not even a cardigan over it to hide my body.  Just a form fitting dress that shows off my small waist and wonderful curves. It fits beautifully as does my new lifestyle.  =)

Have a wonderful day OP! It's worth it! You are worth it! Never trade what you want in the moment for what you want most.



P.S.  Biggest Loser @ Work weigh in today.  I rocked it this week at 3.8lbs down.  YAY!  I was in the top 5 last week as well.  This week I was #1.




Wisdom from the Baltimore Regional Conference

I am still digesting all that I have learned the past few days and wanted to share a few insights.

Each day has been a new learning experience about myself and the world around me. The conference I went to at the end of last week just helped me to really organize what I had already learned and gave me some wonderful tools and ideas to move forward.  If you have a chance to get to a TSFL conference in your area I highly suggest going.  It is truly inspirational and it really just confirms what we are all trying to do here.  

Isn't it wonderful how our journey touches so many others? Who else have you inspired?   If you are just starting then guess what... YOU WILL INSPIRE OTHERS. It is a side effect of the program.  I love that I now have a more formal opportunity to move others on the path towards optimal health and help them reach there goals while I continue to work towards mine.  I am SO glad didn't wait another single day.  I am starting right now because we have a huge challenge ahead of us. Take a look at the trends for obesity in our country starting in 1985.  It is eye opening....... Play the animated map on this page:

So maybe this journey starts by helping ourselves and for some, including me, along the way it also means we decide to help others and be part of a movement to change the trends in our nation.

A little jist of what I learned from listening to Dr A, Lori, and the entire team:

Thomas Edison wisely once said, "The doctor of the future will use no medicine."  

There are so many of us that have been able to get off some and even all our medications by simply losing weight and adopting healthy lifestyle habits. If you were not on medications there was a good chance you were headed in that direction.  I have encountered one person after another who has come off meds because of this program.  Even diabetics who no longer require insulin.  That is amazing to me!

What a wonderful gift this program has given to us.  Can you imagine a future like this?  Being in the healthcare field for so many years it does seem our focus has been on "catching the bodies as they fall."   What if we could create a future where instead of giving someone a pill to mask disease we could give them a road map towards optimal health instead? What if we could help people to create real health?  This is a future that I want to be part of making happen. 

Enjoy your Sunday... 
Enjoy your journey...  
Enjoy your new life!


Party Night Out on The Town? How I did it 100% OP

See the new pics I uploaded.  From a phone cam and they are a little blurry. Note my eyes are white..  Ely's are red.

Ely's brother, Guy, had a wonderful birthday party last night and I made it proudly 100% OP.  Our little mafia did Sabintino's in Little Italy for dinner and I brought my own herbal tea and bar. Then I had a few bites of a plain salad. I ate around the salad dressing clump.  It was actually Ely's salad from a four course meal he had. I also ordered a plate of sauted spinach for the main course with garlic and light on the EVO, Ate about half of it but it was very satisfying while everyone else had there mounds of pasta. Earlier I had the other part of my L&G at the Take Shape conference.

Then we went dancing at Club Mist. Typical Baltimore club. Guy and his wife know a promoter so we got a VIP table for like 1/3 of the cost and that came with bottles of liquor, champagne, and a bunch of other stuff.  I had water all night long.. Lots of it.  Made plenty of bathroom trips.  Danced and laughed and just had a blast while everyone else was drunk. Many, many times I was asked if I wanted a drink and PROUDLY declined... yes I said proudly because I am so proud to be 100% on plan and feeling wonderful. I  danced full of energy. I outlasted them all.  I would have loved to dance even more but those drunk old farts couldn't keep up.

Late night/early morning, around 3am, the mafia went to the Double T Dinner which normally would be the kiss of death for me but while they ordered greasy food I got a small plate of plain egg beaters and put a little hot sauce on it.  Also had 1 Lemon MF bar and dipped that in some herbal team. I figured we would sleep late so I counted this as breakfast for today.

At one point last night Ely's other brother's wife and I were sitting in our VIP lounge at the club and she asked me, how can you dance sober? She then made the statement, " I can't dance until I have more drinks in me."  I told her,  "YES.. you can dance sober. You choose not to and that is ok for you. However, it isn't a choice for me.  I  added, I can dance sober because I love how I feel right now and have total confidence."  

All night long I had compliments on how beautiful and healthy I looked. It only motivated me more.. to dance and burn calories, to not drink, to make healthy choices.  This isn't just because I am on 5/1 now.  This is because it is the lifestyle I have chosen and I am thrilled with the decision,  I am thrilled to have both a healthy body and a healthy mind.  I am thrilled to be on the path towards my optimal health and there is no stopping me! I truly embrace and love my lifestyle now. 

I am now going to go run a 5k on my treadmill this morning while most everyone else is probably still sleeping =)


Good Updates

The Baltimore TSFL Regional conference has been amazing. I have met so many wonderful and inspirational people including Dr. A himself. Really looking forward to coach training tomorrow and have already been working with a few clients.  I have just loved paying it forward and sharing everything I have learned so far in my journey.  

In other great news......
My tanita scale has showed a significant drop in my body fat % the last few days and it shows! I think the rally including the exercise both planned and spontaneous has been making a big difference.  I continue to feel like an energizer bunny too!

Another great NSV,,,,,,
I bought a pair of size 12 gap pants thinking I'd just hang them up as motivation.  I figured I'd try them on to see where I was at and how far I had to go to get into them. Instead of using a measuring tape this is how I gage my body is changing.
I pulled them up no problem 
and then........
THEY CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!! 
I didn't even have to lay on the bed flat to get them on.  Don't laugh.. you know you do that too! =P
It was amazing.  They were comfy and not tight at all. 
When I got them on I screamed so loud from pure joy and astonishment that I woke Ely up and the dogs started barking. Haha!  I think it was about 6am or so.  All day long I kept thinking to myself as I walked around the office... I am wearing a size 12... I am wearing a size 12.. I AM WEARING A SIZE 12!!!  You couldn't slap the grin off my face. 

Ohh what a wonderful, wonderful week this has been! As always, thank you friends for all your support and encouragement!  Anyone who is struggling today BELIEVE.. stay on plan, stick to the basics.. it works!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Busy Day & Baltimore Conference for Healthcare Providers with Dr. A tonight!

Today is going to be a busy today.  Still dealing with TOM and lousy sleep even with doing 800mg advil every 6 hours.  I will need to stay EXTRA focused on my plan.  Got my rally cap with me .. literally.  It's just an old NY Mets hat turned inside out.  I figured I needed something tangible and new to keep me focused all day. Will toss it on my desk.  

Skipping AM workout this morning.  At work I have plans with a coworker to walk from my hospital at lunch down to our inner harbor.  We are going to try to get at least a 3 mile walk in if the weather is good. If not, then will walk the stairs and floors inside for 45 minutes.

In the evening my coach and I are going to walk from our hospital over to the Inner Harbor Baltimore Marriott @ Camden Yards for night 1 of the TSFL conference. That is also a decent walk down to the inner harbor and then up a couple blocks. Will report back on how it goes tomorrow. 

Have a great Thursday OP...  Week is FLYING by so fast =)

Positive Day All Around......

There is this wonderful thread on the boards called Daily Positives.....
Each day we list 5 simple positives. It doesn't have to be MF related. It really helps me on the hard days but it's wonderful on the good days too. It also lifts my spirits to read about other peoples positives. You can't walk away not feeling positive after you visit!  Today was such a positive day that I am going to duplicate what I posted in that thread. I also encourage you to consider participating in the positive thread daily if you are not doing it already!

1. TOM today but it isn't as bad as it has been in the past.  I think MF is helping to balance out my hormones  and moods or maybe I just got lucky.  Was able to easily stay OP.  No crazy cravings or additional hunger. I didn't feel all bloated and like a blimp. Mild cramping but nothing like in the past where I all I want to do is crawl up into fetal position and cry like a big baby.

2. I passed my TSFL coaching basic competency exam last night!!  Ok.. so it's open book but I didn't need to look up a thing. I read all the pdf documents and I already knew 95% of the material.  I feel like such an MF geek today.. lol

3. My coaching kit arrived today and it has lots of goodies in it. I was almost as excited to get it if not just as excited as when I got my 1st box of food and started the program. As I was unpacking the materials my phone rang.  It was a coworker of mine looking for a coach and wanting to start TSFL MF!!!  She had asked me about the program a couple weeks ago after she saw how much I had lost and before I even thought about becoming a health coach. I sent her assorted info via email as I do most folks that ask.  I didn't think much more about it after that.   It's like the planets just lined up tonight and it was meant to be!  I helped her place her first  order on my new website.  I am so thrilled to help her reach her goals and can't wait to start working with her.

4. Even though I had an awful workout this morning because of shin pain I was still able to get in good spontaneous exercise around the hospital. Went out of my way to work around our campus to visit some of my end users just to say hi and check up on them.

5. I talked to a dear girlfriend that is an avid runner and she gave me some tips on recovering from the shin pain. She also has struggled with her relationship with food but has had very healthy habits in place for years to manage it. She is a true inspiration and a very active person in general. I've always admired her.  Regardless of where I've been at on my journey she has always been so encouraging and supportive. I remembered she also had a membership to an indoor rock climbing gym called Earth Treks.  I reached out to her and we made plans to hang out next week after work on Wednesday.. no not for dinner but to go INDOOR ROCK CLIMBING!!!  Me... having the confidence to go indoor rock climbing now!!! YAY! I can't wait. So excited to give it a try and learn a new activity.

Today has been the perfect positve MF day all around.  I feel so blessed that I'm on cloud 9 right now.  For me to be on cloud 9 during TOM can be nothing less than a miracle.
One more thing to add that I didn't put in the thread.. tomorrow is my 4th year anniversary with Ely since our first date!  His anniversary present got here today and he loved it!!! I think I loved giving it to him even more.  I bought him a an official Manchester United Futbol (soccer) jersey.  He is a huge fan. Half the time I am writing to all of you or in chat he is watching a soccer game.   As an extra thank you for all of his support while I have been on MF I also got us matching Manchester United Nike Fan T-shirts customized with his last name on the back of them. I figured next year I'd have that last name anyway too so why not. Bought mine in a size medium and it fit!! Ok.. a little tight but it will fit great soon enough.

Yep, yep...   a truly perfect day!

Hope you also had a wonderful day and an even better one tomorrow!
Stay positive! 


Mixed Blessing

Got the Dot aka Period aka TOM this morning...  How come we have so many names for it?  Actually I never heard of TOM until I came to this community. Mostly I usually just curse it. I've been so irregular my whole life there is no way to predict when it happens and when it does it is usually pretty bad.  So bad at times that I can't even function other than curling up in the fetal postion crying my eyes out like a big baby.  Today I embrace it.  Maybe it means my body is getting healthy? Well I know it is getting healthy but maybe my hormones are starting to balance out. Wouldn't that be a nice side effect of MF? No wonder I was so totally wiped yesterday. The combo of more intense workouts and TOM!  Now it all makes sense.  The cramps are tolerable so far.  I got pamprin and advil on standby.. lol

Today was biggest loser weigh in day.  Last week on that damn work scale I showed a gain and had to pay $2 penalty.   I think.... despite my period I might register down a pound this time. Not sure b/c the assigned weigher today is a fill in. The other one went on vacation and she has all our numbers.  However, by my calculations it is something like a pound or pound and a half loss.   Better down than up at least.  The good news is after this is over I should have a really great drop by our next weigh in.

Sooooooo to celebrate TOM guess what I had for my mid morning snack.....  MF Brownie!! <3  Plus some PB2.   Guess what I am going to have for lunch too???  LOL.   I <3 you MEDIFAST. Thank you for giving me chocolate during TOM and allowing me to still be 100% OP!

Workout this morning was pretty lame.  I listened to my body and it said "Whoooooaaaah Nelly.. you are not going to use your legs today woman!!!!"  I have shin pain from running which if I push it much more is going to end up in shin splints.   So after I tried spinning for 10 minutes and rocking out to some music with my eyes starting to water from the soreness I decided to get off and go take a hot bath and stretch instead. 

So that's my full report for now!  Happy start to a new month! Have a wonderful Tuesday OP!









Do you want to be happy?

I wrote so much in my last blog that I figured I'd keep this one simple. Besides this picture really needs no explanation........


Almost 2 Pounds Down Over Night & Exploring Why..

I'm a geek. I admit it.  I look at this journey almost as a scientific experiment sometimes. I love to see what does and doesn't impact my weight loss and learn more about my individual body to find that sweet spot. My success on this journey from day one has been all about balance and the mind/body connection along with staying 100% OP.

I focus hard on making the changes in my head by using all the skills that I learned from others on these boards and via the Beck Workbook.
I think that has been the real key to my success. 

I tightened up my program even further all of last week. See my Rally Cap On thread for specifics if you want to join me and need a boost.  Despite these efforts things were still moving pretty slow and I still felt like I was in the same stall I was in the last three weeks. Yes..  is perfectly normal to stall. Yes.. I can't control the scale or let it control me!

However, something happened...

Overnight I lost almost 2 freakin pounds!!!!!!!!!!

I have not lost that much weight in one night since the 1st week on MF. This could be a fluke water fluctuation thing but I suspect it is not because this morning I woke up with the most stinky dragon like ketosis breath I have had since week one.

So what might  have caused my huge drop overnight?? I suspect a combo of things.

1.The rally cap on week 
2.Accidental changes yesterday.

I had been cycling my calories mostly between 850 - 950 - staying in optimal 80-85 carb range, upping my water intake in huge amts 100-150oz, working out and keeping my heart rate in a lower fat burn zone, and I stayed free of sugar free products outside of an infuser or two. Still no great loss but that was ok. I tightened up my plan like crazy. Saw the scale move a tiny little bit more Friday and Sat am. Totally worth it despite the small loss.

Accidental Changes Yesterday
Yesterday my new treadmill was finally delivered. YAY!  I've been talking about this thing since the day I ordered it as a gift for myself for making Onderland.  It has so many cool features on it that it will make your head spin.  I saved up my workout I'd normally do in the morning all day until it got delivered. By the time Ely got home from work and was able to put it together for me it was 10pm at night. 2 hours after I finished my last MF meal. I got on it anyway and went nuts.  I did this awesome trail I made on the ifit site. It was if I was in Tel Aviv, Israel and ran from there down to the beach in beautiful Jaffa, Israel.

Awesome motivation.  Today I have it programmed to take me on a run through Central Park in NY!

Anyway, I have to admit I really over-exercised and over did it. This wasn't just my normal spinning session.  I did almost an hour of running doing a combo of very fast walks, jogging, and even sprinting at all sorts of declines and inclines.  I did pause and get in a couple breaks to let my heart come down after it got into the crazy 160's.  I was beating myself up just a little for overexercising especially since I was hungry after and still planning to stay awake to watch a late show with Ely. I gave in to the hunger and added the extra protein by having a cup of cottage cheese, 1 tb of PB2, and yep.. a little bit of SF davinci syrup WHICH I swore off all the other days last week.

Another thing I did accidentally was lower my water intake.  I only had about 70 oz of water as opposed to the almost 150oz I had been reaching daily during rally week.  It's very possible with being a gastric bypass patient (almost 7 years ago now) that drinking all that additional water may have hurt me more than helped. As an RNY patient we do have some special needs to a non- RNY person.   With a smaller stomach created and bypass of most of our intestines we have to be VERY careful not to eat and drink at the same time or drink to close  before and after a meal time.   There is a good chance that my 850-950 calories may have be registering as lower in my body with that much water intake. It might not be so good for me as I could have been flushing the nutrition and calories out of me a little bit.  Just another theory of course.

So now I am trying to figure out if this is just a total fluke or if running last night for over three miles for an hour, upping my calories to 1055 with that extra protein meal before bed, and lower water intake really caused me to drop two pounds overnight.  Even at that many calories my other numbers were all OP. Just not in optimal carb range.  I think carbs were mid-90. 
Maybe this is what my body needs?  

Yesterday I was 197.8. I woke up this morning, got on the scale.. and there it was .....196. A 1.8 loss and I have not even dropped my morning chalupa* yet..

*"dropping a chalupa" is a most scientific term that comes from our local funny girl Shrinkinglawchick.   

You know how the saying goes... don't fix what ain't broke.  Today I am going to repeat my accidents of yesterday:

1. lower my water intake just slightly and make sure it is no where near meal times
2. do the same kind of crazy cardio only workout - 3 mile walk/sprint/jog/run
and keep my calories at
3. Keep my calories at the 1k mark letting my protein grams be 15-20 grams higher than my carbs
4. having that 1/2 cup cottage cheese +1 TB of PB2 + 1TB of SF syrup before bed as my last snack

Will let ya know my results on the scale again tomorrow.

Sorry for making you read such a long blog today.. lol.  Had to get all that thinking out of my head, organized, and down in my blog.  

DISCLAIMER:  I want to make it clear that just because I am micro managing like a crazy OCD woman YOU don't need to do all this as well and over think things like me.  If you just relax, follow your 5/1 plan  as written, stay 100% OP, stick with the 45 minute exercise limitation =
                             MEDIFAST works. PERIOD!
You will see results. No question about it. Personally,  I just happen to really enjoy trying to figure out what works for my mysterious body to give me the illusion that I might have more control over the scale.

Have a great Sunday OP!  Rally caps on gang!!!  Get your water in today, get all your meals in today, and if possible, move your body. Try to get that heart rate up.  


PSA: MF approved quarter pounder (read it.. i promise it is safe)

I had this today:

and it was OMG so filling. It's almost too much but if you have that desire to bite in a big hunk o burger this will satisfy instead of your usual 2 wussy meatless patties. Of course no bun can be used but I did top with a slice of grilled onion, 1 Light LC queso wedge, 1 slice of grilled tomato, 1 chopped and grilled white mushroom, 1 tbsp of salsa, and then wrapped it in a crunchy romaine lettuce leaf. 

250 c and 10 carbs = Maybe the perfect man made lean ever designed? You try it and decide!

Had another salad earlier with some EVO to make up the rest of my green.
So in case you are curious on how/if this would fit in with your 5 other MF foods my totals for today are:

Calories: 911   Fat: 27  Protein: 87  Carbs: 86


Really On The Other Side of Onderland? New Dresses

I think I am truly on the other side of onderland now.


  Updated my ticker and I did show a consistent loss over the last couple days.  Maybe the rally cap is actually working!! YAY  I'll feel confident about that by Sunday if I'm the same or still going down.   Still need to keep reminding myself that muscle weighs more than fat and that chances are with the increase in exercise I am building some muscle now.

I had a weird start to my morning.  Just really moody.  Took it out on Ely and he just took it.. lol  He was half asleep and late for work. I was ordering him around - How come you didn't put the dishes in the dish washer last night? How come you didn't put the garbage bag back in the garbage after you took it out.  Can you please let the dogs in before you leave for work? Then I stormed out of the house.  He called me back, didn't say a word, and just kissed me goodbye.  LOL   Now that's a good man.  I know I am really lucky to have him.  He takes my tantrums so well and easily ignores me.

I am wearing my cute new dress in size L from Macys Inc - International Concepts today that I bought with Ely last weekend.  It's short sleeve so I had to put a tight/thin fitted beige sweater under it to keep warm.  Wearing some tall chocolate brown stretch boots and a pair of nude control top stockings. I'd take a picture but hard to get a full shot on my own so just copying from the Macys website for now. I'll try to get a real one later.

I looked at myself in the mirror ths morning and was happy with what I saw from all angles.  I seem to have lost a decent amt of inches the past couple weeks thus the theory again that I am probably building muscle and that is why the scale is slow moving. This is a picture of the dress from the website.  Love how it shows off my waist and curves.  Very flattering cut and design.   The design is all embroidered and has little rhinestones in it.

INC International Concepts Dress, Short Sleeve Scoopneck Border Print

I also got this dress in an L as well. It is slightly more fitted.  I could get away if I did some shapewear but I've blogged before how I despise shapewear and think it is cruel and unusual punishment for us women! I think a few more lbs and it will be perfect. It is only going to keep getting better too. I love it even more than the blue one. It's a bit warmer/thicker fabric. Also embroidered with some metalic thread running through it. The picture doesn't do it justice. Looks so good with a pair of black tights and black leather boots. Plus both will carry me into the spring/summer. I can wear with pumps or sandels too.


INC International Concepts Dress, Three Quarter Sleeve Scoopneck Embroidered

Happy Friday! Hope you have your best Friday yet on MF!






Off Schedule = PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!

Due to the snow/ice storm in Baltimore we lost power from 7:30am until 4:00am. It was so cold. So cold that I had a hard time sleeping. Then when I finally did fall asleep the ADT and smoke alarms started ringing "low battery" beep beep beep.  ARGH.  

So here is how my day is going and how I MUST plan it out in writing and commit to it because I know I have to work from home at least part of the day. Plus lack of sleep makes me a little insane. If I don't have structure then I get really anxious and I don't want to fall off my streak!  Once I make a plan I know I'm left with no other choices but to follow it.

4:30 - MF smores crunch bar
7:30 - MF 55 vanilla shake 
9:30 - 1 cup cottage cheese + 1TB of PB2 (1/2 snack + 3/4 of lean)
Noon - MF Chili + red pepper flakes (1 condiment)
3:00 - MF Chicken Noodle Soup
6:00 - 1 egg (rest of lean) 
         2 cup of spinach (green)
         1 oz parm cheese (fat)
         1/2 cup of cauli - (green) turning these somehow into home fries   
         1tsp  EVO (fat) to cook the cauli 
8:00 pm - Brownie

Numbers work out as follows and put me in optimal carb range again:
Calories 952.9
Calories from Fat 214.2
Total Fat 23.8  g
Saturated Fat 12.1  g
Cholesterol 258  mg
Sodium 2838  mg
Total Carbohydrate 85  g

Dietary Fiber23.7  g
Sugars27.9  g
Protein110.9  g
Vitamin A14902  IU
Vitamin C130  mg
Calcium1998  mg
Iron28  mg

No exercise planned today due to lack of sleep. I'm making this my day off to give my body a break. Will resume tomorrow.

The scale still really isn't moving yet.  Nothing drastic enough to tell at least. I was actually at 199.4 today.  I've been bouncing between the same damn 198-200 for three weeks now.  This morning I am finding myself a VERY frustrated.  I am not  my usual rah rah positive self but I am really trying here.  It doesn't help that I had a crappy night of sleep and woke up exhausted plus physically hungry. I just feel like I am working so hard at this right now and I want that instant gratification to see the number on the scale change.  Regardless if I am retaining fluid or building muscle.  I just wish I REALLY knew the root cause but of course I don't and won't.  I have to say this over and over......


All I can do is commit to making this my best MF week yet, stay on plan, get lots of water in, get my exercise in, continue to give up the SF stuff to see if that helps, etc.

Going to fill my water bottle right now and make a cup of herbal tea.  Hope everyone has a great day.  Will check in later.


Rocked the #'s today!

Got to the sweet spot on 5/1 and right into the optimal carb zone!  Had a delish L&G with zuc ribbons, spinach, garlic, parm cheese, and a little EVO. Topped it off with chicken breast. YUMBERS!

Calories 926.4
Calories from Fat 208.7
Total Fat 23.2  g
Saturated Fat 9.5  g
Cholesterol 133  mg
Sodium 1628  mg
Total Carbohydrate 81.9  g

Dietary Fiber28  g
Sugars35.2  g
Protein112  g
Vitamin A19192  IU
Vitamin C102  mg
Calcium1773  mg
Iron27  mg

Got my exercise in and did stairs at work.  Now just need to keep working on getting that water in tonight. I am a little low still for the day.   About to have another perfect MF day.  Last meal tonight will just be a nice old go to naked MF Brownie. No fancy schmancin it up!

Snowing like crazy here in Bmore. Stay warm.

I burned a Krispy Kreme chocolate iced cream filled donut

Had a great workout and I burned the same amt of calories in a  

                         Krispy Kreme chocolate iced cream filled donut!

350 calorie spinning session.  Today was my long cardio day.  I did 50 minutes of spinning and mixed in a couple short intervals on the elliptical to switch it up.  Another 10 minutes of cool down yoga with the dogs.  We all did our downward facing dog together. =P

I'm not going to get too excited yet but I think the scale might be starting to move a little again already.  Keeping it going with making this my best MF week yet. 

Toasting you all this morning on your continued success with my MF 55 Orange Cream shake =)  Have a wonderful hump day.

Blog Queen Today!

Ok one more blog for today.  Just wanted to let everyone know I started a thread for the rally here:

I figured that was easier than trying to track everyone one by one and via my blog. So if you commented that you wanted to join with me before or are just finding this now please, please, please come join us!!!

I am a woman with a mission to make this the best MF week yet!

Food Log Report - 

I went on the higher side today with my numbers and split my L&G into two different meals.  Yesterday I cycled on the low side for carbs only but was at 932 calories.

DISCLAIMER: Calorie and/or Carb Cycling is crazy micro management and not for everyone.  Really as long as you are in the normal MF range you should be fine.  I'm also testing to see if this helps with my weight loss this week but didn't make it part of the rally/pledge.

MF Meals:
Coffee Soft Serve
Smores Crunch Bar
Nacho Puffs

LEAN (breakfast after workout):
2 MSF Sausage Patties
1 Scrambled Egg
2 Light Queso Laughing Cow Cheese
I take each patty, stack 1 LC on it, then stack half the egg

Green (dinner):
1 cup frozen spinach
1 zuc - use veggie peeler to turn it into wide noodle
2 chopped garlic cloves
1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil
1 oz of parmigiano reggiano 
a little water
Basically just stir fry it all together and make a pseudo pasta meal. YUM!

This is how it looks after I log it all via the TSFL site......

      On Plan     
Medifast 5/5 
Calories 1039.8
Calories from Fat 306
Total Fat 34  g
Saturated Fat 13.3  g
Cholesterol 255  mg
Sodium 2817  mg
Total Carbohydrate 96.7  g

Dietary Fiber27.5  g
Sugars30.6  g
Protein94.5  g
Vitamin A10513  IU
Vitamin C94  mg
Calcium1813  mg
Iron24  mg

Have a great night!!

Uh oh....

See prior blog first.

+1 at my work biggest loser weigh in. I JUST KNEW IT!  I had to pay the $2 penalty. Oww.. my MF ego hurts.   I wonder if that dream food caused me to gain.  =P

Man as soon as hit onderland the scale gods are starting to make me start to wonder if they need a swift kick in the ***.



Insane Ice Cream and M&M Dream + Pickles

Oh my.  I had the most insane dream and I just remembered it now.  I don't usually make coffee soft serve as my first meal today but I did without thinking about it. As I was sitting here reading a few blogs it all came back.

In the dream I am with Ely and several of his family members. Somehow I buy a bag of M&M's without remembering I am on MF.  Then I proceed to put a fist full in my mouth.  All of the sudden as that ooey gooeyness of the chocolate is in my mouth I remember OH CRAP.. I am on MF .. This is off plan.  I spit it out all over the place before I swallow.   Not sure if at that point I was in an ice cream shop or walking to the ice cream shop but next thing I know there is this giant ice cream cone of bubble gum ice cream with the little gum chips in it in my hand.  That would totally be me too. I always ordered those wacked out kids flavors - cotton candy, bubble gum, etc.  So just as I am about to take a bite I wake up.  I did remember waking up last night too. I was in a total cold sweat from dreaming and came down and got a drink of some water.

Now I have not had a food dream since starting the program.  The one thing I did do differently yesterday is abstain from all SF products.  See blog from yesterday about more on that.  I also found myself hungry in the afternoon so I had pickle spears.  After that my tummy was upset the whole rest of the night.  First time I've done pickle spears too.  Hmmm... pickles... dreams of ice cream... M&M bindge  -  so what's up??

1. insane in the brain from sugar free product withdrawl
2. pms
3. ovulating and my body is wanting to be pregnant

How funny is it that I automatically reached for the soft serve this morning and then remembered the dream after!!??? Even more funny is that I was able to stay ON PLAN in my dream. Now that is what I call changing some serious thinking!!!  Wonder what Beck would say about this one.. lol

In other news.. today is biggest loser weigh in at work but the scale still has not moved since last week.  I do think it could be PMS at this point. My fingers are all swollen this morning and the tummy is still upset.  Bummer - that means I will need to pay $2 bucks.  More of kick to my ego than anything but I'm sure I'll have another week where I will make up for it.
Also, today is the day I get to wear my new clothes I bought when I went shopping with Ely!!!!!! WHOO HOOO!!  Ohhh dear.. which cute outfit to wear??  I have five choices!!!  I am so excited to get dressed, show off the new hair, the new body, and the smile that just won't leave my face.

Last but not least I'd like to give a big shout out to my girl Rhonda aka
Emerald69  Go read her blog this morning. It is one of the best NSV's I've read to date.

Have a Terrific Tuesday. Let's make this the best Tuesday OP yet!
We can do it together!! |Got my "tighten up the program" rally cap on!

Tighten Up That Program & Make This the Best Week Yet

I am reposting my comment to my dear MF buddy mrshall617 blog

Yep.. time to tighten up that program. You have to track the whole time. Say it with me - NO CHOICE! NO CHOICE! NO CHOICE! Even if you think you are on plan it gives you the satisfaction to confirm that and let you know where you are at with the carbs so you can make adjustments if necessary. We know from MF veterans that this is a successful skill that can't be compromised. Try to track your water intake too. If you are not going to the bathroom once every 1-2 hours and peeing clear then you are not drinking enough water. I'm with you on this one.  I slacked off yesterday on my water intake. Today I read your blog and thought to myself I need to do the same with the water. As far as diet/sugar free stuff goes - I'm going to abstain the whole week. Chuck it up to a scientific experiment. I want to see if it helps jump start the weight loss again. Plus I need to get back in the planned exercise too. I missed the last 2 days. Lets decide this week to make it our best MFin MF week to date! I'll do it with you =)

AND.. I would like to add if anyone else once to take that rally cap and put it on please also feel free to join me this week by making it the best week yet.  

This is the pledge:
1. I will log and track all my foods
2. I will stay OP 100% because there is no choice
3. I will have planned exercise this week 3-5 times
4. I will get in spontaneous exercise (take the stairs, get off the couch and organize the house, park further away)
5. I will drink enough water so that I am in the bathroom peeing clear at least once every 1-2 hours. If I am not eating I should be drinking water.
6. I will abstain from the sugar free syrups, soda, splenda etc. to see if this may be a contributing factor to slowing down my weight loss.  Article here:

If you want to take the pledge then leave a comment on this blog and I promise to check in with you daily this week to see how you are doing. In return I hope that you will also do the same so we can support one another on make this the best MF week yet! We can do it!


Mall Marathon, Feeling Pretty, Tears of Joy!

Ely deserves a medal.  He and I did some serious marathon shopping today. Over five hours between two malls.  He cleaned up at Aeropostale and I cleaned up over in the Macy's INC International Concepts section.  

Ely planted himself in a chair outside the dressing room for my personal fashion show.  To think just a few months ago I wouldn't have even had the courage to walk out of the dressing room.  Heck.. I wouldn't have even been at the mall enjoying shopping. I'd be buying my stuff online from Jessica London or Avenue and hiding in my bedroom. 

Today it almost all fit.  I ended up with a handful of mediums and larges. No X in any of those! Not even an XL.   Ely was so encouraging and sweet.  You know what...  I felt pretty.  I danced around that fitting room with tears of joy when I was finished! Then I started to sing (in my head of course) West Side Story....."I feel pretty.. oh so pretty.." Then I just laughed. You could not wipe that smile off my face the rest of the day. It was a really good moment. An NSV I will never forget during this journey.

Thanks everyone for the compliments on my new do and the onderland pictures I took before my shopping trip. I'll try to upload some more in the new outfits at some point.  Thank you MEDIFAST! Oh how I love thee even on the weeks the scale doesn't move.

Minimize Me & Wally World Late Night Adventures

After reading a few blogs I decided I'd try out a shapewear tank.  I have it on now. Just random one I picked up at walmart called "workout" or something.  Ely and I decided to go shopping late night because we were bored, the dogs needed some treats, and it was the only thing open.
I couldn't help but think that instead of buying this I should just be focusing on working out instead.  I went for it anyway.

I'm going to say right now... not a fan of this shapewear or any for that matter.  Give me a good pair of control top stockings and I'm good to go. Maybe its because this tank is a cheap brand but it is not comfy at all. I am sitting hear eating my MF Smores Bar wondering if that is even going to go in my belly with this thing on. 

Why do we women torture ourselves with this stuff?   

Had my hair colored and cut yesterday. It came out pretty funky. Slightly darker brown base than my normal color and then some partial highlights called sangria. Kind of between and eggplant and dark burgundy. I was sitting in the salon with the color burning my scalp and thinking to myself again... why do we torture ourselves?  Three hours in that salon!  Ahhh the price for beauty. After the torture was over I still wasn't convinced if I really liked the new doo.  Good cut but still trying to get use to the color.  

You know late night in Walmart all sorts of people come out.  At least at the one by us.  As I was in the underwear section this woman was preaching to another woman about Jesus. I thought it quite a random time and place to be holding church but so be it.  She was preaching so hard that she nearly knocked me over as I walked by.  She apologized to me and gave me a hug. That was uncomfy.  Talk about random.  I was a little concerned I might be her next target so got out of there pretty quickly and headed for the socks section.

It gets better. I bump into a transvestite hooker down the socks/stocking section. She tells me she loves my hair color.  I was trying to decide if I should take this as a compliment or be a little scared. I said thank you and told her I just had it done today.  It was a kind and sincere compliment. She seemed like nice transvestite albeit a little odd looking in her short shorts, fishnet stockings, and fur crop jacket.

As we were walking out of Wally World at 11pm at night with our dog bones, my cheap I can't breath shapewear , random jar of pickles, and assorted smaller size bras,  Ely says.. "You know honey, the transvestite population are a bunch of beauty ho's. They know what they are talking about as they are usually obsessed with how they look."

We just laughed. He has a point.  Ahh Ely.. this is why I love this man.

So I start this new week, with a new set of nails, new hair, and shapewear I may never put on again after today.  I need to focus on getting my workouts in.  No workout yesterday and not sure yet about today.  I kind of don't want to mess up the new hair and get at least one more good day out of it.  My weight has been staying the same for the most part this week.  Not sure what's up with that.  100% OP.  Went slightly higher on the cal yesterday but carbs where perfect.  

Enjoy your Sunday!

Having Fun

Got up as soon as the alarm went off and popped
out of bed ready to get down to business. For
some reason it still took me a good 20 minutes to
warm my body up so I worked out for a full hour
this morning.  I just could not get that heart rate up
spinning.  I'm not sure if my Polar HR monitor has
interference, I'm just not working hard enough
(doubt that), or my cardio is just improving now.
In any case to break past a HR of 118 I need to
incorporate jumps and sprints.  I also get off the 
bike and do jumping jacks, jog in place, wave the 
hands in the air, or get on the elliptical.  It usually 
does the trick but today my hr would recover really
fast and it was hard to keep it up in the 120 - 145 zone.
 So be it.  I was getting frustrated and instead of letting
 that get to me I said out loud..  

Stacy.. you know what.. you got up early, you
are working out, JUST HAVE FREAKIN FUN.   

So I did.  Instead of worrying about my heart rate
I ignored the polar watch, turned up the music, sang,
and had fun.  I didn't worry about the numbers, how 
long I had left to go, or how much my body did or 
did not feel it.   The soundtrack to Jersey Boys came 
on and I just started to belt it out at the top of my lungs
(Tip: which by the way also gets your heart rate up if 
you sing when you workout and burns more calories).
I sang it louder and louder until the dogs started
barking and looking at me like I was insane. Then even
louder until any person on the street outside even
with the windows closed could hear me.

This blog is dedicated to my Jersey Boys and
Girls and anyone struggling today.  
Sometimes... when you workout... 
you just need to relax... and have fun .. 
just like life!

Who loves you pretty baby!!!

Recovery, Rest, Reflection, Roses

No workout for me this AM.  I was so sluggish yesterday and feeling low energy that I decided to take a break this morning and make it a day off.  Glad I did.  I feel much better today. More alert and more energy. I think after having that flu/cold for over a week last week just ran me down. I went full force back into the exercise routine as soon as I felt better and should have probably taken in a little more slowly. Regular workout again tomorrow. 

I've been higher on the cals and carbs the last couple days.  Did a couple veggie burgers with LC cheese for din last night and a side salad plus some zuc.  That ended up bumping me in the high 90's for carbs.  Still within MF OP range but higher than normal for sure.  Going to cycle back to the lower side today.

Scale is still hovering back and forth from onderland to 200.  That's ok with me.  I'm just still thrilled I'm down this low already.  It will be 12 weeks tomorrow  12 weeks and 40 - 41 lbs lighter.  That is just amazing to me. It's funny because I have moments where I get a little impatient and just keep looking to the future.. but then at other times I am in total awe and I need to stop and just breathe.  It's almost like I have not really taken enough time to digest  what I have already accomplished even though I write it I don't internalize it completely if that makes any sense.

Back when I first started I had the goal of 40 by 40.  Well my 40th bday isn't until March 24th!!! I exceeded that goal weeks ahead of time.  There is no way I could have done something like this without being 100% OP and totally immersed in my new MF world. Man I love this program. I love my new lifestyle. I am so thankful everything is falling into place.

I have a long road ahead of me still to get to goal.  Another 60 -75 lbs to get to my goal range of a healthy BMI.  Ideally I'd like to see how I feel on the lower end of it and be at 125 instead of 140.  Gives me better wiggle room during T&M time.  But forget goal right now..  Right now it's time to lift my head up, pause, and stop to smell the roses.  Make sure you do the same.  Savor the journey.


You can try spinning too!

If you read my blogs you know Spinning is my primary form of cardio these days.  At least until I get my new treadmill.  I love alternating between spinning an other actvites.   Whatever gets your heart rate moving even if it just means dancing around the house =)

I fell in love with spinning so much that a few years back I purchsed a spin bike and also started to train others. When I was 3 weeks into MEDIFAST I started back into an exercise routine slowly.  Spinning was my 1st go to form of cardio.  I highly encourage you to try a class regardless of your activity level.  You really can customize your experience and go at your own pace by adjusting the resistance. 

Here is a great video on the basics just in case you are curious:

Hope everyone had a wonderful hump day!









Pushed through it!

Ugh I just had the hardest workout.  I don't what was up with my digestive system last night and this morning but it made my workout 10 times harder. My stomach was upset most of last night. Had a really hard time getting my heart rate up. It usually takes me 5 or so minutes but today it took me about 15. 

 Kept looking at my Beck card.. 

I pushed through it.  Got  45 of cardio doing a combo of spinning, elliptical, shadow boxing, and some crazy kicks/arm movements. Kept the heart going. After the 45min I did both wall and floor pushups, crunches, and stretched to prove to myself I could even go beyond.. lol.

POLAR HR Monitor Stats: 50 minutes
                                          320 calories
                Heart Rate AVG 126
                          and MAX 158

Still a bit sick to the tummy and whatever was in my system yesterday left it very quickly right after the workout. I guess this is a good thing though. I wonder if my new mix of cayenne pepper and MF Brownie could have done it.  I also switched L&G to middle of the day. Possible on to empty of a tummy the not one but two spicy brownies was too harsh.  I had the same thing for dinner and evening snack. Won't do that again tonight.  Late evening my stomach burned so bad that I went down and ended up having an extra MF meal of puffs.  It was after midnight so just going to count it as a meal for today and spread out my other meals that are left as well as bring some green with me to work. I don't want to mess up my onderland from yesterday =)  Need to keep the ball rolling.

Finishing up my strawberry shake and then time to hit the shower.  Which by the way is my LEAST fav MF product.  If I mix it with half banana shake and half strawberry that seems to work better. Maybe I'll try  mixing strawberry and chocolate tomorrow too. 

Have a happy hump day!!

Meeting Goals/Rewards To Motivate

Every so often I make a milestone.. like onderland today.. I need to whip out the goals and do a little fine tunning.  So here we go again.....

MF 5/1 Start: 10/28/10   240 lbs
MF 5/1 End :  ________   140 - 125 lbs

Total Weight Lost @ Goal = 100 - 115 lbs 

Goal: 20 lbs Gone
Kerstian Florian Neuroli Oil  -  
***MET 11/28/10

Goal: Consistent workouts starting on  1/5/11
New workout outfit from Athleta (see prior blog for pics)
***MET and still meeting it! Have made exercise part of my daily
life now. Also finding ways to get in spontaneous exercise daily.

Goal: Onderland/ 41 lbs Gone
New Nordic Track C1250 Treadmill
***MET TODAY!!! 1/18/11  

Goal: More Than Halfway Point/ 50-65lbs Gone
Trip to visit Mom & Stepdad in Chicago 3/19 - 3/22 *prior to my 40th Bday on 3/24. Back in time to celebrate not being over the hill with
Ely and friends.

Goal: Celebrate Enjoying My New Lifestyle Changes and being OP 100% Warrior in May 2011 
1 week Malibu Beach House Rental For Family Reunion
It is so beautiful!! Check out the  pictures:

Goal:  @ Goal / Healthy BMI Range 100 - 115lbs Gone
Long Weekend in NYC
Wardrobe Makeover Shopping Trip
Take Photos at Fav Places
Yankees Tickets for Ely as a Thank You present for helping me get to goal and putting up with me during 5/1.

It's Snowing & I'm Walkin in A WINTER ONDERLAND!

Today I consider myself the luckiest girl on earth!!!


I got a smile as big as him......

Thanks gang for all your encouragement and support getting me over the hump!

Must Be Monday!!!

50 min workout and burned 325 calories spinning, ball squats, crunches, few push ups

Post Workout Shake:  MF 70 Orange Cream

For some reason my thermostat reads 55 degrees when it it is set to 68.  How is this possible? OMG.. it's freezing.  Hopefully our heat isn't broken.  Found this funny for ya this morning.. tee hee

Stay Positive!  Even if a dog pees on you =)

Have a wonderful Monday.. 

17 Weeks Until Malibu - Math...a problem?

I am thrilled with my progress so far.  I've learned so much.  I continue to grow inside while I shrink on the outside.  With that said, it's about 17 more weeks until we have our mini-family reunion in our beautiful Malibu rental.  It will be the first time I have seen my brother and his family in 2 years! My parents as well as a few extended family members will be there too.  I can't help but try to visualize where I will be in 17 weeks.  Crazy because earlier I was blogging to stop worrying about the future and just focus on the present or I am going to drive myself nuts. However, on this cold winter day, visualizing being on the beach, with family, surfing in Malibu.... I CAN'T HELP IT!!! 

So far I've lost 39lbs in 11 weeks

Weight Loss Scenarios..                   
17 weeks x 2 lbs wk  (34)  =  167
17 weeks x 2.5 lbs wk (42.5) =  158.5        
17 weeks x 3lbs wk (51)    =  150
17 weeks x 3.5 lbs wk(59.5) =   141.5
17 weeks x 4lbs wk (68) = 133

Goal Range: 125 - 140

Ok.. my point is this... in 17 weeks there is a really good chance that I will surpass my lowest adult weight at 170lbs. That is so amazing to me. In high school I weighed 160 lbs my senior year.  I think when I was in 8th grade I weighed 150lbs already.  I read daily about people reaching goal or those getting close.  One day.. that is going to be me and I am so excited!!!

VISUALIZATION... It's daydreaming with a purpose!  

Sunday Morning

It's a new week. I love Sunday.  I seem to keep
getting healthier now. Just a little congested but 
I think I officially squashed that flu/cold bugger
I had all week. Even got a good solid workout in
yesterday.  Today I am down another pound.
201..  almost in onderland.  How long have I 
been saying that??????????  3 weeks I think???? 
Jeez .. this has got to be the slowest crossover
in history.  I am sure it is not but it feels that way.
What I should be saying to myself instead is.. 
Look at you go Stacy - YOU LOST 39 
freakin pounds in 11 weeks and went 
from a size 18 to a size 14!!!
The more confident me lowered my goal
weight again too.  I set it at 125. I still have no
clue if 125 is possible for me but will see
when I get there. 

Ely keeps reminding me to be patient, it will
come, don't get discouraged. He is like my 
MF cheerleader.  I am so lucky to have him.  
I'm awful and moody when I get sick and he 
had to put up with a lot of crap and complaining
from me this past week.  For a while I was really
excited about all the changes in my body and 
could visibly see them.  This past week I was just
not feeling it. Again, maybe because I was sick and 
miserable but my 'tude was just awful and my body
image matched.  When I looked at myself in the
mirror or at pictures I was not happy nor positive.
I guess I bring this up because I think it's pretty
normal and I'm just thankful I have people here
and Ely to smack that mouthy inner brat around.
Thinking like that for too long can really do some
damage.  None of this crappy attitude will be tolerated!

I need to celebrate my weight loss to date,
stay in the present, 
stop worrying so much about the future,
savor the journey,
and learn all that I can learn right now.

Goals this week are:
 - stay positive.. going to make use of the
    daily positives thread here
 - stay 100% OP as always
 - 5-6 workouts in the morning 
   before work.. no compromise
 - keep drinking that water
 - in bed by 10pm at the latest to 
   get in a full nights sleep and be up
   early for workouts no later than 6:30am
 - really focus on keeping the carbs in the
   80-85 range this week and the protein
   up higher.. I can do that by keeping 
   my L&G's simple chicken plus salad or
   veggie eggbeater/egg omelets

Have a great week OP! Stay Positive! 

Yay!! Feeling Better

Throat doesn't hurt as much.
Not coughing.
No fever since yesterday.
Had a perfect night of sleep.  

I feel much better!!! So much so that I decided
to toss on my cute new workout outfit from
Athleta. I figured it would help motivate me to
go try some exercise this morning.  Going to turn up
the tunes and get on the spin bike and see
how it goes. May also do my elliptical as well.
No resistance training. Just some light cardio.
Going to to keep my heart rate low.  I won't go crazy.

Tired of the scale being stuck and I know the exercise
will help get me moving again.  I was still at 
203 this morning.  I refuse to bump my ticker
up the 1lb.. lol.  I am a woman on a mission!

Going to see how I do off the OTC meds
today.  Last night I probably had about 10 halls cough
drops, PM Tylenol, along with lots and lots
of hot tea. The combo really helped. The cough drops
were worth the carb hit and being able to sleep all night!!
HA.. bet you never thought I would say that.  So 
far I have not taken anything since I went to bed last
night and seem to be ok other than a little bit of a
runny nose.  Keeping my fingers crossed it stays
that way.

Have a great weekend!  Remember to get moving
if you can move. You never know when that flu/cold
or something else could happen to slow you down.
So make the most of your body today and MOVE IT
as best as you can! Savor it! 


Waaaaaaahhh.. Whine... Still sick

I want to whine like a big freakin baby!  

My throat is still filled with blisters. I am popping
Tylenol Sinus Meds like they are candy and I woke
up drenched with a fever again this morning.
Right now it is down.  If I take the tylenol every
four hours I can hold it at bay. So... staying home
again today and will have the weekend to get some
more R & R. Every bone and muscle in my body
hurts.   I just want to cry.  

Why I got on the scale this morning is beyond me.
Today is sort of my weigh in day I use to update
my ticker.  I weigh daily anway.  Well this morning
the scale was at 203.  Up a pound from last time
I updated my ticker and the prior week! Insane.
Someone doesn't want me to walk too quickly
into onderland.  Maybe the scale gods think I'm
not ready or want me to appreciate it more when
it does happen.

Ok back to reality.. I'm not shocked really about
the scale and not really freaked out.  Between the
sinus meds, cough medicine, and yes.. I caved and
had a a handful of cough drops over the last 24
hours and they were not sugar free! Had a halls
zinc cough drop x 2 and then counted out 6 ricola.
On the plus side the OCD MF me did portion them
out and split them out evenly through out the day.
There is no way though that could cause weight gain.
It's got to be a fluid thing.. right?  Plus not exercising.
I know this but please do respond and reconfirm
it for me.. lol.  I need someone outside my crazy
brain to tell me to just keep doing what I am doing.

If .. and I mean a big IF.. I feel better this afternoon
and this fever is down I may just put on my new
cute outfit from athleta and try to get my heart rate
up for about 15 minutes on the spin bike.  That or
maybe I can bundle up and go for a walk outside
to get some fresh air.  After almost 2 days on the
couch I feel like a big pile of mush.   

Plan Today: Continue to push fluids like a mad
woman too.  Just finished my MF cocoa. Had 
an MF smores as 1st meal. Mmm.. my  delivery 
came yesterday so now got my restock of fav
MF foods!  Yay for BROWNIES!!!   I think I
might have a brownie for lunch or maybe some
chicken noodle soup.  I'll see how I feel.    L&G
tonight is simple - just some chicken breast on top
of some arugula + heirloom tomato salad. Will make
 my own dressing with some good quality
 EVOO and Balsamic.

Yesterday I did deviate slightly from my original
meal plan that I swore I was going to stick to in
my blog.  Ended up having those smartlife  veggie
wings as my protein. It put me higher on the protein
side and calorie side because I had a MSF bfast
patty earlier but I made my goal of optimal carb range.

Have a great Friday!  Stay Healthy!

Stayed Home + Article

Thank for all the comments yesterday.
I stayed home and gave up on trying to
work today.  I got the flu shot earlier
this year but maybe another strain hit
me or just have a bad cold.  Fever on 
and off, blisters in my throat, coughing
up a storm, runny nose, and muscle pain
all down the right side of my neck through
my shoulder. Maybe from swollen glands.

Drinking tons of fluids again today and
will sleep as much as I can.  Slept
through all of last night really well
thanks to advil pm.   

Food Plan.. cause a day like today
Sick, home/unstructured day, alone,
miserable = normally an eating disaster.
My goal is to get back in optimum carb
range today because I was on the higher
side yesterday. I vow to follow this to
the letter and to blog again tonight for

8:00 AM - MF Hot Cocoa

10:30AM - MF Griller - using MSF
Bfat Patty + MF Chocolate Chip Pancake
+ 2 TB egg beaters _ 1/2 oz of Kraft
2% reduced fat cheddar cheese
*Inspired from CodyJo - check it out:
1:00PM -  MF COC Soup
3:00PM -  MF Puffs
6:00PM -  1 MSF Bfast Patty
1 Egg, 1 C left over Spicy ShakShuka
8:00 PM - MF Hot Cocoa
Calories 827.9
Calories from Fat 183.7
Total Fat 20.4  g
Saturated Fat 7.1  g
Cholesterol 272  mg
Sodium 3211  mg
Total Carbohydrate 83.7

Dietary Fiber25  g
Sugars45.8  g
Protein88.9  g
Vitamin A6945  IU
Vitamin C125  mg
Calcium1420  mg
Iron23  mg
  * All numbers are calculated based on your Nutrition Goals

Also need to give myself major credit
for deciding to stay home from work
today and taking care of myself. 
Check this article out that my
cousin sent me.. sad!
You know there are some weeks that
I think that could happen
to me... God forbid!  

HAVE A GREAT DAY OP! Don't work too hard. 

Flu/Cold + MF = Struggling To Stay OP

I woke up at 3am this morning and my stomach
was doing flip flops.  A long sleepless night with
fevers on and off.  I went downstairs and had some
puffs and herbal tea and that seemed to help.  

Went to work today and lead one meeting that
I had to be at. Left right after and came home to rest.
My eating schedule has been off all day since that
early am snack.  Didn't spread out my meals as
evenly as I normally would and found myself hungry
and adding needing to split my L&G. Possible it was
also because I was drinking so much fluids so might
have been washing the food out of me too fast.  I think
I was also looking for food for comfort because I
am feeling so rotten and just not thinking straight.
I need to nip this in the bud right now.  

Here is how it went..

3am MF puffs
10am MF chai
Noon MF pancake, 2TB eggbeater,
1 boca patty, SF davinci pancake syrup,
1/2 oz of 2% kraft cheddar
 (Delish MF McGriddle posted on the boards today)
1pm -  1 cup celery
3pm -  1TB PB2 + MF brownie
5pm -  1/2 cup left over shakshuka veggie sauce,
1 boca patty, 1 LC light cheese
7pm - 1/2 cup 2% cottage cheese + SF davinci syup + 1 TB PB2

Lots and lots of water and herbal tea.
Been going to the bathroom twice an
hour hoping to try to flush out my system.

Very much on the higher end today. Check it out.....
Calories 931.9
Calories from Fat 165.1
Total Fat 18.3  g
Saturated Fat 5.4  g
Cholesterol 45  mg
Sodium 2923  mg
Total Carbohydrate 103.1  

Dietary Fiber31  g
Sugars33.2  g
Protein104.3  g
Vitamin A6844  IU
Vitamin C85  mg
Calcium1609  mg
Iron23  mg

At this point I think I just need to go to bed and
shut my brain off. No more eating for me until
tomorrow morning.  Tomorrow I am going to try
to cycle back into optimum range and not do so
many condiments and extras like I did today.

Man I feel miserable. I wish I could stay home and 
get some rest tomorrow but I have too much going 
on at work. I need to do my best to try to get
through it.  I might sneak in to see my doctor
if I get a chance. Advantages of working at hospital
 -  my primary has an office in our physicians office
building attached to the hospital.  Right now just
taking tylenol and robitussin cough medicine.  Maybe
he can give me something stronger.

Nighty night.. hopefully can get more decent 
sleep than last night.

Shakshuka Recipe (MF style) - Traditional Israeli Dish

Shakshuka for at the request of Madammermaid =)

2 Tsp. of olive oil
1 onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1-2 red or green bell peppers, chopped
2-3 jalapenos chopped (i like it spicy)
2 cans crushed tomatoes
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste
3 - 6 eggs

- Place oil in large frying pan or chef pan and swirl it around
-Add onion and saute it until it starts to get golden
-Add all your peppers and garlic and saute a couple min
- Add the 2 cans of crushed tomato
- reduce heat to low and let simmer for a while - sometimes
if I am in a rush I do 10 min. If not I can leave it on
up to 30 min or longer. 

Once you got a nice gentle simmer then crack the eggs being very careful
not to break the yoke and drop it in gently. Sometimes I push a little
of the sauce away and make like a bed for it. Then I move the sauces
gently over the edges of the white. The idea is not to break it. You
don't want to boil the sauce too hard or do any mixing after you drop
the egg.  Cook until the whites are white and the center is the consistency
you like. I keep my yolks between soft (think sunnyside up) to a little
mushy.  Eat right away or the eggs will go solid unless you like them that way then let them cook longer or sit in the sauce.

For MF I take out 1 - 1.5 cups of sauce with the chopped veggies and count that as my green. I then eat 3 eggs for my lean. If it isn't spicy enough I might add some of that dry red pepper flake or a little salsa.
Did you know you burn more calories when you eat spicy food? Fun fact!

In Israel they eat it with lots and lots of bread to soak up the
delish sauce but of course we can skip that part. It's very filling
on its own. I love when you pop the center and it runs into the sauce.
Very Yum. Kind of similar to huervos rancheros minus the beans and cilantro if you have had that before.  So great in the winter too!  Sometimes I make the sauce and then before I drop the 3 eggs I take half out and save it for another day. It freezes just fine.  I'll also use the sauce like a salsa and add a TB to the MF chili. 


*not my pic - pulled it from the web.. i like my veggies diced into it instead but either way works

Body fighting a bug and I am such a big loser

Ely gave me his cooties or his family did. They are all sick and for the first time in a while it seems I am getting a nasty cough/chest cold.  I laid off the workout today. Have major aches.  Still 100% OP. Tummy seems to be fine. Doing lots of fluids as usual. Adding in more herbal teal.  MF makes me like super woman. I'm sure I'll kick this cold to the curb pretty quickly. 

I joined our work biggest loser contest. I figure I might as well make some cash for doing what I am already doing =P  Have a coworker on the other team who is doing MF as well. We may have to do some friendly outside betting.  I am very competitive =)  This is going to be fun. Contest runs from tomorrow - mid-April.  It's made up of 3 teams of people with 3 people on each team.  We also have to pay $2 penalty fee if the scale goes up on any given week. 

I AM GOING TO BE.........
The Biggest Loser

Hope everyone had a great Monday. No chat room for me tonight. I need to get some major rest in so my body can bounce back.


OMG 3lbs overnight


I just weighed myself and I am at 202...  3 lbs overnight 
The scale is moving again!!!!!! YAHOOOOO

I think the workouts have finally kicked in!

2 lbs to walkin in a winter onderland
It could happen this week! treadmill coming early

Well........ I was going to wait until I hit the 50lbs down mark but last night Ely convinced me to go for the treadmill now especially since we are working on the home gym space in general. He is also going to work on painting me a mural of my choice on one wall.  I can't wait! He is such a wonderful artist. I know it is going to come out great!  He wants to do a painting of times square with a view towards the building where the ball drops but I'm thinking I want something more relaxing and peaceful like a scene with a path in the woods.  Maybe we will compromise and do central park.. lol

So we tossed my new treadmill on the Sears card.   They had free shipping and 12 months no interest financing.  Good deal. Should be getting it by 1/17!  Talk about a great motivator for working out. This thing rocks.  I love that it built well with a strong motor and treadbelt. Can't wait to try ifit live. You have to check out the ifit website. It's all powered by google maps...

Also has an ipod dock so I can listen to my tunes.

Product Description
Get a commercial workout experience with the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.
This heavy-duty treadmill is built to deliver incredible power. Boasting
a 3.5 CHP DurX™ Commercial Pro Motor and a 350 lb. weight capacity, the
Commercial 1750 can withstand heavy use. The extra-long 20” x 60” 2-ply
commercial treadbelt with QuadFlex™ Plus Cushioning is perfect for running,
jogging or walking workouts and protects your joints with every step.
Other features include iFit Live™ built-in, a 7” full-color touch screen,
1-Touch™ Incline up to 15% and the newest revolution to the treadmill workout
,-3% 1-Touch™ Decline!

iFit Live™ Built-In
7” Full-Color Touch Screen
QuadFlex™ Plus Cushioning
3.5 CHP DurX™ Commercial Pro Motor
-3% 1-Touch™ Decline
0–15% 1-Touch™ Incline
0–12 MPH 1-Touch™ Speed
Set-a-Goal Workout Center
30 Built-In Workouts
Compatible Music Port for iPod®
Intermix Acoustics™ 3.0
8” AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
20” x 60” 2-Ply Commercial Treadbelt
CardioGrip™ Heart Rate Monitor with Polar® Wireless Chest Pulse
SpaceSaver® Design
350 lb. Weight Capacity
Lifetime Frame Warranty, Lifetime Motor Warranty, 5-Year Parts and 2-Year Labor

Happy Sunday!

4 for 4

Got through my workout this morning. That makes 4 for 4.  It was hard today. My left shoulder is really tender and back is a bit sore probably from the last 3 days of workouts.  I did it though.  I was spinning on the spin bike for about 20 min, elliptical for 10 min, then the last 20 minutes I got creative and danced around the house/did stairs, played chase with the dogs around the table, shadow boxed, and did whatever else I could to keep my heart rate up.. lol.  No one is home right now so I took advantage. The dogs loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Chased me all over the place! 

50 minutes total.. my heart rate max was at 151 and the avg was right in my fat burn zone at 133. YAY ME!  I need to go 6 in a row and on the 7th day I will rest.  Rinse repeat the following week and I get to my 2nd goal on my list (see blog from yesterday)! Will get my cute new workout tank and yoga pant from athleta.  I happen to cheat and ordered it already but I promise not to wear it until I have 12 workouts (2 weeks total).   

In other news.. I saved my green for the last meal of the day yesterday and I'm not so sure that was such a good idea. I made some eggplant chips. They were semi crunchy because I hardly used any EVO. Just baked them in my convection oven and tossed some pampered chef greek spice mix on them.  They tasted ok but I don't think I should have left the skin on them and they needed to be cooked much longer.  My body did not process it well at all.  Really messed up my 6 year old RNY tummy. Nice to know that thing still works too.  I think it shrank back since MF. Between the filling MF food on schedule and my tummy I never deal with real physical hunger.  I always know if I do feel hungry it is more head hunger.  Post workout the eggplant left my system.   All the water and bouncing around helped.  Now I feel great! 

Calories were right at the 1k mark yesterday. 93 c. and 103 p.!  I am trying to mess with cycling my macro numbers to see if that helps shake up the weight loss since last week I broke even.  Today will go on the lower end and get into optimum carb range.  Keeping L&G super simple tonight - grilled chicken and some asparagus. Will use only EVO as my fat.  

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend OP!
Post Workout Cool Down Song For Today:

Goal Rewards Updated

Time to update the rewards list again.

Goal: 20 lbs Gone
Kerstian Florian Neuroli Oil  - 
***MADE GOAL 11/28/10

Goal: Two weeks of consistent workouts starting on  1/5/11
New workout outfit from Athleta (see prior blog for pics)

Goal: 40 lbs by 40
Weekend prior to 40th Bday visiting mom @ her pad in Downtown Chicago from 03/19-3/22. Will do some reward shopping if I hit my goal. This should be easy! I am only 5 lbs away now!  Back in time to celebrate my bday with Ely on 3/24.

Goal: 50lbs Gone
Nor*** Track C1250 Treadmill

Goal: More than halfway point celebration!!
1 week Malibu Beach House Rental For Family Reunion
Gift from my mom in Chicago. She is renting a house not far
from my brother's family in the LA area.
House is booked. Still need to get our flights.

It is so beautiful!! Check out the  pictures:

Malibu house rental - The house at night

Goals: 80 lbs Gone
Romantic Weekend Away with Ely
He is planning the trip. Oohh la la.. need to add Victoria Secret preliminary sexy outfit purchase to bring with me.

100-115 lbs @ Goal-  Weight: 140 -125
3 Day Weekend Trip in the best city in the world: NYC
    Wardrobe Makeover Shopping Spree
    Gift to Ely for supporting me  on 5/1- YANKEES TIX


3 times a charm......

3 workouts 3 days in a row = 3 times a charm

Today woke up pre-alarm at 5:45 am.  Had a chocolate antioxidant shake mixed with 2 shots of espresso.  Then did warm up + spinning + cool down = 50 minutes total.  Ended up burning 400 calories. Also consumed 2 infusers and 3 24 oz bottles of water/ice.. lol   Full of energy is not even the word..  WIRED! LOL.. Hopefully I don't crash and burn later today at work.  I was sore and ify about working out this morning but I pulled out a few my Beck cards ...

Then after I worked out I took the beck cards out of the book and planted them all over my house.  Ely is going to come home and think I am nuts.. lol.

I'm back on a major Beck kick.   Such a huge help!

The scale gods rewarded me today as well.  The scale bounced back.
I woke up back at 205 this morning after flip flopping between 205 and more closer to 207-208 all week.  HAPPY 10 WEEK MEDIVERSARY TO ME!  Now I can officially say I am 5 more lbs to onderland! Whoo hoo! Still no TOM/DOT/PERIOD but I had it on the 10th last month and so not regular.  My hands are a bit swollen so I think I am still retaining which means I might even be lower than that 205 weight. 


Celebrate! Congrats to enriching your life and becoming a healthier you in 2011!  You made the decision. Now all you have to do is keep moving forward.  Never give up. Choice by choice we can do this!

My cool down music today:

If you want to move your mind, move your body!

"The physical world, including our bodies,
 is a response of the observer. We create
 our bodies as we create the experience
 of our world."  - Deepak Chopra

Moved my body today 45 min
 (2nd day in a row)
- spin bike 
- elliptical
-ball crunches 
- light yoga stretching

Post workout shake:
MF 70 Banana Shake plus 1 TB of PB2

Savoring my body and experiencing my world
 in a new light! 

Happy Thursday!

Me - pre.. MF..  lol

Hump Day - Happy Wed.

50 min workout including ball  stretch, ball crunches, spinning 40 min, and cool down @ my home studio.  YAY.. now to just be consistent!

Got a new cool tank from athleta and wore it this am.  So glad it fit!

If I get in consistent workouts for the next two weeks my next reward is this one.......

plus the matching pants,,,,

Keep moving, keep walking forward, stay on plan! We can do this!
Have a wonderful hump day!

NSV: Somebody call 911 Fire Burning On The Dance Floor

I just have to share since it is such a huge bonus side effect to MF for me.
The last two days my other half has not kept his hands off me at bedtime!!! Twice the night prior and once again last night. I didn't even initiate.  Matter fact I was sleeping and he woke me up. WHOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  You can't even imagine the sheer happiness this has brought me.  I am glowing and you can't even slap the smile off my face.

Today he comes home from work and tells me he showed my latest pictures from NYE to his best client.   His client complimented him on his beautiful wife.  I know it made him feel proud and it is really nice to hear him getting the compliments too.  

We just had a really amazing New Years weekend with his family so I am sure that also helped as well. The whole time they were also complimenting me on the weight loss too.  

Ely and I have a fantastic relationship in every way possible but his drive has been "eh" over the years we have been together. I think part of it is exhaustion for him because he has such a physical job and the other part might be a bit hormonal since he is in that almost mid-40 range. He has been to the doctor but hasn't done all the follow up. There is nothing like a few days off combined with a little weight loss + compliments to get the fire burning on the dance floor again =)    

OH MEDIFAST HOW I LOVE THEE. Once again thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Come on scale.. come on.....

This is a to be continued from last blog....


Pffffffffffft! 206.5 this mornung.  Still holding on to a pound and a half of water weight and feeling a bit bloated.  Still 100% OP. 

@ work now and will drink the water all day long.  When I get home I will exercise at a minimum of 30 minutes.  This will happen as soon as I walk in the door so I can't come up with any excuses.  Will be just doing some cardio.  Then after will make my L&G.

Have a great 1st day back to work if you are back to work today! Stay OP and be strong! You can do it.  We can do it together =)




Scale is not being nice!

Just as I am on my way to onderland the scale is not being nice to me.
I was at 205 earlier in the week and on my way but it seems the last  few days I've been stuck!  I'm doing everything right so there is no way I could have gained anything. #'s are good, logging everything, getting all my water in and then some.   About the only thing that is off is a lack of sleep the last few days.  I'm tired and moody so maybe I am PMS'ing as well.  I could be holding on to some water weight. That or the scale gods know I am anxious to be walking in a winter onderland and decided to give me a lesson in patience first.  

If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.
-   A Buddhist Proverb

So be it. Going to make this a great 1st week of the new year and eventually I know that scale will go in the right direction. The inches are coming off!  My pants continue to keep getting bigger on me.  This weekend I had lots of compliments from family members saying they could see a huge change all over.  Getting lots of positive feedback on new pictures I posted as well.  Also need to give myself extra credit for doing so well through the entire holiday season.  Minus 1 gum binge I've been 100% OP.

Have a wonderful 1st week OP in the New Year! 


NYE Recap

Had the perfect night OP even with all the peer pressure!
I had to say no many times to drinks and food. 

Link on FB @ secs after countdown - 

Also have a vlog  #2 up on my page here  just before we left specific to MF.

Happy Healthier 2011!

Damn Gum... Emotional Excessive Gum Chewing (EEGC)

Ok.. this is the 2nd time I've done this and I am mad at myself for it at this moment.  I had a pack of SF Extra Key Lime Gum on my desk and I chewed the whole damn freakin thing today.  It was a response to stress, anger, frustration, and sadness.  

                Emotional Excessive Gum Chewing (EEGC) 

LOL Ok writing that is kind of funny but I need to be serious here. I know some of you maybe reading thinking well it's just gum but the fact is that if you add up the calories and carbs it totally screws up the perfect OP day I was having. 

16 pieces x 5 calories = 85 calories and just guess how much it cost in carbs...  30!!   

What is even worse is that this is no different than compulsive overeating. I should have recognized what I was doing at the time but I just didn't care. I felt like it was the only thing keeping me glued together to get through the rest of the day at work along with drinking my water. Normally I would go out and smoke but I've given that up as well. I did get up and walk but I was walking and chewing gum... yes I can do both at the same time. =P

The only thing I can think of that I could and will do next time is not bring an entire pack of gum with me to work.  I need to either abstain from gum all together or stick 2 pieces in my purse to portion it out and break that up into little ones during the day. 

I have been super sensitive the last 24 hours. I'm probably ovulating or PMS'ing.  I am also sleep deprived.  Have been getting up in the middle of the night the last three nights in a row. I am on day 21 of my cycle. CYCLE.. ha.. if you can call it that.  I've been irregular for years. I've blogged about this before so won't go into it too much.  The point is I'm in a hormonal flux right now and I recognize all the signs.  I don't really need a normal cycle or calendar (although that would be nice to have the warning) to listen to my body.  When this happens I need to find better ways to cope.

Tangible Comparisons.....

Ok.. I lifted this from another fellow MF'ers blog - lbdann's blog around Dec 22nd!

This is the best list ever.

Your weight loss = 

1 pound = a Guinea Pig

1.5 pounds = a dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts  

2 pounds = a rack of baby back ribs

3 pounds = an average human brain

4 pounds = an ostrich egg

5 pounds = a Chihuahua

6 pounds = a human skin

7.5 pounds = an average newborn

8 pounds = a human head

10 pounds= chemical additives an American consumes each year

11 pounds = an average housecat

12 pounds = a Bald Eagle

15 pounds = 10 dozen large eggs

16 pounds = a sperm whale's brain

20 pounds = an automobile tire

23 pounds = amount of pizza an average American eats in a year

24 pounds = a 3-gallon tub of super premium ice cream

25 pounds = an average 2 year old

30 pounds = amount of cheese an average American eats in a year

33 pounds = a cinder block

36 pounds = a mid-size microwave

40 pounds = a 5-gallon bottle of water or an average human leg

44 pounds = an elephants heart

50 pounds = a small bale of hay

55 pounds = a 5000 BTU air conditioner

60 pounds = an elephants penis

66 pounds = fats and oils an average American eats in a year

70 pounds = an Irish Setter

77pounds=a gold  brick                                                                                                                                                      

80 pounds = the Worlds Largest Ball of Tape                                                                     

90 pounds = a newborn calf

100 pounds = a 2 month old horse

111 pounds = red meat an average American eats in a year

117 pounds = an average fashion model (and shes 5'11")

118 pounds = the complete Encyclopedia Britannica

120 pounds = amount of trash you throw away in a month

130 pounds = a newborn giraffe

138 pounds = potatoes an average American eats in a year

140 pounds = refined sugar an average American eats in a year

144 pounds = an average adult woman (and shes 5'4½")

150 pounds = the complete Oxford English Dictionary

187 pounds = an average adult man

200 pounds = 2 Bloodhounds

235 pounds = Arnold Schwarzenegger

300 pounds = an average football lineman

400 pounds = a Welsh pony

I lost a cinder block!! How cool is that?

Enjoy your day 100% OP!!



I invented a new exercise class!!

Currently offering it at my home just for me!!!!

I call it "Punk Rock Girl Karaoke Spinning Class"


You see this is why I could never do this in a gym..
1) The music selections probably wouldn't cater to the masses
2)  My voice is awful (well unless I turn up the music really loud)

I got in 45 minutes of cardio. Kept heart rate around 130.  Have a Polar HR watch and kept my eye on it to make sure I didn't go overboard. Perfect fat burning ride.  I have a playlist I used on youtube and I hook my pc up to the TV and a small sound system. 

Whhhhaaaaalah.. my own personal spin studio.  I love it!

I bought a spin bike a few years back from  It is my fav form of cardio.  I do like the energy you can get by being in a real class at the gym too but this works for me as well.

I'm really trying my best to get back to my regular workouts again.
It was hard the last couple weeks with an  insane work schedule. I put in long hours at the hospital with very little sleep.  Luckily I was really active and on my feet those couple of weeks. Kept a pedometer on and made sure I got in lots of steps plus did stairs. However, my work as an IT Analyst is going back to being sedentary now that this project is over.  I will be stuck at my desk in front of my PC for the majority of the day. As a result, it is time to kick it up a notch again with planned daily workouts either in the am or pm and setting some realistic goals.  My goal is to get in at least 4 more cardio workouts this week with my heart rate in the 120-140 zone. Today marked workout #1.   Then the following week I will start to add in some yoga and resistance training.

I had been thinking about a gym membership and still am but I may opt for going the home route.  Going to make a final decision in 30 days. If I do decide to do the home thing I plan to also add a brand new treadmill to my collection. Ely said he would help me to really build out our room into a full gym.  I LOVE HIM! He is so supportive!!!  I already have an elliptical, nifty Bowflex dumbbells, wii, bands, and the exercise ball.  If I do it I will slowly add more stuff such as flooring, mirrors to make sure my form is ok, and eventually my dream treadmill with killer electronics to satisfy the my inner techie.   I was checking out one at sears that actually simulates real trails all over the world and has an ipod dock! Too cool!

I have yo-yo'ed exercised my whole life just like I have yo-yo dieted so it isn't like I don't know the drill. I've done so many assorted programs -  from fitness aka fat camp in California, to teaching spinning to friends, to Fit For Life, and being an active member at ABC Bodybuilding.   I can make exercise consistent just like I can do MF @ 100% OP.. one day at a time.. one choice at a time.  Just need to slap around and tame that inner brat that rather plop down on the couch and be lazy!

Hope everyone is having a great week OP! If you get a chance post back what you are doing for exercise.


Multiple NSV's today!

Quiet day at work today. Time seem to fly by especially with all the assorted bathroom trips.  I really loaded up on fluids. I was so cold that I just kept drinking lots of hot tea along with my usual 36 oz water bottle of infuser water.  

I have NSV's to report and good ones at that......

Leather Jacket Fits Again 
I had on my fav black "like buttah" leather jacket with a white/grey faux fur collar.  It feels kind of like rabbit but it isn't!  Everyone is always trying to pet it. It is very fitted and shows off my curves in all the right places. As I got out to my car to leave the garage at work tonight I buttoned it all the way. Last week I couldn't button the last button over my lower abs!!! I was so freakin happy that I screamed for joy in the middle of the parking garage.  Lucky no one was around. They would have thought I was a total nut case.  

Properly Closing Winter Coats
Being able to close winter jacket is good when it is brrrrrrrr freezing cold outside.  For the last few years I'd wear coats and just left them open even in the winter. Some of the coats are too big now! Every coat I own can be buttoned!

The Daily Fashion Show
I really loved how I looked today and getting dressed was such pure pleasure. Most days I feel that way now. Everyday is my own personal fashion show.  Today I wore a cute short black pencil skirt, black tights, cute shoes, a new sapphire blue satin shirt that really showed off the blue eyes, and a light black cardi over that.  The best part.. I finished it all off with a wide belt over the cardigan to show off my new and improved slender waist. 

I have a belt fetish now.  Over the last week my belt wardrobe went from 1 to 8.  I love, love, love belts. Leather belts, sexy chain belts, belts with cute buckles, stretch belts, wide belts, thin belts!  

Getting Noticed Again By Strangers
A) Random Athletic Male
As I ran across the street from my building to the garage tonight I came across the path of a very tall athletic looking man.  I continued to run into the garage because I was so cold but shot him a smile on the way in as our eyes met for a brief 2nd.  He stopped where he was on the sidewalk dead in his tracks to call out after me and wave.. "Have a Great Night!"  I turned and thanked him... "You too!"

B) Random Singing Suit Man
Random guy in the elevator struck up a conversation with me on the way in to the hospital at the end of last week too.  I got in the elevator and was standing off to the side of him not making eye contact.  I was actually busy thinking about all the work I needed to get done and running through the list in my head.  He was checking me out from top to bottom on our ride and complimenting me.  First he complimented me on my red coat. I said thanks.... not even looking up. Then a few secs later it was my red purse and how it matched so well.  I said thanks again and this time looked up for a brief moment and smiled. I did happen to notice he was a very well dressed man.  Had a beautiful leather briefcase and a fine looking suit on along with an ID for the court. The court  happens to be on the same block as my hospital.  

As the sunshine broke through the windows of the elevator,  he mentioned he loved my beautiful reddish highlights with my dark hair.  Ok.. he won my full attention! I stopped thinking about work.  I was flattered.  I don't think most men or even women would notice as they are very subtle.   In kind return I struck up the small talk with him and asked him where he was headed. He said over to the court to meet with his client. I'm guessing he was an attorney. Mr suave rico attoney. =) 

Ironically I also happen to have a red water bottle with me. He commented on that as well and said something about how I must really like the color red. I told him yes but I really didn't think much about trying to match everything today and it just happened to be a coincidence. He then said.. yes.. just like us meeting!  He called me the "Lady In Red" and sang a few bars from the song. I just laughed. Talk about a charmer. I got that vibe he was about to ask me out and then I casually raised my hand to push my hair behind my ear so he would see that I was taken! Just as we got to the bottom floor he commented on my engagement ring and told me that my man must be a very lucky man. I said thanks and wished him a pleasant day. 

I am madly, madly in love with my other half, Ely. He is so supportive of my MF'in it.  He is just supportive of most everything I do. Nothing compares to that love and fills me with such joy.  However, there is just something about a compliment from a total stranger that helps boost the spirits and ego.  I get them from both women and men these days and damn it feels really wonderful to get noticed again. It's been a few years. Then again maybe they still noticed me but I stopped noticing them because I was hiding and had no confidence because of the weight I had gained? Could it be the happy vibe I radiate these days? Is it the pure physical changes?  Maybe all of the above.

Hope you had lots of wonderful NSV's today.  Don't forget to celebrate and share them in your blogs, comments, posts, etc.  Cheering you on! Stay 100% OP and all else will fall into place.

Learning to say No......

I had to say No more times than I can count today.

A few examples:

No to fresh Baklava that Ely's mom made for us

No to a frozen margarita that a neighbor offered to me

No to a whiskey shot x 2 at the same neighbors house (they were toasting to his father that had passed away)

No to the offering of food x3 at the same neighbors house

No to fresh baked pita that Ely's dad made to go with dinner he cooked for us tonight.  I just had the chicken and salad.

No to going off plan today! NO NO NO. My resolve is strong!  If I can say no to the fresh baked Baklava I can conquer the world! 

Being on MF means you need to learn to say NO... at least for now.
It also means saying YES to a healthier you and all those other reasons that brought you to MF in the first place.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday OP. If you didn't make it OP then get right back on the wagon and move forward. Reread your reasons why you came to MF in the first place.  Like I said, if I can say no to fresh baked Baklava anything is possible =)

Now I am going to dive into my fresh baked MF Brownie!

Christmas Eve & Christmas use to be about..........

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day use to be about
having a day off from work, going to the movies,
and eating Chinese food with my other Jewish
friends =)  No Chinese food this year but maybe
I'll make some egg drop soup for my lean and bring
some puffs to a good movie!  MF'in it 100%

Merry Christmas to those that celebrate and
a most joyous and happy 2011! 
(holding up my MF Orange Cremsicle -
maybe you could add diet ginger ale for
a "mimosa" toast) to all of us for working
towards our optimal health!

Ok.. this is goofy but here ya go:

The creatures are stirring even the mouse or mice!

Yuck! I just saw a mouse run across the floor and can hear them in the walls.
Just filled out a request for Orkin.  Unless these mice plan to start paying part of the mortgage I need to get rid of them! Looks like one of them was busy last night and took all the Iams out of my dogs bowl and relocated it under my couch!  

If you have any ideas I am all years. I plugged those sonic things in the walls and they are not working at all.  

Forget the week to week #

I'm a daily weigher especially now with my Tanita scale.
Actually I am a 2x a day weigher because I love being
able to check my other stats, make sure I am hydrated,
check out BF%.  Even if the number goes up I can see
the changes in water weight now too.  Really neat toy!
I love it.

I've also decided that each time my weight goes down I
am going to reward myself by updating that ticker.  It feels
good to see that total amount in black and white and it keeps me motivated! 

So here it is...  =)  9 more lbs until onderland... whoo hoo

To celebrate my 30 plus pound loss I bought three new belts today. Loving showing off my new curves.

So Done!

with my almost two weeks of working non-stop!!  LOL.. fooled ya =)
I am off the next four days.  On call Christmas but don't have to go into the hospital unless an emergency comes up that I can't deal with from home.

I have a wonderful NSV to share too!  If it were not for MF I don't think I would have made it through the last couple weeks in such style.  The weight loss and energy boost really got me through the stress and long hours.  To top it off when I was working I'd be constantly looking for ways to get in spontaneous exercise.  I kept walking laps around the hospital floors.  I took the elevator all the way up to our 18th floor and took the stairs all the way down.  I kept moving and staying on plan. Stayed hydrated. Sat down and took breaks to eat my meals slowly.

RESULT:  Great moods, better able to handle stress, and I have already lost another 3 lbs since my weigh in on Friday.  209 today!

I should be passed out and falling on my face right now after waking up at 4am.  I'm not!  I'm full of energy.  If it were not for the fact that I probably burned so many calories today being active I'd be going to work out. Instead I am going to relax and starting tomorrow morning I will get back to the regular planned exercise routine.

Once again.. thank you MF for making my quality of life so much better already!

Keep at it! Stay OP! Work the program! It works!

Proudly Brewed Poetry ~by me

Some poetry I've written.. not MF specifc but thought
I would share a few. This is one of my collections
called - "Proudly Brewed Poetry" that I did from
2007 - 2009.  It has been a while since I've done
any new poetry. I'm finding some new inspiration
being on MF and plan to work on a few new ones soon.

The power of the Goddess myth

a female deity
crafts her spells
and love sick mortals
are tested
Lysistrata witholds
her gifts
and wars 
are prevented
ancient goddess sisters
teach us peace through 
the power of myths
harnessed stregnth
a chorus of voices
boundless and eternal
a collective unconscious


Sunday Morning



in the curve

of your body


in your warmth


by the blinds


against an open window

a gentle percussion

from the cool breeze


attention is


to your


in synch

with my own


even trying


i sketch

the outline

of your face

with my eyes

and find

your soft

tender lips

silently feeling

an ache

arise within me

wanting you

yet not wanting

to wake

the beauty

of it all



i wrap

my arm around

your body

and hold tight

your fingers

find mine


I let

the music

of your heart

rock me


back to sleep


my dearest one


are so lovely

sleeping peacefully

in these dawn hours

like a perfect

work of art


& I savor

this moment

painting it

to memory


the words

on this page

I love you


Another one written early on in my relationship with Ely......

yellow orchid beacon 

night fulfilled
mist withdraws
with tears of uncertainty
do you feel 
behind those closed eyes
as easily as I feel
the warmth
of your hand
lightly on my thigh
as you breathe 
and steal more time 
for dreams
sleep silenced brood
d i s c o n n e c t e d
i can't sleep
i can't breathe
i rise
feeding the meter
lost in thought
drowning out  
the urban street symphony
and there you were
my dawn discovery
a beacon 
a delicate yellow orchid
condensed  sunshine  embraced
living on the Superfresh grocery shelf
i will bring you home
with my blueberry bagel
to mark this day
beyond the ordinary    
for as I gaze upon you
in the coming weeks
i suspect you will remind me
of my earlier confession
three spoken words
masked behind casualty and laughter
yet already known 
and surely felt
just by me
now exposed
and planted
into the garden
to die
or bloom


Wrote this when I first met Ely
and started to fall in love =)

In the spirit of ely's garden


dead earth awakens on a silver mist embracing the lone gnome

for surely higher forces are guiding us now

and a jewess wiccan I am not

mother earth and fate caress and cradle one another

inspiring the start of a brave new garden

lovers dig deep into the moist dark soil

and turn it with bare hands and beating hearts

my outstretched fingers meet his halfway under the dirt

and we share a silent smile of satisfaction

the seasons are but our only tools

On my blushed face the delicate breeze is kind and cool

the scent of him mingled with the earth is intoxicating

channeling and trembling more fragrance from my body with each delicate dig

raking, turning, and extracting any rotted roots of hesitation

setting the bed for the vivid brilliance of light and color

we skim the weeds of history with the palms of our hands for a moment

and pull them out together to toss them into the compost

for the organic fertilizer and lessons will nourish a much richer, wiser soil

all will be digested and consumed by the coming brilliant flora

pansies, snapdragons, bleeding hearts, lilies, and daises will rise again

each sortilege seed is planted and placed with purpose

I let my tears moisten and nurture the new sprouts of magic

we check the garden from time to time with anticipation

the beauty that was once lost to me in the dreary of two December's past

returns this spring with the new blooms


~liquidstayce 3/20/07

Ahh.. another addiction of mind =)

Java Junk Mermaid Slave

Is it so hard to satisfy this junkie?
Give me some caffeine before I get funky
1, 2, 3 triple espresso for me
4,5, 6 afternoon I need my red bull fix
All veins pulsing with this glorious mix

Luckily constant movement keeps me lean
Better than smoking cigarettes
or sucking up the cannolis filled with cream
Screw kicking this last habit
almost as good as sex and ice cream
I'm a caffeine junkie 
A java junk slave to the mermaid's coffee bean



Ok.. this was a fun corny one I just did in

a few minutes while playing some old 80's tunes.

See how many songs you recognize in it!

Ode to my 80's Love

So you said Hey, little girl
I wanna be your boyfriend
Sweet little girl
I wanna be your boyfriend

Then we danced like a wave of ocean romance
I was mad about you
You were mad about me
Lovecats baby
Just Like heaven

Mmmmm a loveshack
thats where it was at
You tasted like sugar, sugar kisses
The guy that was tough and sweet
and I was the girl that wanted candy
I just couldn't get enough
So you let me see you stripped down to the bone

I was your punk rock girl
You said something about traveling around the world
in a camero that really wasn't bitchin
we never did have that child named Minnie Pearl

Because you ran, you ran so far away
after I stopped the world just to melt with you
You said daylight licked you into shape
We must have been asleep for days

Looking So long at these pictures of you 
I now realize it was all just tainted love 
a teenage lobotomy 
Strangelove with strange highs and strange lows
In a Rock & Roll High School

From My Proudly Brewed Poetry Collection

  2007 - 2009


New Tanita Scale is Here! L&G YUM too...

Arrived home from work to find a nice gift.  My new Tanita 551 scale is here. Just programmed it and will weigh in after my am shake tomorrow. Got a free activity monitor too! Will post all stats when done!

Long few days at work. Not doing much exercise although very active at work running around the hospital.  Doing good with staying OP as usual.  I did miss an MF meal this afternoon but plan to make it up by having an MF brownie and then taking the dark choc antiox shake and making into icing tonight.  MMmmm yum!  

Dinner today was delish too.  I took two large portabella mushroom caps and turned them into mini pizzas.  For sauce I used 2 TB of some organic salsa and then put 1oz of Kraft RF moz cheese on each. Top of the cheese I sprinkled a little garlic and red pepper flakes.  Roasted in oven until cheese was brown.  Deeeeeelish!  

Also had 2 servings (1 pack/8 wings) Smartlife brand veggie protein buffalo chicken wings.  Cooked those directly in a non-stick pan for a couple min. You can see them here:

Puts my numbers a little on higher side today for carbs but good enough.  

Calories 909.3
Calories from Fat 199.3
Total Fat 22.1  g
Saturated Fat 7.5  g
Cholesterol 42  mg
Sodium 2533  mg
Total Carbohydrate 90  g

Dietary Fiber35  g
Sugars30  g
Protein109.5  g
Vitamin A6982  IU
Vitamin C93  mg
Calcium1587  mg
Iron23  mg

Tonight I am putting out 8 large giant green trash bags of clothes curbside. Donating it to a local charity -  American Rescue Workers. They will pick them up in the morning.  These are all the clothes that are too big on me now and were just taking up space in my closet.

Hope everyone had a great day OP.  Have an even better one tomorrow!

End of Week # 7 - 27lbs down and other NSV's

After my Friday weigh-in I am down 27lbs total.  Doing great even under lots of stress at work. Lot's to go but celebrating how far I've already come too!

Other NSVs
1) Enjoying my new body
2) Pants bought just 2 weeks ago at Gap in a regular size 18 are too big
3) No more plus size clothing 
4) Able to really visualize myself in onderland and beyond
5) Daily comments by coworkers on my weight loss

Had a 25% off coupon for Gap last night and did a little online retail therapy.  I was shocked that some of the medium shirts I bought a couple weeks ago fit me now even at 213lbs! I had bought them as layering shirts to wear under stuff but today I wore a very fitted medium long sleeve shirt and felt fabulous! Vanity sizing or just a smaller upper body? My waist looked tiny to me and I even noticed I have a bit less junk in my trunk. I felt wonderful and comfortable in my body for the first time in a very long time today at work.  Ended up getting some more assorted medium and large sweaters/shirts.  Also bought some cute black bootcut pants in a size 14. Ordered a 16 as well just to be safe.  It will be nice when my lower body catches up to the upper body!

Medifast has given me hope and faith in myself again. Each day I grow stronger as I travel that road to optimal health. I am able to really visualize what it will be like when I hit onderland in another 13 lbs.  I'm able to visualize what I might look like at goal. If I can wear a medium size gap shirt now what can I wear at goal?  

I am so excited to go back to all the old activities I use to love and try some new ones.  I closed my eyes today and imagined myself on a bikini on a jet ski!  I thought about horseback riding on a normal sized horse.  I started to imagine what it would feel like to surf in my new goal bathing suit.  I imagined white water rafting in a wetsuit that shows the good lumps instead of the bad ones! I imagined myself running in a cute little sports bra tank showing off beautiful new muscles.  I closed my eyes and imagined latin dancing gracefully with Ely. 

Then I laughed... because regardless of what weight I am I will still be a klutz and probably step on his feet. Maybe with practice and a new body I will get better. At least when I do step on them it won't hurt as much when I am 100lbs lighter =)

Have faith, visualize being at goal, and stay on plan!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

I look forward to replacing these googled pictures of the ones below with real pictures of me in the future!


I gotta get through this.....

I am so physically drained from work and out of steam right now. Working on the opening of a new tower that doubles the size of my hospital.  Spent most of my day working on setup and troubleshooting issues over in the new pathology area. 

As an IT Analyst I typically deal with more software specific support/implementation stuff but during this project everyone in IT is wearing lots of caps.  I spent about 12 hours running back and forth between buildings, running cables, working with telecom (phone people), crawling around floors, and setting up dictation/transcription workstations.

The next couple weeks and more specifically the next few days are only going to get even more exciting and challenging for me both mentally and physically.  I have to work through the entire weekend too.  Few hours on Sat. to help get our registration folks in the new digs.  I then go back in on Sunday at 5am for the big patient move.  Will be side by side with our registration/transfer folks and making sure the system reflects the movement of each patient as the transport teams pass by us.  90% of our inpatients including our ICU will be moving to there beautiful new private rooms in the new tower on Sunday.  

The planning for this project has been going on for a few years but the stress and hours have been building every day for the last few months. This Sunday is the day where all the planning and prep will pay off.  The following days after will also include working directly on the nursing floors and in the new operating rooms.  IT will be providing support for about 15 new systems along with the opening of this building. The technology is just amazing.  For me it means long days and coming in a few hours earlier than I am use to coming in to work.  I do get a break on the 24th but on call on Christmas day.  Benefit of being the one Jewish girl on my team =)

I am so thankful I do have MF and have lost over 25lbs now.  Prior to MF I probably wouldn't be able to even be awake typing this blog right now!
MF wise I'm doing great with 5/1 still  Getting my meals in every 2-3 hours. Doing 3 infusers a day for that much needed extra kick. Logging everything. Taking time to break and eat meals properly whenever possible. 

Specific to today my numbers are just eh (see below).  I didn't get the green in tonight. I just couldn't stomach it.  Had a couple boca burgers so that put me on the higher end of my carb range.  Cooked some green but only had two bites of my veggies before I was feeling sick to my stomach. I did manage to get my calories up by having 1 TB of peanut butter a few minutes ago but I'm done for the night now.  Finished off my last MF meal for the day - hot chocolate.  Went well with the PB. 

This is the 1st time I have not gotten a full L&G in since starting on MF and that does bother me. I need to stay strong right now.  I gotta get through this as the song says =)  I need to get good rest. I will stay on plan.  It's real life hard times just like this that really test the behavior changes that I have been making. I can't let missing this 1 L&G domino into going further off plan just because I'm overtired, stressed out, my tummy is upset, and my body is hurting. 

Since I've been so physically active during the day I have taken the last two days off of workouts.  Playing that by ear.  As soon as I get past this coming week, get my energy back, and things settle down I will resume full workouts again.  Looking forward to joining a gym in a couple more weeks too.

I need some good vibes and virtual support sent in my direction!!! 
I gotta get through this =)

Calories 892.4
Calories from Fat 219.2
Total Fat 24.4  g
Saturated Fat 4.4  g
Cholesterol 37  mg
Sodium 2095  mg
Total Carbohydrate 93  g

Dietary Fiber32  g
Sugars28.5  g
Protein98.2  g
Vitamin A7565  IU
Vitamin C90  mg
Calcium1654  mg
Iron28  mg

Spinning Workout - Tracks listed on FB

Morning MFers -  Posted my spinning tracks I worked out to on FB this morning. Feel free to add me if you want to check them out.  Did a little resistance training after as well. Then had my MF orange cream 70 shake.

Off to hit the shower and then in for a long day at work.

Hope everyone has a great day OP!


5/1 - automatic now

I'm kind of in the daily grind of just doing the day to day stuff on 5/1 and staying 100% OP.  It just seems so automatic and routine to me now.   I'm finding it really easy regardless what environment is thrown at me.  For example this weekend we had a birthday party for one of Ely's nieces at Chuckie Cheese.  I drank water the whole time and had a smores crunch bar when the kids had cake without much thought.  Ely's brother asked me if I wanted some pizza and I said no with ease.  Not tempted at all.  Besides that Chuckie Cheese pizza has got to be the worst pizza around.  Just the day prior I had made my own MF pizza version that was way better...

 1 large portabello shroom cap, 1 oz RF Kraft moz cheese, 2 TB salsa..

I looked for ways to be active while I was there - i.e. - trying out the dance dance revolution like game they had, playing the hoops game, etc.   Have had major pain with TOM so overall it was a fairly low key weekend. Did not do much exercise as i wanted but that was fine. Got in some much needed rest and took iron supplements, lots of hot showers, used heating pad, advil.  Today feeling better but my mood is off. Just don't feel like myself.  Managing pain with Advil. 

Have a great week OP! 


Miserable TOM (1st time in 6 months)

Oh joy! Irregular for most of my adult life.  When it does come the pain knocks me down for an entire day to several.  I am going to just try to welcome it and see it as a sign as my body cleaning itself out and getting healthier.  I was hoping that I was prematurely done with this for good at age 39 but so be it.  Drinking some kava tea and trying to relax.  I'm guessing the 25lbs down triggered it but who knows.  

On the plus side no cravings but even if I had them I would remain 100% on plan. Just had a smores crunch for breakfast.  Yummy!

25 lbs in 6 weeks

25 lbs in six weeks.  What a transformation!  Thank you MEDIFAST!
More importantly thank you my Medifast friends!  I've learned so much from you.

I guess the exercise and increased water intake helped to boost my weight loss this week.  15 more lbs until onderland!

Have a great day OP! Happy Friday! Be a rock star today and kick some butt!

You spin me right round like a record baby right right round round..

10 min warmup
35 minutes of spinning (to great tunes) at a moderate pace 
10 minutes of basic cool down yoga stretches
525 calories burned

Pretty sweaty, back a bit sore. Right now I feel good. This was my 1st real workout on my own in a long time. 

I have been toying with basic 10-20 minutes of cardio the last couple weeks in physical therapy 2x per week.  I was discharged from physical therapy on Monday of this week and given permission to move into more regular workouts on my own or join a gym.  She said to ramp up easy and pay attention to muscle recovery. I will go for it on my own for a few weeks and see how it goes. After that have my eye on a gym not far from where I work in downtown Baltimore.

MF Week 6 ends tomorrow and I weigh in! Yay.  I feel pretty good about this week overall. We will see if the scale gods are on my side or not. In either case will report back my NSVs too.

Exercise Plan for MF Week 7
(This is the first time since starting MF that I am planning a full week in advance)
Fri -  Yoga/PT stretches  + 20 min of resistance training
Sat - 10 min warm up + 45 min of Spinning + 10 min PT stretches
Sun - PT stretches only + optional walking outdoors (brrr)
Mon -  10 min warm up + 45 min of Spinning + 10 min cool down
Tue -   Off
Wed - Yoga/PT stretches  + 20 min of resistance training
Thu - 10 min warm up + 45 min of Spinning + 10 min of Yoga

For resistance training I am going super slow. Will use my pt ball for assorted abdominal and back exercises + Bowflex dumbbells or maybe just my own weight. It will be very light this first week.  Must protect my back!

Goodnight my MF friends!

Smokin Hot! NOT! Join me =)

Hi All -

I have been smoking on and off since my teenage years.  Stopped for a long time but started again once I fell in love with another smoker.  It's been about two out of the four years we have been together that I have been smoking again. 

Enough is enough! Tomorrow I will be six weeks into MF. I am down almost 25lbs but more importantly I feel I have learned some tools from reading the Beck book and just hanging out here that I can apply on stopping this awful habit that will prevent me from obtaining true optimal health.  I am so ready.  I've enlisted a few other smokers in my quest that also are ready to quit.  The date we have picked is December 25th. Another MF'er will be joining us as well soon after the new year. I've already started to taper off over the last couple weeks.  By 12/25 I will be going cold turkey and reporting my progress in my blogs.  So instead of just saying that I am 100% OP expect to also see me reporting 100% smoke free.

Some of the strategies that I will be applying:

  • Logging my progress along with logging my meals
  • Blogging my progress
  • Cheering others on and checking in on them
  • Reading my list of 40 reasons why I want to get healthy and adding an additional list of reasons more specific to smoking.  I will be carrying and post these everywhere as a reminder of the benefits of not smoking.
  • Increasing my water intake everytime I feel the need to take a puff and adding the MF calorie burn infusers to offset any slowing of my metabolism
  • Getting my car a good detail cleaning to get the smoke smell out of it
  • Banning my other half from smoking around me or in the house
  • Advancing my cardio workouts and also getting in more spontaneous exercise if/when I get a craving to smoke.
  • Not going out on smoker breaks with coworkers/encouraging walks with the other folks in my office trying to quit.
  • Giving myself credit for every choice I make not to smoke
  • Idenitfying any sabotaging thoughts related to smoking
  • Identifying triggers
  • Recognizing ways to setup my environment for success and when I can't control my environment finding ways to deal with it (walk away, keeping my hands busy, doing other activities)

I am so excited to give myself this gift and looking foward to all the benefits that go along with finally saying goodbye to smoking forever.  Being on Medifast has given me great stregnth and control over food. Now it is time to apply what I've learned here so when I say I am working towards true optimal health it really means something! 

If you are smoking, on Medifast, and working towards a goal of not just losing weight but becoming of healthy mind and body I encourage you to join us.. NOW!  Don't make excuses that you are going to focus on your weight first because really what we are doing here isn't so much about weight as it is about getting healthy for the long term. Right?  Why not leverage all these skills we are learning while they are fresh in our heads? Why not take advantage of this support community of so many positive people that can cheer us on in our efforts towards optimal health? 

If anyone else has tips or ideas that have worked for them if you are an ex-smoker please share them.  Tell me what made you quit and what keeps you from going back.

I will repost this blog in a thread as well so forgive the duplicate message but I want to make sure I reach as many people as possible that may want to join us.

We can do this... together!

On the last night of Chanukah my true love gave to me...

........ a new month's supply of medifast food!  lol  
              (true love = MF HQ/Distribution in Maryland)
Can I tell you how much I love living in Maryland!??  BeSlim auto-delivery with a date of yesterday... It gets to me tonight!  Almost as fast as pizza delivery! Just in time for the last night of Chanukah!  Ok.. maybe not as fast as pizza delivery but you get the idea!  Hopefully that Dallas distribution center that just opened can start to serve the west coast a little better!

I must be OCD or something. I just love opening that box and organizing the little colorful boxes in my pantry! Have half the pantry dedicated to my MF foods. I am that way though when I bring home groceries too.  I have to put it all away and organized.  Now when it comes to laundry and my "leaning tower of pisa" pile of clothes.. ermm well that is a whole different ball game.

Other NSV's today - 
I wore a dress I had hidden in the back of my closet from about four years ago.  It happens to be a 14 petite misses! I can not believe it fit. It has an alternating purple and grey geometric diamond pattern - almost looks like argyle. Very form fitting.  Paired that with a wide black stretch/patent leather belt at the waist. I added a pretty navy blue cardi over it. Finished off the ensamble with some ribbed black tights and cute shoes.  I felt good walking out the door this morning. Really good.  I looked in the mirror and said to myself.. who's that girl?!

When I got to work that was validated with lots of compliments from co-workers today. Walking in the halls, visiting other departments, bumping into others I had not seen in a few weeks.  It got to be a bit overwhelming at one point when I was amongst a group of other analysts from my team working over in the OR area. They were all commenting/complimenting me at the same time.  You look great. love your dress, love the new hair. For a few people that know I am on MF they also added in .. wow, you can really tell now you are losing weight.  Boy does that feel good to hear.

For those that may have not had a co-worker, friend, or family member compliment them today.  I am complimenting YOU! Congrats for making your health and well being a priority. It is paying off each day you continue to work towards that goal with each healthy choice you make!

Ms 100% OP kinda sort went 98% OP today

Hey All -  
I had a green salad today and wasn't sure what the dressing was on it.  It isn't that much damage but the fact that I made the choice to eat it at all kind of bothers me. Let me set the scene.

Today we were working in the new tower of our hospital that is opening on December 19th. Lots of running around and lots of pc application testing. I had no time to stop for meals. I had a spare box of MF caramel crunch bars in my bag so for MF meals I had that during the running around.  Well let me back up.

I started the morning with a MF shake before I left my house.  10am we were in a meeting so I got an MF bar in.  At noon I was troubleshooting some issues over in our pathology transcription area. Had another bar in between running from pathology back over to our new OR areas in the new tower.  Started testing in the OR areas. At 2:30 our boss says time for a break.  The entire analyst team joined a holiday celebration in the lobby of the new tower.  My plan was to do my greens for the day. There was so much other stuff around but I just ignored it. Didn't bother me. A few hundred people around me were chowin down on turkey, ham, cakes, egg nog, etc.  I went right for the veggie/cheese/cracker table. Ignored the cheese and crackers.  I got a small plate and filled it up with 2 tsp of sour cream dip, 1 cup of celery, 1 cup of raw asparagus. Check.. still on plan.. no problemo.  

I wanted to do more green so after finishing that I went over to the salad bar area and had two choices. One had lots of pasta in it, croutons, and lighter greens. Clearly off plan.  The other had baby spinach / spring mix with craisins and blue cheese.  BOTH appeared to have generous amounts of unknown dressing.  At that point I should have backed away and just gone back to the other table and got more veggies but I didn't. 

How they heck am I going to log this not having a clue what dressing is on this? I know this is not really on plan. But it's salad.. I reasoned.  But no.. it probably has too much dressing.  But it could be worse... OK.. so I picked out most of the blue cheese and pushed the crasins to the side of the plate. Yay for me. 

I  put about a cup of the salad on it and ate it. The first bite I confirmed it had too much dressing.

Hmm.. wow this has a ton of dressing on it.  Oh well.  It's salad. I am going to eat it anyway.  Maybe I shouldn't?  This sweet oily dressing is probably loaded with fat and carbs.

I still ate the lettuce anyway. 

My dinner tonight was perfect.  2 eggs plus 1 MSF patty.  No prob. Snack tonight will be a shake.  Numbers look good, calories look good, fat slightly higher than I would like it.  Carbs right where I want them. 

Some of you might think I am crazy for being so black and white in the 5/1 stage but I really do feel like it is the only option for me so even the smallest slip like this I want to examine my thought process and I guess that is what I am trying to do while I write this blog.  Not beating myself up.. ok.. maybe just a little disappointed.  Really I am just trying to understand why I made the choice I made and the sabotaging chatter that was going on in my head at the time.  I had an alternative option. The better choice would have been to go back for more celery and asparagus but that didn't even enter my mind until now.

Pre-MF Me would have had egg nog, cakes, turkey, stuffing, etc.
Pre-MF Me would have not paid attention at all to my thoughts.
I like MF Me =)

I know I am on the right track still but want to make sure this doesn't domino into giving myself more slack on plan.  If I don't know what I am eating 100% I really don't want to eat it! I like having the control over the food I put in my mouth at this stage and I don't want to have to guess or estimate when I log the food!

Hope everyone had a great day OP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crashed early and woke up at 11:45! Ran downstairs in a panic to get my last MF meal in-- Brownie. Just made it before midnight. Pheeeeeew.   

Had good din last night. I made psssssgheeeeeeti squash with some meatless meatballs. Hmm isn't meatless meatballs an oxymoron?

Finding myself a bit low on steam yesterday. Wondering if it had anything to do with adding in spinning in the morning. Will take off this morning since it is already late now and get my cardio in during the evening after I get home from the hospital. 

Happy Hump Day! Have a good OP day today =)


Dreaming, Brave, or Just Crazy?

I am counting down the days now until  our vacation . As mentioned in my last blog we are having a family reunion officially scheduled in Malibu in May.  I know it is a long way off but I wanted some more tangible in your face motivation to keep me going.  I found a really cute bathing suit on the Athletica Gap site and ordered it. 

 It was on sale so I figured what the heck.  If it fits.. great.. if not maybe it will eventually.  Just a little worried about the torso length since I am only 5'4 but will give it a try. I am going to hang it up in my home gym to keep me going during the workouts.  That alone was worth the $29.99!!

Did real morning cardio for the first time in a while. Got the ok for my physical therapist. She discharged me last night and told me I could move on.  I was up at the crack of dawn and onto the spin bike while blasting some good tunes.  I kept it really light. Very little resistance except when I was off the seat.  I didn't keep track of time or check my heart rate.  I just listened to about 5 songs so  I estiamte about 20 minutes.  Going to stick with the 20 minutes for three days and if I still don't have any back pain after that I will bump it up to 30.  Also adding in 15 minutes of resistance training focusing on mostly back/abs.  At night I am going to start some gentle yoga.

Hope everyone is able to stay warm and is having a great day OP!



166 Days Until Malibu Vacation

Confirmed vacation last night with my mom.  It's a while off - 166 days from today to be exact.  We are all headed to Malibu for a mini-family reunion and will finally be visiting my brother and his kids.  I am so excited. She rented an amazing house for the week.  This vacation serves even more motivation for me because I will be wearning summer clothes, going to the beach, and I may even attempt to try some surfing if the waves are good. Surfing = means I need to probably wear a body glove skin tight spring wetsuit. I think the ocean water will be chilly at that time.  On this, one of the coldest few days we have had in Baltimore, it warms me up!  Will monitor airline tix prices after the new year and then grab a couple for us when they go on sale.
My mom sounds equally excited.  She lives in very cold downtown Chicago right now.   Pre-MF I would have dreaded a trip like this and now I just can't wait. Visualizing myself in a bathing suit, being closer to my goal, and most importantly being with family that I have not seen in over a year! Check out the pics of the house she rented.  It is my dream house! I am never going to want to leave............

Malibu house rental - The house at night

Malibu house rental - Main living room with fireplace & home theater
Malibu house rental - 2nd living room/lounge view ocean, canyons & bay
Malibu house rental - Fully equiped kitchen & dining areaMalibu house rental - Private rooftop with spectacular viewsMalibu house rental - Rooftop fireplace & outdoor kitchen/BBQMalibu house rental - Sunset on the roof deckMalibu house rental - Master bedroom with fireplace & ocean viewMalibu house rental - Guest suite with canyon views, balcony and privateMalibu house rental - HouseMalibu house rental - Master bathroom with jacuzzi, tile shower & oceanMalibu house rental - Garden & playgroundMalibu house rental - Sunrise in Winter

We lost 600lbs...

... OF CLOTHES... lol  
Goodwill is going to be happy.  What is max tax deduction?  I am donating all kinds of stuff as is Ely.  In my case it is a ton of clothes that are falling off me. Pretty much anything that has an X in it other than a few misses XL items plus outdated or worn out stuff.  Even the summer stuff I got rid of because I know by summer it will all be too big.  Man it felt so good.  I know.. if you didn't know me and were new to reading my blogs you saw the tittle of this blog probably thinking a couple lost 600lbs of scale weight but can I tell you.. purging these clothes out of my life probably felt almost as good as that. It is like 600lbs of weight got lifted off my shoulders.

To celebrate the cleaning out of the closets,  Ely and I picked up his parents and had a fantastic day of shopping. I picked a big mall where we could get some serious walking in along with the shopping - Arundel Mills. Went to Modell's and got some new Nike and Under Armor gear for the gym and cold weather gear for workouts outside.  We got Chanakah gifts for Mom B-  new winter jacket and Dad B - new sneakers. They were thrilled. Then Ely and I cleaned up at Gap Outlet. I got a handful of sweaters and shirts.  Picked up some pants too. I had not bought pants at a store in ages. Always was ordering online from Jessica London/Avenue. 

It seems I am between a 16-18 in gap regular pants. Picked up a pair of black ones for work just to hold me over. Shirts and sweaters I went a little crazy.  I got a few XL, a whole bunch of Large, and even got 1 Medium long sleeve shirt. ALL FIT NOW! The medium is skin tight but  I figured it would be good for layering and holding in jigggggggggggggily stuff. 
Ely picked up a beautiful new winter pea coat. Plus some sexy gap jeans and shirts. He looks very handsome in his new outfits. We did a little walk the runway thing when we got home. It was cute. Ruby Roo and Bupkus joined in by barking the cheers.

We must have walked about 5 miles at the mall with pretty heavy bags. My back feels it right now. Took a break about 2 hours into our trip at the mall and went to Chili's.   Waiter came and I asked for tea and hot water. Whipped out my MF creamy chicken soup and mixed it up.  Then I ordered the SMALL house salad - hold the cheese, dressing, croutons. Instead I had them bring me some salsa. I used 2tb for dressing and dumped in some jalapenos.  Perfect green for the day and still gave me that spicy tex mex fix.   Even practiced leaving stuff leftover on the plate.
More firsts for me on MF. First time eating out in a restaurant since going on MF at the end of October. I was victorious!  Not tempted by all the greasy fatty foods everyone else ordered one bit.  I did move the molten lava cake advertisement to the other side of the table when I sat so I didn't have to look at it but I doubt that would even bother me. I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to stare at it... just in case.

So many great NSVs and firsts this weekend.  It feels so good to be alive. Ohhh.. forgot to mention when we walked into Ely's parents house his father told me how great I was looking. It felt so good to hear that from him. You have to know this man. He means what he says and says what he means. Tells it like it is good or bad. He is old school. Moroccan born Israeli ex- New Yorker. A compliment from him is completely authentic. My future inlaws are so supportive and encouraging. They have been cheering me on since day 1.  I am blessed to have them in my life.

For anyone struggling this weekend please don't give up!  There is so much to look forward to when you start to get back your healthy mind and healthy body.  The two really go hand in hand.  Think of all the firsts to celebrate like the ones I shared in this blog. It feels like being a little kid again.  Everything is all shiny and new.  Just a wonderful feeling and oh so worth staying on plan 100%.  If I can stay on plan in a Tex Mex place then anyone can!


It ain't like football. You can't make up no trick plays

A wise Yogi once said - It ain't like football. You can't make up no trick plays.   Of course I am speaking about Yogi Berra. 

I had my 1st really big holiday party since going on MF.  Lots of fav foods and wines.  Last night at the Latkepalooza party there were no trick plays made up. I went by the book. I ate my LG just before walking out the door.  I planned and brought an MF bar. I played out in my head how the whole night would go before it happened.  When everyone dove into the food I ate my bar proudly and radiantly feeling wonderful about my progress so far. I kept a full glass of water in hand all night and later, after I had sipped five large glasses of water and wanted to pee my brains out, I went to my dear friend and host and asked her for a cup of herbal tea.  I sat with my tea planted away from the food in the spot furthest away from the table.  Didn't even glance what was on the table. All learned. All planned. 

Yogi was also a talker behind the plate. He used to talk to the opposing batters in order to distract them. Hank Aaron tells the story about the 1958 World Series, with Yogi behind the plate. Yogi kept telling Aaron to 'hit with the label up on the bat'. Finally Aaron turned and said "Yogi, I came up here to hit, not to read."

I kept my mouth busy by talking and savoring my friends instead of the food. I distracted the opposing batter in my head. It did get pretty loud once too.

Ely walked over right where I was sitting with a giant cream puff he purchased for the BARCs  charity.  You see my girlfriend always picks one charity a year for this party and we donate to that cause if we want to donate. It's considered a mitzvah (good deed).  This year a bakery made some additional baked goods to donate to BARCs.  She lives on 34th street in the heart of Hamden, MD aka The Christmas Street. Amazing. Filled with the best lights in Baltimore and feels more like Disney! Check it out:    She let the BARCs folks set up a table on her front lawn to take advantage of all the foot traffic. Ely went out to buy a few items and brought them back in. 

Ok I digress. The point is I was thinking in my head OMG that looks so freakin good. I started to reason.. oh and for a good cause too.  I immediately counteracted the thought with a healthy thought and action. 

THE THOUGHT - I love myself too much to go off plan.  There is no other option. 

THE ACTION -  Telling Ely to give $20 bucks for me and that they could resell my share to make more money.

I gave myself credit.  I began to savor feeling confident in my new slightly smaller outfit, looking good, feeling good, and making good choices.  With one close girlfriend that asked I spend time sharing a little more detail about MF.

Yogi went on to become a Fifteen-time All Star, winning the AL MVP three times, in 1951, 54 and 55. He played in 14 World Series and holds numerous World Series records including most games by a catcher (63), hits (71), and times on a winning team (10), first in at bats, first in doubles, second in RBI's, third in home runs and BOB's. Yogi also hit the first pinch hit home run in World Series history in 1947.

When I got home after the party I was proud of myself.  I felt so good. I felt like I had won a game in the world series. Although I would have played for the NY Mets and not the Yankees!!!  Ely is the Yankees fan in this relationship.  I'm the Mets fan.  We tell everyone it is a mixed marriage! 

I  woke up this morning at 7am full of energy. No food or alcohol hang over. Alert and ready to start my Sunday.  I got on the scale. I'm at 217.  Two more pounds since my weigh in on Friday morning.  A bonus win.

HAPPY SUNDAY!  Stay on plan today because there is no other choice.


Gadget Girl / MF triggered wish list

I might have to rework a few more milestone goals rewards in. LOL
The list is getting long.......

Tanita Scale  (really need to upgrade the lousy walmart one I got)

Rest can be found on Amazon:
Cuisinart CBT-500FP SmartPower Premier Duet Blender/Food Processor

New Wii Games!:
Zumba Fitness
Just Dance 2
Just Dance 

PRODUKT Milk-frother, Coffee & tea for work! 

Cuisinart WM-SW2 Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill 

New gym membership @ MAC HarborEast

1st Vlog added & Latkepalooza Party Tonight..

Hey All - 
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far.
Had major pampering me time today.  Got the nails done and had a much needed haircut.   Also took time to upload my 1st vlog. Inspired by watching others and got brave.

Ely and I have a Chanukah party tonight at my dear friends house. 
She has this "Latkepalooza" party every year and we always go.  Except this year I will be 100% OP and on Medifast.  A little anxious because I know the smells of the latkes (potato pancakes),  sufganiyot (doughnuts), and other sweets may make me a little crazy.  The fried food is a big part of the holiday to symbolize the oil that lasted for eight days.  More details about the holiday and tradition here:

I plan to eat my L&G prior and then bring an MF Brownie with me.  No big deal. It is usually all about food, friends, the holiday, food, food, food!  This year I will make it all about the friends and the holiday only and avoid the delish spread.  If it gets too much Ely and I have super secret code for it's time to go! Many of these friends I have not seen since early summer or even longer.  It will be good to catch up.  We usually have a dreidel spin off contest and get little prizes.  She also has a table filled with menorah's. So beautiful! Pretty much everyone at the party that wants to light a candle can.  Then one person leads us in the blessing while we finish up lighting all of them.  These are the blessings:

Blessing over Candles
Hebrew MIDI
Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
Blessed are you, Lord, our God, sovereign of the universe
asher kidishanu b'mitz'votav v'tzivanu
Who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us
l'had'lik neir shel Chanukah. (Amein)
to light the lights of Chanukkah. (Amen)

Blessing for Chanukkah
Hebrew MIDI
Barukh atah Adonai, Eloheinu, melekh ha'olam
Blessed are you, Lord, our God, sovereign of the universe
she'asah nisim la'avoteinu bayamim haheim baziman hazeh. (Amein)
Who performed miracles for our ancestors in those days at this time


Week 5 Weigh In Results

Grand Total :  -21.
This week:  -1

I posted more details about my week in the Beck thread. Great thread. I encourage you to read it. Thanks to Blondie for getting it going!

Why I changed my profile pic?
This is my fav pic after my RNY weight loss surgery.
I think it may be one of the only pictures if not the only in my adult life, in a pool, in a bathing suit, with a grin as big as Cheshire Cat (Alice in Wonderland)

It's 5 years old and a reminder this week.

This picture is inspirational for me.  It was taken when I was actually at a weight loss surgery conference in Richmond, Virgina with folks I met off the boards.  I abandoned these good people and divorced myself from that community wanting to be normal.  What a mistake.  Delusional thinking... Sabotaging thinking...  I  thought I could function like a normal non-food addict/person with an unhealthy relationship to food. I was actually 40 lbs shy of my goal at the time.

I know this time is different. I am doing so many things that are different. I like me so much more these days.  I am keeping my support system strong here and I am not going to let you guys go. I know I need you now and even more later.   I am planning for the future on how to maintain even at this early stage.  I finally know with all my heart, mind, and soul that I will be working at this for the rest of my life. It will continue to be a daily battle won only choice by choice.

Have a great week on plan! Hang in there!  We can do this together.

My Scale God Serenity Prayer: On The Eve Of My Wk 5 Weigh In

Scale God, 
Grant me the serenity to accept the times you do not change,
The courage to change the things I can 
       in order to continue to stay 100% On Plan,
And the wisdom to know that when my smaller size pants fit despite what it
           says on your display that you can just go F- yourself.

Week 5 weigh in tomorrow. I "think" I might be down a pound for the entire week but I have been 100% on plan. Sodium looks fine but I have been retaining water. My fingers have been swollen every morning for the last week when I get up in the morning.  Have increased my water the last couple days to offset that.  I dug out some clothes that I had stashed away in the far depths of my closet tonight. A handful of them actually fit and the others that don't are still going to go front and center because I know eventually they will all fit!


Kicked A$$ in PT tonight! Endorphin Cloud 9!

How did I celebrate my 1st night of Chanukah?

By kicking some major butt in my physical therapy session after a full day of work and staying 100% OP!  I am on a total endorphin high.   Did 20 minutes walk/sprints on the treadmill. Then my physical therapist had me do assorted core work and resistance training mostly on the Free Motion.  Also practiced lifting up heavy boxes correctly.  Amazing when you actually do the correct form. No pain at all.  Then I did the stationary hand cycle.  I always feel like such a dork on that thing but once you get use to it can be a good upper body/cardio workout. By the end I was sore and did do a little heat therapy but it was a good sore.  She said she will discharge me from PT next week if all goes well. I have some more advanced abdominal/back homework so we will see how that goes. Still need to work on the weakness on my right side. I asked about spinning but she said NO! She won't let me go back to that until I am pain free.  I'll take her advice. 

I did ask for a personal trainer/gym recommendation.  I really want to just keep the ball rolling and max out on at least the 45 min/day we can do on 5/1.  I think at some point or another I've been at every gym in Baltimore City and County except for probably one of the best gyms in the area :
                             MAC -
They have a great rep. She gave me a pass 60 days for $60.  So after she discharges me I will enroll and check it out.  Maybe interview a few MF friendly personal trainers that are willing to work within my parameters after that 60 days expires.  I don't want to just jump right into training without having that extra supervision and take a chance that good old KLUTZ me will risk reinjury.  So psyched. They opened a location not far from my hospital so basically I can keep the same routine going with the Monday and Wednesday workouts I was doing in PT plus add in a Sat. workout.

Ok.. babbled enough tonight.  
Once again HAPPY CHANUKAH to anyone celebrating.

Week 5: Happy Chanukah! Doing good today...

Happy Chanukah to those that celebrate!

Doing much better today.  No aches and pains. Even the right arm seems fine so no need for an xray.  Running around here and there at my hospital since 6:30am. So far got in my 3 MF meals. 

The scale has not moved since my last weigh in.  Actually I'm up a pound.  My carbs since Fri. weigh-in: 78, 80, 97, 90. 100% OP.  Possible it could be due to increased activity in my workday or maybe it is just fluid retention.  Getting in my water but I can do better.  I will focus more on that for the remainder of the day. Taking my time with meals and trying to notice every bite. So far so good.  Have a physical therapy session at the end of the day.  Planning to kick some butt!

Have a great day OP!





Stress, Exhaustion, Broken Bodies, Mindful Eating

I woke up this morning feeling miserable. Mentally and physically exhausted.  My whole body aches. Partially from falling down the stairs half asleep over the weekend.  Partially from the old back injury that I had been recovering from already. Partially from dealing with a sensitive digestive system the last few days.  Partially from my job being more physically demanding and stressful the last few weeks. Partially from lack of sleep.

The fall set me back a few weeks in physical therapy. It's very frustrating. Had to explain my klutz move to my PT about falling down half a flight of stairs in the middle of night when I was wearing some slippery socks and half asleep.  I was embarassed and just mad at myself. She took it easy on me but vowed next session to push me harder.   I was going to start working on more resistance training but instead I ended up just being able to get through a few stretches. It seems I did the most damage to my right arm. She did some testing and now is nagging me to go get an x-ray. I bargined with her and said if I am not better by tomorrow I will go. The fingers in my right hand have been swollen since the fall over the weekend and my range of motion is pretty limited.  

However, none of that pain compares to what happened to my SIL. Last night Ely and I got a call from his brother.  We found out that his wife had a fallen off a ladder and has been hospitalized with a severe concusion as well as several other injuries. She tried to drive to work yesterday thinking she could make it and started throwing up.  She has no memory of the drive. His brother took her to the hospital yesterday. Right now she has some bruising on her brain and some issues with pressure. They are monitoring her closely. Going to go visit her after work. Praying she is ok and has a quick recovery. 

Work is ok today.  I'm able to be at my desk at least for now and taking some time to slow down.  I wish I could just go home, crawl under the covers, and catch up on sleep but duty calls.  I need to suck it up and do the best I can.  The last thing I want to do is work on mindful eating today but that is exactly what I need to do. 

I was inspired today by the blog from COD.  Thanks again for your honesty.

It's times like this when my worst eating behaviors would rear there ugly heads:  stress eating, assorted trigger eating, "speed" eating - eating so fast to try to avoid the guilt of what I was eating, closet eating, or the more recent behavior I developed  "eating around my pouch."  That one deserves some more explanation.

After my RNY, I was doing wonderful until about the 2nd year or so. I slowly developed this new skill. It starts by eating a meal, feeling too full, flushing the food down with water or ice so the fullness goes away quickly, and then rinse & repeat.  I guess you could call it RNY binge eating.  Let's get really honest here. It is pretty similar to how a bulimic would binge and purge.  I don't think I ever made that realization until just today. Thinking about it like that  is a wake up call. I refuse to ever go back to that.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I would sit with Ely, friends, other family and for some reason have the need to match whoever was around me at the time, eating at the same pace, eating the same food, eating the same portions they were eating.  I ignored all the rules I signed off on prior to my weight loss surgery.  For some reason I always felt the need to keep up with the people around me.  Why?  I'm not sure. Need to think about that one some more.  I do know the only way to keep up with them was to wash the food down with as much water as possible and keep eating so that is exactly what I did.  I guess that is how it started. Then I started doing it when no one was around. Eventually I just got use to eating ice after every meal to numb up that tummy.

Oh and how can I forget the grazing.  Another form of eating around my pouch.  With or without an RNY grazing was not that uncommon for me over most of my life. BLT's all over the place. 

I'm noticing much more lately. I'm noticing what I am eating, whats going on in my head, and I'm also noticing how others are eating around me. I noticed Ely standing up in the kitchen, with the frige door open, and eating a chobani strawberry yogurt in about 3 seconds flat last night.  I noticed the actual amount of food he puts on his plate when he eats a meal.  I noticed that sometimes when he gets home from work he eats a huge meal of pasta at 11pm. You know what.. that is ok... FOR HIM.  .  

It's not ok for me to be a follower anymore. It's not ok for ME. 

For now I eat in the safety of my 5/1.  I eat my little packages of healthy goodness.  It's bought me this time to start to divorce myself from following the crowd and my old habits. I am working on developing healthy behaviors around food and for the first time in my life I actually think I am making a little progress. I know... I'm a noob. Just at the beginning of my journey but it's nice that my eyes are finally wide open. I plan to keep them open.

Stress, Exhaustion, Pain, Worry, Upset Stomach,  the scale not moving the last two days....

       NOTHING is going to bring me down today.

                Today I am slowing it down.

                Today I  am practing mindful eating.

                Today I am tasting every bite.

                Today I am observing the thoughts in my head.


Have a great Tuesday OP. 











SF Gum - Had to give it up! Stressful Day @ Work

GUM! I gave it up for at least now.  I have a crazy SF gum habit.  I can't eat just one at a time.  I have to eat two. Then when that goes bad I toss and chew two more.  Well eventually the whole pack is gone before I know it.  When I get stressed out I am really bad about it. Tried to stick with the 1-2 a day but decided I can't handle it.  Soooo.. gone it goes.. at least during 5&1.. and maybe beyond.  I switched over to Listerine Fresh Breath Pocket Packs.  Also trying to drink more water. I carry a water bottle with me every where and keep it full.  Sometiems I fill it with water plus a little SF Davinci syrup.

Man.. stressful Monday at work.  Just super busy. I feel like I am on turbo speed.  Trying very hard to work the Beck program and slow it down.  I had no choice but to have an MF bar stading up mid-morning while on the run. I was working out of the emergency room.  I was actually very lucky to be able to even get the food into my system.  I tried to notice every bite but didn't do such a great job.  Distracted by everything else going on.

I also knew I wasn't going to have time to eat lunch at the normal interval due to another meeting so I had to eat some puffs about an hour after the MF bar.  At least I was able to sit down and take more time. for that meal.  Did I notice every bite.. nope.  Could I have? Probably. Just total food ADD. Thinking of everything but what I was eating. Felt really rushed to just cram it all in and be done with it. This step is going to take some major practice.  I was with a co-worker also sore, tired, worn out.  Her choice for lunch - French Fries.  I was thinking to myself pre-MF.. that totally would have been me. I would have joined her in the fries for lunch too!  Thank gawd for MF!!!

Right now I have about 5 minutes of downtime before I have to head back over to the ICU to meet up with some folks for some more testing in our new building at my hospital. Just taking some deep breaths and decompression time while I can. Logged in to say hi to all of you and blog.

Back is really sore today. Probably from all the running around.  I have physical therapy at 5p and really looking forward to getting a good workout to realse some of that muscle tension.  REALLY looking forward to the heat and  massage =)

Have a great Monday. Stay OP!


Ohhh yaaaaah baby.. 20lb milestone

Start :  240
Today: 220
Month 1 =  20 pounds gone forever!

Ok so it took two more days after my real weigh-in day on Friday but as of this morning.. dahh da da daaaaaaaaa.... 20 lbs down! I did it. I made my first milestone and in only 1 month and 2 days.  

My 20 lb milestone reward at will have to wait until my next official weigh in but I am going to go out and get a pair of new running shoes today and have a prelim celebration.                           

            Oh Medifast how I love thee sooo.  
For those just starting... BELIEVE... Follow the plan 100%. IT WORKS!


Argghhh.. Total Klutz..... Pains... (and Poopers)

Oh.....What a freakin night.  It is freezing here in Violetville, Maryland where they say the city blooms!? Nothing blooming this time of year in Baltimore.  I went to bed fairly early but woke up and came downstairs to make a cup of herbal tea to warm myself up.  Actually woke up from being cold and I have the heat on 70 and a down comforter, full sweats, tee, and a sweatshirt and socks on. 

I was groggy and I am a born klutz to begin with anyway. One of my goals is to move more gracefully.  Losing weight might help but I think it is genetic. So I get my socks on half asleep, I walk to the stairs to go downstairs,  end up siding in my socks, missing a step, and go flying down the stairs.  

I twisted my ankle and (PLEASE GOD I HOPE NOT) reinjured my back that was just finally starting to heal after the last month plus in physical therapy for a back injury.  SO MAD! Later today I was going to go out shopping for some new running shoes since I wanted to start back on increasing my exercise this week. Last PT session I was up to walking a mile at a brisk pace so it was time to kick it up a notch more regularly at home.  Crossing my fingers and hoping I will recover asap that I can start that still.  

I screamed my head off when I slid down the stairs and cried like a little baby.  I am a wus with pain.  Ely helped me get up off the landing and had me walk it off with him a bit.  He got me to the couch, sat with me for a bit, and well...  It is 4AM and I am still here two hours later. He and the dogs went up to sleep.  I have ice on my back which now is making me even more cold. I have shooting pains going down my leg probably from the reinjury of my back. I am stuck on the couch. I think I even bruised my thigh cause that hurts and my ankle is absolutely  throbbing.  I am so angry right now.   

Oh it gets better....... You may want to pass this section and move on if this is TMI for you.  

All along  I was telling everyone how my digestive system seems to be working like a charm since MF.  Eliminating fat, sugar, simple cards.. best thing I could do for it.  A wonderful side effect of MF for me especially as a 6 year post bariatric surgery patient.  For the last 2 years it was a daily fight to get my system in balance.  Tried yoga, increasing exercise, saw GI, had EGD, thought I might have some sort of block by my pouch, had a CT, US, .. nothing found.    Dealt with it in acupuncture and  increased my activity......tried to eat healthier but that didn't last.  I got a little better over time but never fully resolved.  Eventually I got the catch all dx of IBS from the GI. I tried specific meds for the IBS but that threw me off even more. Gave up on the meds after a week.  I did an elimination diet for a bit and slowly added stuff back in. That along with acupuncture seemed to do the trick and instead of constant diarrhea it became more sporadic but still weekly.  A wonderful. wonderful side effect of MF seemed to be my true cure.  Even as early as this morning I was writing to fellow MF'er StaceyLou about the advantage of being 100% OP is that my digestive system was working like a charm.  

WTH? I think I jinxed myself or something. I've been constipated all day since that email.  Bent over with cramping.  I NEVER have had constipation issues.  My issue was always the reverse.  I guess it is the higher protein, less food, etc. So I took this gummy fiber supplement, took a chewable bariatric advantage probiotic which I will now start to take regularly, drank lots of water. Eventually gave in and told Ely to pick me up a Fleet because by evening I was really miserable. That hardly worked too. I still feel totally clogged up.  Thus the other point of coming downstairs again and getting some herbal tea and more fluids. 

UGH... just ranting here I guess cause I am miserable.. AND EVERYTHING HURTS!

I am now also stressing out also because I have a busy Monday and the entire rest of the work week at my hospital. We open a new building in a few weeks which doubles the size of our hospital.  The activities Monday requires me to be on my feet, lots of walking, bending, standing, sitting, moving from PC to PC doing assorted application testing all day long with the other IT Analysts on my team. I have to get up around 5am tomorrow morning  - so almost 24 hours from now and get there early pain or no pain.   I could use a miracle healing right now.

I will try to  go to sleep soon and pray I wake up ok later. Reminding myself that MF is working and that this physical pain and frustration is temporary.  Trying not to stress about work tomorrow and just deal with right now.  I will be ok.  I might be in pain and SORE AS <insert F bomb here> but I will live.   I am not turning to food to numb any pain or feelings though. Maybe a month ago before MF I might have done that. I am not even the slightest tempted to do it.   I am drinking some Yogi Kava Stress Relief Herbal Tea and taking deep breaths.  Owwwww

Deep Thoughts: Ending the Yo-Yo Cycle/Beck Workbook

I got it! I got it! I got it!  So excited. My Beck workbook was at my doorstep today when I got home from work. Amazon delivered it pretty fast. I am going to start it this weekend and will start to blog about it as well as post in the thread on the message boards with the others that are doing the six week program.  It looks great.  It is exactly what I was looking for too.  If you are wondering what I am talking about then check it out here:  There is also a discussion thread that has been started on the message boards.  This isn't the only option out there for this type of work but it looks to be a pretty good tool to start with for now.

This is a big part of what I didn't do after my gastric bypass - learning the skills to address that little battle that goes on inside my head when I make the choices I do each day about my health.  I never really incorporated all the skills I needed to keep the weight off.  Sure I learned some but they didn't stick and I didn't practice them enough. I missed a big part of the whole cognitive/thinking part of the journey. I didn't take that holistic approach to weight loss. Working all sides -  mind, body, and soul. This time is different for me.  I am work towards optimal health from all angles and will gather up as many tools as I can in the process.

My story -  
I stopped following up with the support I needed about a year after my RNY Gastric Bypass weight loss surgery. Totally dropped out of the weight loss surgery community. I went from being a star weight loss surgery patient (leading a weight loss surgery support group, speaking to 1st year medical students about my journey with my surgeon, starting a message board) giving it 100% to total burn out and then denial about regain.  I convinced myself with this new slender sexy body of mine that I could eat like a "normal person"...  whatever that means and not have to pay a price. 

I got burned out. I ran out of steam. I did not know how to get back on on track.  I was so lost. It was as if I forgot I had this "pouch" as a tool and I just gave up.  You would think when someone goes to such drastic measures as permanently altering there digestive tract to get healthy they would never let a huge regain happen or go back to the same behavior that they engaged in prior to weight loss surgery.  Well I am here to tell you it can happen! IT DID HAPPEN.  I have bumped into others on this site that have had this happen to them as well. 

I believe that yo-yo dieters and people who regain weight post weight loss surgery probably all share something in common.  We left out the cognitive and spiritual part of the process. We didn't  address the real core issues surrounding behaviors of turning to food for everything - eating to celebrate, eating when stressed, eating just for the sake that it tasted yummy!  We stopped planning our meals.  We stopped setting ourselves up for success. We stopped asking for help. We sabotaged ourselves and sold ourselves short in our original quest to live a healthy lifestyle that we wanted so bad.   When we decided to risk weight loss surgery we did it not because it was the easy way out but because we thought it was our ONLY way out and that the benefits far outweighed  the risks. 

In my case my regain caught up to me in a big way. I regained 70 lbs of over the 100 plus I had lost after my RNY six years ago. I feel blessed that I came to my senses and had a wake up call to not continue in the direction that I was headed and eventually found Medifast. 

Some people come to Medifast as a last resort before deciding to have weight loss surgery. I am here to tell you that even weight loss surgery alone does not guarantee that you will keep the weight off.  All these programs, pills, diets, etc. are just tools.  If you don't marry that tool
with making the real behavior changes and work on changing your thinking
it will not work.  Sure, it might work for a little while but eventually you will regain and get stuck in a vicious yo-yo cycle or worse yet - just give up all together.  

It is only recently that I finally was able to understand that this battle, this fight against obesity - this is a fight that I will have to fight daily. It is a fight I will have for the rest of my life regardless of what the scale says. It's a fight that I can only win thought by thought. Each and every choice I make is a new opportunity and each and every choice I make counts. It is critical that I choose wisely and with great care.

I really think the Beck book (or any cognitive/thinking type of therapy you choose) is a necessary part of this process.  I believe that when you put it together with Medifast it is a winning combo! Toss a little spiritual (heart/soul) transformation into it and you have much better chance at winning the battle. I think in my case it will be the key to my ultimate success at living a healthy lifestyle and keeping the weight off long term, dealing with setbacks, dealing with getting off track, and knowing how to get right back on track before a few lbs gets back up to 70lbs again.   

Good luck this weekend! Stay OP! 

Happy 1 Month Mediversary To Me!! Results!

Start :  240
Today: 221
Month 1 =  19 pounds gone forever!

Thrilled with the results.  1 more pound until my 20 lbs milestone.
Still 100% OP since day one.

- Pants falling down/down a size or two
- People starting to notice weight loss
- More confident and wearing more fitted clothing
- Boots falling down
- Did Thanksgiving 100% OP with no food coma
- Back Injury 80% recovered 
- Increasing physical activity - some baisc resistance training + light cardio/walking a mile a day
- Increased Energy
- Waking up feeling rested and alert
- Moods leveled off
- Excited about going shopping
- Better outlook on things to come, planning warm weather beach vacations
- 100% improvement in my digestive system

Happy Black Friday!  I'm off to work at least for part of the day!
Maybe by tomorrow I will hit that -20 goal.  Will report back then!

Turkey Day "under"/ on plan + making adjustments

First off I have to say that I've been super rigid since day 1 on MF about what I eat and when I eat.  Today called for some adjusting from the time I woke up to the time I will go to bed tonight.

Ely and I slept in later than expected.  I had to shift my whole day up to be able to get all my MF meals. Not the usual ideal 2-3 hours I try to do but pretty close. 

Let's get to the good stuff...  Thanksgiving Meal at Ely's brothers house.  I planned and planned and planned for T-day.   Well the plan didn't work out exactly 100% and I had to make adjustments here too. 

I was told there would be a plain green salad available and that I didn't need to bring one.   There wasn't.  I did the best I could picking out veggies I knew were pretty safe, low carb but ended up strategically undereating my green to offset the fat calories.     Then I found out Ely's brother prepared the Turkey in the deep fryer this year!  

Here is how it went:

Noon -  MF Smore Crunch Bar

1:30PM - MF Oatmeal Rasin Bar

4:00PM - Thanksgiving Day Meal
- 1/4 cup of green peas  (I was afraid to eat more cause my SIL said she had added just a little bit of butter - how do you calculate a little bit????)
-  1/2 cup Israeli Salad  (mix of raw garlic, chopped tomato, hot green peppers, lemon juice, drop of olive oil)
- 4oz of  white turkey breast meat (removed skin and 1/2 inch of meat close to skin to try to offset for the fact that they cooked it in a deep fryer)
- 1 hard boiled deviled egg

-  In my log I added 1full  tsp of olive oil  figuring between the butter in the peas,  the way the turkey was prepared, the little bit of mayo probably used in the 1 deviled egg, and the little bit of olive oil in the Israeli salad  has to equal at least that amt of added fat calories. 

 7 pm  MF brownie

 9 pm  MF cappuccino

11 pm  MF 55 Shake

Nutrition works out as follows after adding it to my log which keeps me OP:

Calories 926.2
Calories from Fat 180.3
Total Fat 20  g
Saturated Fat 7.6  g

Cholesterol 325  mg

Sodium 1174  mg

Total Carbohydrate

Dietary Fiber25.4  g
Sugars51.1  g
Protein104.3  g
Vitamin A8430  IU
Vitamin C106  mg
Calcium1373  mg
Iron26  mg

Overall I feel  ok about my choices and how I handled the environment. Kind of beating myself up for not just making a green salad that would meet the entire requirements of my green. Next time I know to bring one.   A bit disappointed that I couldn't have roasted turkey instead of  fryer cooked turkey but so be it.  Instead of having 6 oz I had 4 oz hoping to offset the fat damage and ate the 1 deviled egg. to complete my protein serving.  Proud that I adjusted my MF meals even though I woke up late. 

Big Wins:
1) I didn't eat any off plan high carb foods and there were a ton of them on the table!   I didn't even desire them one bit either. Ok.. maybe the sweet potato with the mallows made me drool just a little but I didn't touch them. No stuffing, mashed potato, sweet potato with marshmallows, etc. I was full and satisfied after eating what I did eat.  Felt good to have that self-control.

2)When they laid out a full table of desserts I removed myself and sat in the other room watching football and playing with the kids. No regrets here either.

3)Ely's mom made sabraina which is an Israeli puff pastry dough cake that is soaked in rum. She kept saying that it was a shame I couldn't try some.  It did look yummy.  I told her no worries mom. I will have it next year and she was ok with that answer.

4) Everyone in the house kept pushing me to at least have some fruit since I wouldn't eat any of the other cakes, pies, or the sabriana.  Got the whole fruit is healthy lecture.. come on just have a little. I gave them a simple no about five times. Finally I just explained it is off plan and the sugar in the fruit would make me feel sick. I complemented them on a wonderful meal and told them I was already very full and satisfied by the delish dinner we already ate so no need to eat any fruit. Ely then jumped in for a rescue and said LEAVE HER ALONE already.. You are all a bunch of nudnicks (aka pain the butts). After he said that they left it alone.   LOL

Overall, a pretty wonderful Thanksgiving Day spent with family and a good MF day.  

Congrats to all of those who stayed OP today and made it despite any challenges.  For those that didn't chop chop.. get back OP ASAP!  Break over!   Time to get back to work.  

Dear Everyone -  My warmest, heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you for being a part of my MF Journey. Thank you for your support today and everyday of the year.  Thank you for the comments, the feedback, and the honesty.  I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving however you decided to celebrate!!  


Gobble! Gobble..

This morning the scale was in the 221-ish range and I still have until Friday to weigh in officially.  I can't believe it.. I might actually hit my 1 month MF Anniversary  on Friday at 20lbs down! I am so close I can taste it with my stinky-ketosis-mouth!

I am thrilled to exercise my right at being 100% OP this Thanksgiving so I can continue my streak since MF Day 1.  No anxiety here. I am confident in this decision and really looking forward to seeing everyone almost 20lbs lighter. We are headed just a couple towns over to Ely's brothers house. 

~~~~~~~~TGD Food plan~~~~~~~~~~

Pretty typical but I don't usually eat Turkey and I moved my dinner to mid-afternoon. I've learned that at least trying to plan my day one day in advance helps me stay on track.  This holiday is no exception.  Just another day OP for me.

Breakfast ~ MF Pancakes

Ely is cooking lasagna to bring to his brothers house with us.  I plan to go out for a nice long walk when he starts cooking and maybe even do some shopping if I can find stuff open. Must get some clothes that fit! I've excused myself this year from any meal prep and they are all ok with that.

Mid-Morning ~ Orange Cream Shake (shake it like a polaroid picture)

Lunch ~ MF Chili w/ hot pepper flakes - I like it spicy ( will eat at home just before I go)

Mid-Afternoon ~ 6 oz of white meat turkey +  green salad 

Dinner ~ MF Brownie made with davinci SF raspberry syrup (I will freeze and bring with me)

Evening ~ MF Hot Chocolate mixed with Cawfee (probably will still be at his brothers at that point)


                       ,*^^^^              )
                    _+*                     ^**+_
                  +^       _ _++*+_+++_,         )
      _+^^*+_    (     ,+*^ ^          \+_        )
     {       )  (    ,(    ,_+--+--,      ^)      ^\
    { (@)    } f   ,(  ,+-^ __*_*_  ^^\_   ^\       )
   {:;-/    (_+*-+^^^^^+*+*<_ _++_)_    )    )      /
  ( /  (    (        ,___    ^*+_+* )   <    <      \
   U _/     )    *--<  ) ^\-----++__)   )    )       )
    (      )  _(^)^^))  )  )\^^^^^))^*+/    /       /
  (      /  (_))_^)) )  )  ))^^^^^))^^^)__/     +^^
 (     ,/    (^))^))  )  ) ))^^^^^^^))^^)       _)
  *+__+*       (_))^)  ) ) ))^^^^^^))^^^^^)____*^
  \             \_)^)_)) ))^^^^^^^^^^))^^^^)
   (_             ^\__^^^^^^^^^^^^))^^^^^^^)
     ^\___            ^\__^^^^^^))^^^^^^^^)\\
             ___) >____) >___   ^\_\_\_\_\_\_\)
            ^^^//\\_^^//\\_^       ^(\_\_\_\)
              ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^



Pants falling down.. Pants falling down.. lookin like a fewl..

I had a great weekend 100% OP. OP Warrior!  My weigh in is Friday but I sneaked on the scale after I had tried on some clothes that were falling off me.  I was 222 this morning but I won't offically count it or update my ticker until the end of the week.  Would be nifty if I get to my -20 goal this week.  Just 2 more lbs to go.  Actually more like shocking.  My next weigh in this Friday makes it my 1 month medifastversary.

PANTS FALLING DOWN!  I've had that song in my head all morning.. pants falling down, pants falling down, lookin like a fewl with your pants falling down.  I really need some new pants for work. I was going to go yesterday but decided against dealing with the crowds at the mall. We did some yard work instead.

EDIT: I've been corrected! It's pants on the ground.  Either way I'm glad mine didn't fall that far.  That would be scary.

Happy Monday To All!  Have a great (hopefully short) work week!






Milestone Rewards

Today Ely helped me to come up with a list of some luxurious rewards to treat myself at major milestones.  Talk about some added motivation!!

20 lbs - 220
Top of the line Skin Care Products From My Spalook Wishlist 
Skin Medica TNS System + Kerstian Florian Neuroli Oil  -  MADE GOAL 11/28/10

41 lbs /40th Bday Present/Onderland - Weight: 199
About Faces Day Spa 
Canton, MD
Day of Beauty Package
1 Hr Spa Body Massage, Custom European Facial,Spa Manicure,
Spa Pedicure, Make Up Application and Hair Style

May 2011/Estimate 60lbs  - Weight: About 180
1 week Malibu Beach House Rental For Family Reunion
Gift from my mom in Chicago. She is renting a house not far
from my brother's family in the LA area.
This is the house she is considering
It is so beautiful!! Check out the  pictures:

80 lbs - Weight: 160
Surprise Romantic Weekend Away with Ely
He is planning the trip. Oohh la la.. need to add Victoria Secret preliminary sexy outfit purchase to bring with me.

100-115 lbs @ Goal-  Weight: 140 -125
3 Day Weekend Trip in the best city in the world: NYC 
    Wardrobe Makeover Shopping Spree
    Hair and Makeup Makeover
    Photo Shoot by Photographer Friend 
    Night out Dancing
          Gift to Ely for supporting me - YANKEES TIX


40 Reasons Why I want to drop the pounds!

It is a great tool to work on the mental/cognitive part of your journey and gain those tools to help you keep it off.

Joined a great thread on message boards here:

As a result of participating in the Beck Book Discussion group I am going to post a more comprehensive list on the reasons why I want to lose weight and keep that list in multiple places. Per the book - going to put it on an index card and carry it with me as well.

40 reasons why I want to loose weight (and maintain that loss)

1) improve my overall health
2) lower my risk for disease 
3) feel energized and have more overall stamina
4) feel confident in my own body in all environments 
5) wear a bathing suit and not dread pool parties
6)  travel the world and had have more active vacations 
7) to live a long life with those I love
8) feel more attractive
9) look good naked/better sex with my partner
10) dance with confidence
11) better protection against injury
12) walk into almost any store and not worry if I can find something that will fit me
13) participate in team sports with friends (softball, basketball, baseball)
14) feel stunning on my wedding day/wear a "normal" size wedding dress
15) feel sexy wearing sexy lingerie
16) to not be horrified at seeing current pictures of myself
17) to try new things that I couldn't do when I was obese
18) so that getting dressed in the morning is a joy and not a chore
19) to welcome the onset of summer and less clothing
20) less legs to shave
21) to become more advanced at yoga 
22) try downhill skiing
23) go horseback riding again
24) do some real hiking and climbing
25) try surfing again and other water sports
26) to become better at spinning
27) to ice skate and rollerblade without ankle and knee pain
28) to fit into seats comfortably - broadway show, airplane, skimpy lawn chairs
29) so a regular sized towel goes all the way around me
30) so I can take advantage of my natrual flexibility and my tummy doesn't get in the way
31) to sleep better and wake up feeling rested and alert
32) better moods
33) so I can say my weight/body fat/size to others out loud with pride
34) to show others that it is possible and share this gift to help them as well
35) to run, skip, hop, jump without fear like a child again
36) to play with my dogs for hours on end - tossing ball, walks, park
37) to move more gracefully and not be such a klutz
38) to end yo-yo dieting forever
39) to feel and look both lean and powerful/show off my muscles
40) to age more gracefully

Home... Alone

Beautiful Saturday! You know I really love and use to hate this day of the week.  It's the one day that I get the house all to myself.  Ely has an auto repair shop so he works 6 days a week on most weeks.  It's me and the dogs.  I usually am home all day long. I lounge, read, catch up with friends online, watch movies, shop, clean house, etc.  Before MF, a mere three weeks ago, this was also the day I use to overeat like crazy and be a total couch potato. I'd graze and snack on whatever was around all day long.                                            
                                 NO MORE! Not today.

Today, I feel confident that I will remain 100% OP just like I have every day since day one.  My digestive system has improved so much. I have more energy than I have had in ages and my back seems to be making a full recovery! 

I don't have permission yet from my physical therapist to start back on a full exercise program other than basic stretching. I say this as I am staring right at my elliptical, top of the line spin bike, and bowflex dumbells that have been calling my name. They were making expensive clothes racks/dust collectors the last couple years.  

Melanie, my physical therapist, did say that next week she will give me some bands to take home to start slowly on resistance training and building back up my core.  She has limited me to 10 minute walks daily. When I saw her on Thursday I kicked our session up a notch and did a brisk walk on the treadmill a 3.0 - 3.2 mph for 10 minutes.  She also pushed me a little harder on some more advance stretches and even some resistance training with the bands. I asked if I could take them home then but she  wanted me to wait and see how my back recovered from that session.  If ok, she said she was going to give me the go ahead to start some daily resistance training with just the bands.

Well.......GUESS WHAT!? No recovery needed. I was never sore from the session... at all.  A little tightness but no pain, no need for advil anymore, no need for muscle relaxers! Whhoooo hooo.  It looks like my back has healed. God I hope so.  

Today I am going to get out this afternoon, put on some great ipod tunes, put on my sneaks, and go for a nice brisk walk - just 15 minutes. If still no pain then tomorrow I am going to add 5 minutes, the next day 5 more, and so on until I get up to 45 minutes.   Hopefully by next week I will be back to a little light resistance training and doing some 45 minute walks!  I have an old Polar heart rate monitor/watch to dust off as well.  I will use that to make sure I don't let my heart rate get to high and keep it in the fat burn range. It shouldn't be that hard right now after being a couch potato for so long.

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

Happy Friday - 3 Week Weigh In

Updated ticker......  225 this morning!

2 more pounds down and still OP 100% from day 1
25 lbs to go until my 40 x 40 Bday Goal on March 24th (18 weeks)

3rd Week NSV's
- Recovering faster from Physical Therapy Sessions for Injured Back 
- Much more energy and looking forward to moving my body more
- Healthier digestive system - best it has been in 6 years since my RNY
- Pants are getting too big
- New friends here @ MF
- Better outlook/looking forward to assorted vacations/events
- Realizing just how good it feels to be doing this 100% with all my heart, soul, and mind!

Have a great day on OP!

I feel good.. I feel REALLY good!

Just snuck down from my office to do a physical therapy session from 10am to 11am.  So great to work at a hospital where you can sneak away and get your own treatment in! Shh.. don't tell on me.. lol

Never underestimate sleep! Sleep is an amazing healer.  I actually slept 9 hours last night with no muscle relaxers I might add.  I was full of energy in physical therapy. I walked at 3.2 mph for 10 minutes = half mile.  Also, did more advanced stretches and then my PT even started me on some resistance training.  This is a huge accomplishment for me and great progress considering it was just a month ago that I injured my back and could hardly walk, sleep, or work.

Since my back seemed to recover much faster after the last  PT session I really wanted to push it in this session.  Crossing my fingers I  made the right choice and will get the same results. If all goes well I should only be sore later tonight and maybe tomorrow morning when I wake up.   I tell ya.. just that 10 minutes of brisk walking and getting my heart rate up did wonders.  It really lifted my mood today. I think I am still on the endorphin high.. lol

I switched up my meal plan a bit today too. Breakfast I had the soft serve cawfee... mmmm mmmm.   On my mid-morning meal and having my full lean right now.  6oz of chicken I cooked last night with some greek spices in MF chicken noodle soup. Good post "mini" workout meal.  Tonight I'm just going to have my green for din.  I'll probably do cauli-tatos and chives. Maybe a green side salad too.  

I bought a pretty red 24 oz water bottle to work today. I filled it up with water and a splash of the watermelon sugar free davinci syrup. Very refreshing. Will sip that between meals and try to refill it up once more before I leave work today. 

Tomorrow is my 3rd week weigh-in.  I sneaked a few peaks this week.. I know bad girl.  Regardless of what it says I feel good knowing I've been 100% on plan and am doing everything in my power to stay relaxed and focus on my goals towards optimal health.

Have a great day OP!





A mindless eater wake up call.......

Just because we are a nation of mindless eaters does not mean I have to be a mindless eater.  

I was reading about a study tongiht that was done at Cornell University that estimates a person makes over 200 food choices in a day and most of that is from factors that we don't notice. So why have I not noticed  (or ignored it) until now?

We all know that we live in a society that constantly sets us up for failure when it comes to making  healthy choices. We see pictures of size 2 models that sends a message that this is our standard of beauty and then we are offered up big macs and doughnuts as a standard cuisine.  Portion sizes keep getting bigger and the crappy food keeps getting cheaper.  Health costs keep rising and the diet industry is making a fortune off all of us.  This isn't new info.  However, what I am realizing is that if I am going to win my personal battle against obesity then I need to start to really digest what is happening in the world around me as well as what is going on internally.  Maybe if I look at the big picture from time to time that will also help me to stay on plan and guide me in making the better choices moving forward.

Did you know that recently the CDC reported that nine states now have a rate of over 30% obesity.  They also stated an additional 2.4 million adult Americans aged 18 an over entered the obese category between 2007 and 2009.  Another recent studies from the CDC states,
"the current generation of children is expected to be the first to have a shorter life span than their parents."
SUPER SIZE ME?! NO THANK YOU!  Not anymore.....

Fast food facts from the Super Size Me Web site

  • Each day, 1 in 4 Americans visits a fast food restaurant
  • In 1972, we spent 3 billion a year on fast food - today we spend more than $110 billion
  • McDonald's feeds more than 46 million people a day - more than the entire population of Spain
  • French fries are the most eaten vegetable in America
  • You would have to walk for seven hours straight to burn off a Super Sized Coke, fry and Big Mac
  • In the U.S., we eat more than 1,000,000 animals an hour
  • 60 percent of all Americans are either overweight or obese
  • One in every three children born in the year 2000 will develop diabetes in their lifetime
  • Left unabated, obesity will surpass smoking as the leading cause of preventable death in America
  • Obesity has been linked to: Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Adult Onset Diabetes, Stroke, Gall Bladder Disease, Osteoarthritis, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Endometrial, Breast, Prostate and Colon Cancers, Dyslipidemia, steatohepatitis, insulin resistance, breathlessness, Asthma, Hyperuricaemia, reproductive hormone abnormalities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired fertility and lower back pain
  • The average child sees 10,000 TV advertisements per year
  • Only seven items on McDonald's entire menu contain no sugar
  • Willard Scott was the first Ronald McDonald - he was fired for being too fat
  • McDonald's distributes more toys per year than Toys-R-Us
  • Diabetes will cut 17-27 years off your life
  • McDonald's: "Any processing our foods undergo make them more dangerous than unprocessed foods"
  • The World Health Organization has declared obesity a global epidemic
  • Eating fast food may be dangerous to your health
  • McDonald's calls people who eat a lot of their food "heavy users"
  • McDonald's operates more than 30,000 restaurants in more then 100 countries on 6 continents
  • Before most children can speak they can recognize McDonald's
  • Surgeon General David Satcher: "Fast food is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic"
  • Most nutritionists recommend not eating fast food more than once a month
  • 40 percent of American meals are eaten outside the home
  • McDonald's represents 43% of total U.S. fast food market

A reminder to me.....

As each day passes 
with each choice I make
to stay on plan
I grow stronger

I will not trade for what I want in the moment 
(on X holiday, at the work potluck, during the family reunion) 
for what I want most. 
   I want to be healthy
   I want to live a long life with those I love

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